How to Improve Your On-demand Business in Malaysia with a Robust Admin Panel?

When it comes to developing mobile apps for businesses in Malaysia, a lot of focus is directed toward integrating customer-centric features into the app. However, in the process, entrepreneurs forget about paying attention to admin panel features and appearances. It would be foolish to ignore the importance of a high-performing admin panel.

An admin panel that is developed keeping in mind the specific needs of the business is a must. Unfortunately, you will not find a proper checklist of all the features that should be integrated into the admin panel.

Well, to help curb that problem, this blog will talk about various features that you need to have in your admin panel.

What Is the Purpose of an Admin Panel?

Using an Admin Panel, mobile app admins, website, and IT system admins can control the business. Well, all thanks to the robust panels which enable them to control all the necessary settings of the mobile app or website.

Apart from controlling the settings, the panels also allow admins to control the content on the mobile app, features, get insights, and much more. 

Put simply, admin panels help with performing business-related functions such as user management, resolving technical issues, completing transactions, etc.

What Should Your Admin Panel Have?

It is understood that not every admin panel can include all features to improve the on-demand business. However, business requirements and goals play a huge role in deciding which feature should be included in the admin panel.

For example, you own an On Demand Multi Services Gojek like App. Therefore, you need to have features like website analysis, commission-earned, user management, provider management, and other features. 

To put it simply, your admin panel should undoubtedly address all the business demands. Also, the admin panel should be best designed, enabling you to save a significant amount of time and money that goes into organizing the business.

Let’s take a look at the different admin panel features that you must integrate.

Messaging module

Businesses in Malaysia or say, anywhere in the world couldn’t survive without directly communicating with their users.

With a robust admin panel, entrepreneurs can easily communicate with their users by sending personalized messages to them. 

Personalized messages are an excellent way to increase customer engagement plus inform users about the latest deals/discounts and other upcoming events.

User management

Here is an example of what user management on a Gojek Clone admin panel looks like.

Using this, admins can effectively manage the users and their accounts. To be precise, it helps users admins to manage and monitor user accounts. For instance, in the image of the admin panel,  you can see the name of the user, their email address, sign-up date, wallet balance, and much more.

By tapping on the ‘Action’ icon, administrators can get the option to edit, delete, deactivate the account, etc.


Reports are one of the most important parts of an admin panel. Using the data collected by users and analyzing the generated reports, you can make essential business decisions.

For example, here is the image of the Payment Report of an Uber-like taxi app.

Admins can see the number of rides completed, commissions earned, and other details. Based on the report, they can learn more about the performance of their drivers and overall business, do they need to increase their commissions, etc.

Reward Setting

Rewards are one of the best ways to keep providers motivated to do better. To help them do better and bring the best gains to themselves and the business, you need to run reward campaigns.

With the admin panel, you can easily customize the reward plans based on your market requirements.

In this image, you can see how the Uber Clone app admin has set the level and rewards for taxi drivers. The more rides drivers complete, the higher level they will earn, and with that, they will earn monetary rewards too.

Manage service categories

This feature is useful if you own a multi-service Gojek-like app. Using this, the admin can easily manage the service categories they offer.

Depending on the business needs, they can enable or disable the categories and make money accordingly.

Say, you want to start bottled water delivery in major cities of Malaysia. You can simply log into the admin panel, and enable the service category!

Voila! You are all set to earn commissions on every bottled water delivery booked via the app.

Build your Own Admin Panel

Building an admin panel that has all the features you need to improve your Business in Malaysia is really difficult, especially if you want to build it from scratch.

However, with a pre-built solution, you can easily get ready-made mobile apps for your business, a website, an admin panel, KIOSK apps, and more.

Choose the best ready-made solution for your business. Test the demo of iOS and Android mobile apps plus admin panels to better understand how it compliments your business needs.

Unquestionably, with a pre-built solution, you can effectively reduce the time and cost to build a robust admin plan plus mobile apps for your business.