Gojek Clone Base App - 7 Components of KingX

Whenever smart Business people such as yourself put resources into an Application like Gojek, you are bound to be Incredibly Rich since you acquire Commission for each service Booked and Request Put Online through the Application. Your Clients will actually want to utilize most popular and useful services like Taxi, Transportation, on demand service providers for hire, Web based shopping with Prompt delivery, Food and grocery delivered to your doorstep, Medical care/Clinical benefits, Purchasing/Selling/Leasing Vehicles - and different items, Cash transfers and other 101+ services.
Now hiring service providers is a breeze from a single place. This includes beauticians, car washers, handyman services, electricians, painters, plumbers, etc. Additionally, the app enables people to conveniently send parcels from one location to another. Additionally, it includes hiring a delivery genie who can pick up and drop off items and run errands for your users.
The App's superior features let customers book online video consultations with various professionals seamlessly. This includes doctors, tutors, fitness coaches, lawyers, astrologers, etc. So, what sets us apart is the convenience factor. Hence, users can effortlessly access these services with just a few taps.
The Latest version of the Gojek clone KingX Pro also features a new component called Bidding that allows customers to simply post the tasks they wish to be done. Service providers can then bid for these tasks in real time and the customer can pick the one that suits their own budget and other priorities. The other highlight of this app is that you can empower your customers to Track the live Location of their Family Members & Employees.
This app is a highly profitable investment because it offers some of the most commercially viable features. Thus, it assures increased app usage by a larger user base, ultimately expanding your customer count. Furthermore, generating an increasing cash flow will improve your bottom line.
To make sure that you can become the top entrepreneur of the multi service on demand app based industry all you need to do is to get in touch with us to secure the most feature rich and advanced on demand multi service app with over a hundred services through a single download and single log in. Contact is TODAY!

  • Taxi
  • Order Food, Grocery & More
  • Send
  • Hire Genie or Runner
  • Online Video Consulting
  • Bid for
  • On-Demand Services
Taxi Booking

This feature is like the Uber app. Your customers can book, rent, or share taxis using this app. Thus, they can choose from hatchbacks, sedans, two-wheelers, and limousines. Also, the service providers can set their hours and rates.

  • Uber Like Taxi Booking
  • In-Driver Like Bidding
  • Rent a Taxi
  • InterCity Taxi
  • Schedule Later Ride
  • Uber like Pool/Share Taxi
  • 2 Wheelers/Tuk-Tuk
  • Stop Over Points
Order Food, Grocery & More Send Anything Hire Genie or Runner Online Video Consulting Bid for Services On-Demand Services

Newly Available - 7 Paid Components of KingX Pro

As times have changed, we have continued to update and improve our apps for you. We offer a variety of new advanced features that you can purchase for a nominal additional fee to ensure that you can make your business as powerful as you want. With these features, you can become the world's biggest on-demand multi-service app-based business! Look at these practical and useful components that can help you make money instantly.
We can launch the app in less than a week. Paid components are ready and can be delivered along with the base app.

  • Buy, Sell &
    Rent Real Estate
  • Buy, Sell &
    Rent Cars
  • Buy, Sell & Rent General Items
  • Car Pool
  • Medical
  • Track your Family & Employees
  • Explore your
    Nearby Businesses
Buy, Sell &
Rent Real Estate

This new feature allows users to buy or sell real estate using the app. In addition, users can post property details and interested parties can contact them directly. Finally, the app owner can make money by charging for posting plans.

  • Residential Apartment
  • House / Villa
  • Residential Land
  • Shop / Showroom
  • Warehouse / Godown
  • Farm House
  • Serviced Apartments
  • Industrial Bulding
  • Industrial Shed
  • more icon Dynamic categories
Buy, Sell & Rent Cars

Users can post details of cars for sale, rent, or lease on the app. Posts are valid for a limited time, so users can contact the publisher directly. Users can join free or paid plans to post details. Additionally, the App owners can make money by charging for posting plans.

  • Hatchback
  • Sedan
  • Luxury
  • SUVs
  • Mini SUVs
  • MUVs
  • Sports
  • Cargo Truck
  • Convertible
  • More Info Convertible
Buy, Sell & Rent General Items

Users can post details of general items like furniture, appliances, and more on the app for a limited time. The plan remains the same. Thus, the app owner reaps more profit from this opportunity.

  • Home Furniture
  • Sporting Goods
  • Business Equipment
  • Lawn & Garden
  • Electronics
  • Heavy Machinery
  • More Info Dynamic component
RideShare / CarPool

People can register in your app as a car owner who wishes to offer car ride and car share services they can post details like Route of their Travel Time, Path, Empty Seats and Schedule and define Cost per Seat. Users who wish to avail these services can look up the app and see the details of the various rides available in order to book a seat. This system is known as Peer to Peer Car Pooling where the Ride is offered by regular car owners rather than Professional Taxi Drivers. Car Owners can make money per Seat while you as App One earn a Commission on Each Seat that is booked via the App.

Car pool service
    On-demand Medical Services

    On-Demand Medical Services allow users to search for doctors, book appointments, and order medicines. It also provides doorstep medicine delivery, video chat, and appointment scheduling.

    Book an Appointment / Service at User's Place or at Doctor's Clinic.
    • General Physician Service App
    • Physiotherapist Service App
    • Nurse Service App
    • More services can be added
    Online Video Consultation with Medical Experts via Apps
    • General Physician Service App
    • Dietician Service App
    • Physiologist Service App
    • add more services
    Other Services
    • Pharmacy Service App
    • Ambulance Service App
    • Vet Service App
    Track your Family & Employees

    This feature lets users track the real-time location of their loved ones or employees on Google Maps.

    • Uber like Taxi
    • Taxi Rental App
    Explore Nearby Businesses

    The app has a digital yellow pages feature where users can find businesses nearby. Also, Admins can promote businesses for free or charge a fee.

    • cafe
    • libraries
    • club
    • salon
    • spa
    • shopping
    • gym
    • mall
    • bars
    • more icon bars
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    Gojek Clone App Getaway

    What We Offer Ready-made Gojek Clone Script

    Gojek clone app development solution that is meant to be an answer to all your problems! We don't just offer you a single app; we bring to you the following:

    user app User Apps User Apps
    service provider apps Driver/Service Provider Apps Service Provider Apps
    store apps Store Apps Store Apps
    website & admin panel Website & Admin Panel Website & Admin Panel
    supporting panels Supporting Panels Supporting Panels
    Go Live super app like gojek

    How to build a super app like Gojek? Go Live in 1-2 Weeks

    We have carved a niche for ourselves in the On-Demand Service Delivery Industry for launching Mature, Market-Tested and Fully-Optimized Apps for our Clients across Continents. Our Reputation Precedes us! Delivery of Quality Products at Lightning Speed! That’s why we have Launched more than Thousands of such White-labeled Apps on a Regular Daily Basis for a really Long Time now!

    Our team of IT Experts is great at understanding the market. Hence, we know the industry inside and out.

    Have any Questions for us regarding the World’s Biggest Super App - KingX Pro? Don’t shy away from Contacting Us because we are here to assist you! Are you curious about our procedure to Launch super app like Gojek on the Android Play Store and Apple App Store? Want to know more about the Free Annual Upgrades and a Lifetime Licensed Source Code for One Domain At No Extra Cost with the Package? We are just a Call Away!

    Add-On Free Assets

    Free Takeaways with Gojek Clone

    We know you want to take a plunge into a profitable on-demand service industry. Don't worry we won't keep you waiting. Here are some features we provide you when you purchase Gojek App Clone absolutely free.

    • Licensed source code Licensed source code

      We offer you the licensed source code of gojek clone app to ensure that you can continue to customize it as per your business requirement by yourself as many times as you want.

    • One Year of Bug Support One Year of Bug Support

      We are confident of our Product's quality. Therefore, we offer 365 days of FREE bug support on your Application.

    • 100% Free White Labelling 100% Free White Labelling

      We will white-label the app with your logo and brand. Once done, we will launch it under your brand name on the Google Play and iOS App Store.

    • 2 Free Annual Upgrades 2 Free Annual Upgrades

      We know that updating is essential to an app's success. We provide two annual upgrades as a result.

    • Fully functional website Fully functional website

      We don't just hand over an App to you, but offer you a fully functional website.

    • 25 Additional Languages and Currencies 25 Additional Languages and Currencies

      We also provide 25 other languages and currencies along with English and the USD.

    • Payment options Payment options

      Our app gives customers payment flexibility. So, now they can pay using three payment methods: cash, credit/debit cards, and in-app wallets.

    • Promo codes and referral rewards Promo codes and referral rewards

      You can attract more users to your app by offering referral rewards and discount promo codes.

    • In app notifications In app notifications

      You can now send in gojek clone app notifications to the customers about various offers and other events that might occur in the process of booking the service.

    • Strict Adherence to Non Disclosure Policy Strict Adherence to Non Disclosure Policy

      We strictly follow the non-disclosure policy and ensure that we never reveal your identity or brand name. We also do not mention the names of the apps in our portfolio.

    • Geo fencing Geo fencing

      The app authorizes the admin to set up geo fencing. So that the app owner can create boundaries and restrictions in specific areas; this ensures that the specific area/location has been fenced, which is extremely useful during marketing for targeted users. You can modify it as per your requirements.

    KingX Pro App 2023
    Live Demo of

    #1 Gojek Clone App

    Why pay a penny without real trial? Take a FREE TRIAL of our Awesome, Feature-rich Clone Gojek and see why it is perfect for you! Just click here and be on your way in to the most robust all inclusive service provider application! You are just a click away from the FREE DEMO APP TRIAL of the best mobile app solution for your business. We want you to be 100% sure about this app before you buy it from us! So, take the trial and see why our KingX Pro Gojek App Clone is worth all the hype you’ve been hearing!
    Gojek clone script
    The best On Demand Super App

    Why Choose Our Gojek Clone Script?

    Every new year brings new trends and innovations to the market. But this year is different because of the global economic situation.

    Keeping all of that in mind, As a team of app development company collaborated with market researchers and business analysts to create a bundle of new features that supported business growth for our Gojek Clone clients. We are super proud of our super app because it is loaded with innovative, practical and market relevant features such as single download and single log in and much more.

    We have faith in offering certifiable answers for our clients and work tirelessly towards guaranteeing that our applications become the focal power towards the outcome of our clients. We don't simply outfit them with an application, instead assist them with developing their image with the all-in-one multi-service app like Gojek as we offer white label services utilizing which we supplant the client's logo and brand name all around the app. We likewise add custom elements per the clients' solicitations, like addition of local language and local currency among others.

    Gojek App Clone has already proven its success in the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and other Asian countries thanks to entrepreneurs, startups, and small-businesses that can foresee the future of the Super Apps. The multiservice industry will surely be yours when you have our Gojek Clone Script at your side. This global app can be launched anywhere, like Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Cambodia, Spain, USA, Nigeria, Kenya, etc.


    Our team shall visit you for a face-to-face meeting in your Country!

    Greetings! Entrepreneurs

    Our 20+ years of software development experience and 10+ years in the on-demand industry make us industry stalwarts. With strong app tech and proven success, we're the #1 on-demand app provider.

    Our client approached us then, looking to develop a Super App like Gojek. In response to their urgency to launch the app, our team happen to developed Customized Gojek Clone App in just 10 days.

    We received a special invitation to our client's pre-launch party. Also, they happen to sponsor our trip. Likewise, if you're a savvy entrepreneur looking to maximize the potential of the On-demand Sector, we'd be honored to have you as our host.

    So, schedule a meeting with one of our business executives in your country for the best input for your business.

    gojek clone vietnam
    our all in one app win first prize
    Grand Victory Yet Again

    Our Gojek Clone App Win First Prize as Best Startup App

    We had our clients from Angola participating in the Biggest Startup Competition that was held in the same country. Thereafter they won the first prize in the same. We sold the white label Gojek clone script to our client, who is now successfully operating in their nation.

    Our client achieved a remarkable feat by winning the first prize in the Digital Startup Competition held in Angola. Our on-demand app was awarded for its cutting-edge features and potential to scale profits. We believe businesses need nurturing and care to thrive, just like children. Thus, this award validates our expertise in this field.
    We extend our heartfelt congratulations to our partners in Angola for this well-deserved victory! * Above detail is posted with client's Approval.

    How to clone a Gojek app

    Less Investment More Profits

    When the whole world is going gaga over the Gojek clone app, then why are you depriving yourself of its charm? It's a genie in the form of a mobile application. Using its single login and user-friendly interface, customers can request, order 101 plus services online. With this single app, customers no longer need 10 different apps to cater to their needs anymore because every on-demand service is taken care of by this one app. And it is our app that the customers worldwide are giving so much love to, don't deny your customers this lifestyle. Our app is branded as KingX Pro.

    Since you receive a commission for each service provided, it is an investment that creates assets for all the astute businesspeople out there. You only need to pay a one-time fee to purchase this item from us in order to start earning money for yourself. Every time a doctor's appointment is taken using your Gojek clone app, you earn commission. This commission is a certain percentage of the order value and it differs with different type of product category. Through this app, you are providing multiple on-demand service deliveries, such as food delivery, parcel delivery, ride sharing, medicine delivery, appointments at a spa, and even plumbing. The commission charged from plumber will be different from the commission charged from the restaurant. More the service providers you add to your single-platform genie, more commission you earn. Say it's a pretty relaxed day for a taxi driver in your city suburb area with a single ride request so far, he can deliver parcels and packages in his car during that idle period. So not only service providers are earning more, the Multi Service App Like Gojek owner earned commission for this service rendered as well.

    Don't think too much, just invest in our Gojek clone script!

    multi service app
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    Gojek Clone Script: Best Solution for On Demand Business

    Contact the Gojek Clone Script Development Company!

    You no longer have to be concerned about unifying all of your service-based businesses under a single app. With the help of our brand-new on-demand multi-service super app, similar to Gojek, you can fully control the service sector and benefit from everything it has to offer!

    A single download and single log in app created by our team of committed and knowledgeable developers may be the last solution your clients will ever require. This on-demand multi-service super app has every feature you could possibly need to launch right away at the top of the heap.

    Gojek Clone: The Most Beneficial App For Multiservice Business

    Our main objective is to make purchasing The Gojek Clone as easy as possible. We put a lot of effort into making sure that our clients never have to worry about any technical issues with the app because we understand that they have a business background rather than a technological one. We manage everything that involves technology.

    We have a great team of developers who work in a state-of-the-art development center. They are the reason why our team is so solid.

    • Android Developers
    • iOS Developers
    • Web Developers
    • Content Writers
    • Web Designers
    • App Designers
    • Market Researchers
    • Business Analysis wing
    • Quality Analysts
    • Project Managers

    When all these heads come together, success is sure to follow.

    To expound a little more on our process, here is a step by step ritual that we follow:

    • You can contact us via Skype, phone, or email if you have any questions or concerns. Let us know your company's goals. So, we can create a customized app solution that will help you grow your business.
    • We will develop the app's scope based on our conversation. This scope will include everything that was discussed. This includes estimated changes based on your needs, any new features you need or don't need, etc.
    • After that, we let our clients try out our app in a full-scale demo. This demo is available for download on both Android and iOS devices. We can help them understand the admin panel better.
    • We provide tutorials and videos on how to use and monetize the app.
    • Following the client's satisfaction and purchase, we ask for the branding information so we can customize the app in accordance with the client's needs.
    • We add the languages and currencies that the client wants in the app.
    • We send the white-labeled app copy on our server to the client for approval. Once approved, we transfer it to the client's server, launching it on Google & iOS App Stores.
    • Post successful launch of the app, we then hand over the licensed source code of the White Labeled Gojek Clone application to transfer complete ownership of the app to the client.
    • This process allows us to create a strong relationship with our clients.

    Why Is Our Gojek Clone App The Most Sought-After One?

    There are many multi-service apps, but ours is the best.

    If you have been wondering what makes our app so popular at a global scale, well, here are some of the top reasons:

    • Our App requires a single download. There is no need for any in app download.
    • Since you only need to download the app once, users and service providers only need to log in once.
    • We offer the licensed source code of the Gojek Clone application to our clients absolutely free!
    • The app can handle as many users, service providers, and stores as needed without any limitations. Thus making it scalable.
    • Our app has a wallet feature that lets users pay for services without cash.
    • We integrate a local language and a local currency of your choice within the app absolutely free. This gives you the power to launch your On-Demand business with this multi service app anywhere in the world! Need more languages or currencies? Have plans to go worldwide? Well, don't worry! We can add as many languages and currencies to the app. All you need to do is let know and we'll do it for you!
    • We are confident of the application that we have built. It took us a whole lot of infrastructure, time, and resources to build this multi services app like gojek from the Ground Up. We have also sold this app to many clients from across the globe. Therefore, we know how it works and how successful people have been with it. This is why; to put your mind at ease, we offer a whole year of post purchase bug support. We know you will not need it, but we are here with it for you just the same!
    Take The Demo Now!

    As mentioned above, it is no secret that there are many Gojek Clone variants around the world. Each developer creates something that he or she thinks will be successful. However, only you can know what our business needs in order to thrive.

    That's why we strongly encourage our clients to take a comprehensive demo of the application for as long as they want. This is important because it allows you to try the app as often as necessary. By doing so, you can ensure that you are fully aware of what you are investing in.

    Our solution for a multi-service app is fully ready, so you can trust that you'll get exactly what you see. When you take your app demo, please remember to consider the following points:

    • Keep an open mind when considering the app, even if you have a different idea about how it should work. We created it based on market research and consumer behavior patterns, which is why it has gained popularity.
    • It's important to try the app on various Android and iOS devices. This is because your customers will use different types of smartphones and handsets. Understanding how the app looks and feels across different operating systems is crucial.
    • To start:
      Test the app from the user's perspective.
      Try hiring various services, setting appointments, scheduling services, and hiring instant ones.
      Thus, pay close attention to the registration process since it's where users first interact with the app.
    • Afterwards, test the app from the perspective of a service provider. Ensure you understand all the fields required during the registration process to determine the credentials for service providers. Then, try accepting jobs in real time and observe how the process works.
    • Next, let's explore how store owners will interact with the app. We'll examine how they can handle tasks such as managing inventory, accepting orders, and assigning deliveries, among other things.
    • Lastly, it's time to thoroughly examine the application's admin panel. The admin panel allows you to manage the entire app. You can make various modifications, such as adjusting the commission percentage, service radius, geo-fencing, etc., from this central control point.

    During the demo, make sure to take note of anything that you don't understand. This way, you can discuss it with our team later, and we will be happy to assist you.

    This is the time for you to take the big leap and join the big names of the multi service industry. With our white labeled multi services app solution, you are sure to become the ruler of the modern day service-based marketplace. Grab the reins of your future and march on to success with your very own on-demand multi-service app to operate multi-service businesses in a single platform, known as the Gojek Clone App Script, 2024 version today! Call US!

    Gojek Clone App for on-demand business in Malaysia, Philippines, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, United States, Brazil, Nigeria and many more countries ...

    A new Multi service app like GoJek for on-demand business in your country can offer more than a 101+ services, including food delivery, grocery delivery, taxi booking, laundry, courier, eCommerce, etc

    What is a gojek clone app?

    Gojek is among the most well-known and creative companies in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. Customers can use this service to order food, pay for pickup or delivery, and reserve a taxi. A brand-new industry with fierce rivalry and a declining number of innovative business concepts has been produced by Gojek's business model.

    How the app like gojek works?

    The Multi-Service app's user interface is simpler than the original Gojek app, as it does not include business management as one of its main features.

    How to use an on demand multi service app?

    Using a Gojek app clone for your multi-service on-demand business has several advantages. One of the main benefits is how simple inventory management is as cashiers are not required. By using a system like this, personnel can spend more time interacting with consumers, which reduces costs and improves service.

    When to buy a Multi service app like GoJek?

    This app can be the solution for you if you already have a business and would like to grow it. It provides features like online ordering, payment processing, customer assistance, VOIP masking, users and drivers to call each other without showing their contact number identities, and many more that help on-demand enterprises. Our Gojek clone app can be used to launch a new business even if you don't already have one.