5 Features Every Customer Wants on Their Taxi App

On-demand taxi services are becoming popular every day. Thanks to Uber, customers want every taxi app to be as convenient and smooth as possible. Snowballing at a CAGR of 16.6%, the global ride-hailing industry is anticipated to reach a valuation of $185.1 billion by 2026.

Unquestionably, taxi apps are widely used across the globe. From the convenience of quick rides to scheduling or renting one, these apps offer Uber-like taxi services.

What is making these taxi apps a buzzword? Well, it is the customers who are slowly and steadily shifting to using taxi apps. However, there is a catch! Anyone who has booked Uber at least once now expects the same level of service and comfort from every taxi booking app they use.

Therefore, entrepreneurs planning to launch their own taxi app must consider integrating the following five features.

5 Must-have Customer-centric Features in Uber-like Taxi Booking App

If you want to develop one Uber like Taxi App, you need to design and code two apps, one for the rider and the second for the driver. Apart from that, you also need a robust admin panel through which you can easily manage the taxi business.

Since we are talking about what the customers (riders) want, let’s focus on 5 must-have features of a taxi booking app for riders.

Real-time service updates

No rider wishes to wait for the taxi, unknown about its arrival time or current distance from the location. Therefore, it is best to provide the riders with real-time updates on the taxi.

Using the push notification features and location tracking on the map you can keep the riders updated about the booked taxi service.

With push notifications, they will be notified about their ride’s status without opening the app. And, with real-time location tracking, they will be able to see where the driver has reached, the estimated distance, and the time.

The best part? They will be able to see the driver’s location on the map in real-time.

Additionally, with the app, you can provide the taxi drivers’ numbers, names, license plate information, and more, to make the taxi rides more effective.

Select the vehicle type of choice

The taxi booking app feature is one of the most crucial ones to integrate into your system. What is the purpose of this feature? Well, this feature enables your riders to choose one of the car types they like the most among the different options.

Therefore, based on the allowed passenger limit and the cost of traveling from X to Y points, the rider can select Basic, Normal, or Luxurious Rides.

Uber enables its riders to select a suitable ride for them such as hatchbacks, sedans, SUVs, bikes, etc. Similarly, you can choose the type of rides you want to offer and give a wide range of options for riders to select from.

Hassle-free selection of payment options

The Uber-like taxi app allows riders to select the payment option they want. From cash payments to paying online via credit cards and in-app wallets, there are multiple payment options available.

To make the payments via your taxi app much more convenient, make sure that your app generates automatic invoices with all the necessary breakdowns.

Remember, your users will trust your business more if your payment process is transparent. Customers are more likely to continue using your services in the future if they feel that your payment methods are secure and hassle-free.

SOS button

Your Uber-like taxi application must integrate the SOS/Emergency Contact feature. Suppose the rider or driver finds themselves in a life-threatening situation.

Now, just tapping on the SOS button, the user can send a ‘HELP’ message to three emergency contacts.

The rider or driver can also immediately contact the Police and the App Admin. The live location of the rider/driver and the SOS message will be sent to everyone instantly as the panic button is clicked.

Multiple stop-over points

With this feature, your users can easily add multiple stop-over points between the ongoing ride. At every intermediate stop-over point, the taxi driver will pause the ride so that the passenger can easily eat, shop, or stop.

For riders, this feature comes in really handy as it enables them to stop at multiple places between the ride and run errands.

Using this feature, your customers can shrug away the hassles of booking multiple rides to the same route.

Uber-like Taxi App Development Cost

There are two ways entrepreneurs can develop their taxi booking applications like Uber. The first is creating a customized taxi app from scratch. And, the second option is to use a ready-made solution to build the app.

Entrepreneurs who want to quickly develop their mobile applications and start their taxi business should opt for ready-made solutions only.

Why? Because it costs much less than developing the app from scratch. Apart from saving money, entrepreneurs also get to eliminate all the trouble related to:

  • Hiring a team of professionals
  • Building an infrastructure
  • Buying expensive software licenses
  • Paying six-figure salaries every month

Simply put, buying a ready-made solution is the best way to launch a high-yielding taxi business on a budget.

Final Words:

To develop an Uber-like application, you must get in touch with industry experts only. Look for a white-labeling firm that has exceptional experience and has already launched hundreds of mobile apps.

See if their cost matches your budget or not. Plus, test the demo application to know if it has everything you need to run Uber-like successful taxi business in the region.

Once you feel that the solution is perfect for you, go ahead and purchase it!