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Wish to start your own taxi business with the most robust and seamless app in the market? Well, you have found the right place! Taxi booking will get a whole new definition with this new on demand taxi booking app source code of Uber clone. Uber Clone is ready-to-launch app solution that ensures easy and quick taxi bookings. Expand your business reach with our white-label taxi booking app offering Bike Taxi, Carpooling, Taxi Rentals, Corporate Rides, and more.

Integrated with new features, intuitive interface, and dynamic admin dashboard, geared to stay ahead in the competition. As an admin, you have complete control over your entire business activities at your fingertips. The Analytics and reporting provide the real-time data that help plan your future business moves. Available in both Android and iOS applications to increased customer reach. It is a complete Taxi Booking Solution to start online taxi business immediately. Get more such service clone applications at unbelievable prices.

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You value your money and we value our word. This is why we urge you to take our taxi booking app Uber clone demo and conduct a real time testing on this application. You don't have to worry about venturing into the unknown anymore. Download this app, test it, try it, love it, and buy it!

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If you are a business person, or you wish to initiate your taxi hailing app based business then you are at the right place. We will help you to establish your ride hailing business. We will provide you with the complete white label Uber clone app development solution for you. An absolute feature of on-demand taxi booking application that works on an indigenous platform like Android and iOS. Even thinking of your own Uber clone was not in any way possible without us. We, the team of professionals know the probability of the customer’s choice and suitably develop taxi hailing software adapting to their requirement. With our insightful Uber clone app script, one can easily affix the clients requiring your taxi service.

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Our expert technical team offers you a composite solution. You don't just buy uber clone but get a holistic business solution that is accessible by everyone. Your app is for the masses and we make sure that they can reach it. It is made on a 100% responsive platform so that it works seamlessly on handsets, tablets, PCs, Laptops etc.

This is the future of the entire scope of the taxi business. Plant your feet firmly on the ground and set this business up before someone else beats you to it! This is your chance to make it big and establish your identity. The app revolution is all set to sweep this world of its feet. Are you ready to hit it NOW!

Flow of powerful Uber Clone App

User App
Driver App
  • user app
  • user profile setting
  • service category
  • edit cart and checkout
  • delivery driver app
  • select your vehicle
  • delivery driver profile
  • manage vehicles
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  • Uber came into creation in the year 2009 in order to save the riders from the woe of waiting in the scorching heat in order to avail of a ride and over the years has become a major ride-hailing service provider along with motivating many new entrepreneurs to create similar solutions for their ride-hailing industry. However, building an app from scratch is a costly affair, which in turn makes it important to adopt a solution that can help take their ride-hailing industry towards new heights. This is what Uber clone does, it helps riders to avail of rides simply through a few taps on their smartphone device or other gadgets.
  • Here is how the solution works. The rider enters the solution and adds their pickup and drop locations respectively. Upon doing so, they choose the preferred mode of car, like private, shared, etc., make the payment for the ride choosing from modes like cash, card or wallet and book the ride. Upon booking the ride, they get notified that their ride request has been sent to the driver and as soon as they accept it, they shall be notified.
  • The driver now receives the ride request with the details of the location where they need to pick the rider from and the destination where they wish to be dropped at and they accept or decline it as per their convenience. As soon as the ride request gets accepted, the rider gets notified that the driver has accepted the ride request and shall be arriving shortly and also receives the details of the driver as well as the vehicle details.
  • The driver and the rider now remain connected to each other until the arrival of the former through in-app chats or calls placed over the internet and as soon as the driver arrives, they tap on ‘Arrived at Job Location’ in order to notify the app and the user of their arrival. The user is notified that the driver has arrived and avails of the ride and is dropped to their destination.
  • On dropping the rider, the driver taps on ‘Complete Ride’ to notify the rider and the app that the ride has been completed and automatically an invoice summary gets generated on their screen which also gets shared with the rider containing the details of the ride, the mode of payment, etc., to name a few.
  • After payment is done, the driver and the rider, both give feedback to each other and rate each other as well.

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After years of research and development our team of expert professionals has successfully built a flawless Taxi booking application. This app is sure to be your key to success. The time is right and you must seize the day. Make the most of our robust and technically advanced application.

This is a seamless Taxi booking app source code that is meant to help people get taxi bookings and rides instantly. Uber clone app is the easiest way for people to book rides instantly. And when you offer such a simple solution to people, they are bound to use your services again and again.

Our team of expert professionals has built this app in a way that ensures a steady and growing income for you always! What’s more, you don’t need to have any technical knowledge to run this app! We take the responsibility of white labeling this app and launching it for you as well!

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Salient Features of the Uber Clone

  • Ride Now or Book for Later Ride Now or Book for Later

    Through this feature, your riders can book the rides either for the same day or have it scheduled for a later date.

  • Add Multiple Locations Add Multiple Locations

    Through the aid of this feature, your riders can add multiple locations during the rides to complete the important tasks that they may need to.

  • Ride Taxi with Handicap Accessibility Ride Taxi with Handicap Accessibility

    Through this feature, the riders who may be differently-abled can avail of rides and get all the required medical assistance during the ride.

  • End of the Day Trip (for drivers) End of the Day Trip (for drivers)

    Drivers can avail of rides and earn money at the same time. If in case the driver comes up with some important work, they need to tap on this feature and they can pick up a rider who may wish to go to the near the location where the driver wishes to go to thus helping them in earning money.

  • Taxi Hailing Taxi Hailing

    With the help of this feature, those who may not have the Uber clone can avail of rides too. The driver simply needs to tap on ‘Taxi Hailing’ in order to help those not having the solution avail of a ride and thereby earn a handsome earning along the way.

  • Geofencing Geofencing

    With this feature, the business owners can create a virtual border in order to protect the drivers. Through this feature, the driver can be prevented from taking rides in areas considered unsafe after dark.

Best In Market Pricing
We pride ourselves in being customer focused rather than profit focused. OUR AIM IS TO ENSURE THAT OUR Taxi booking APP source code CAN BRING YOU THE SUCCESS THAT YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR.

We offer the most cost effective solution in the whole market. Don't believe us, test our uber clone app and study the market and you will find the truth! With no hidden prices and most feature rich systems, this is the best deal that you could ever get!

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Web Panels + Website

web panel

We understand how the business world works. We want you to know that our interests are aligned with yours when it comes to success. We value the success of our clients because we know, the more you grow, the better it is for us.

This is why we offer you not just a single app but Android and iOS versions of both the Driver and the Rider app. This means that when you buy uber clone from us, you are actually getting 4 mobile applications. What's more, we also include a web panel just for you!

This web panel is the tool which will allow you to monitor and manage the entire business flow. You will be able to track your earnings, see where your fleet is, see the Rider patterns, generate reports etc. Right from here. If you thought that was all, take another look! We help you have an online identity for your app too with the website!

What are you waiting for? Just take a FREE demo of the app like Gojek for taxi startup to believe what we say!

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Select your choice of LANGUAGE and CURRENCY

We offer you the option of selecting the language and currency of your choice based on the country where you want to launch the Uber clone app.

USAUnited States of America (USA)
United States Dollar
UKUnited Kingdom (UK)
Pound Sterling
English, Welsh (mewn Cymraeg)
Philippine peso
English, Filipino
Malaysian Rufiyaa
Bahasa Melayu
Indonesian rupiah
Indonesian, Malay
Brazilian Real
Portugues (em português)
Canadian Dollar
Singapore dollar
Bangladeshi taka
Kenyan shilling

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