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We have carved a niche for ourselves in the On-Demand Service Delivery Industry for launching Mature, Market-Tested and Fully-Optimized Apps for our Clients across Continents. Our Reputation Precedes us! Delivery of Quality Products at Lightning Speed! That’s why we have Launched more than Thousands of such White-labeled Apps on a Regular Daily Basis for a really Long Time now!

Our Highly-Skilled Team of Analysts have been Successful in Gauging the Market Sentiment. That is why we are well-versed with the Veins of this Industry!

Have any Questions for us regarding the World’s Biggest Super App- KINGX 2023? Don’t shy away from Contacting Us because we are here to assist you! Are you curious about our Procedure for Launching Multi Service App like Gojek on Android Play Store and Apple App Store? Want to know more about the Free Annual Upgrades and a Lifetime Licensed Source Code for One Domain At No Extra Cost with the Package? We are just a Call Away!

What App Offers

Multiple On Demand Services Offered by Our Gojek Clone App

This multi-service app, which acts similarly to the original Gojek app but is far more advanced, provides access to service providers. Your users may now instantly contact expert service providers offering over 101 different sorts of services. A single app may let your users be more empowered than ever before. Examine all of the impressive features of this unique All in One Multi Service Provider software!

  • Ride bookingTaxi
  • Parcel DeliveryDeliver Anything, Anywhere
  • Food and Store DeliveriesFood and Store Deliveries
  • Online Video ConsultationOnline Video Consultation
  • Service BidBid for Services
  • On-Demand ServicesOn-Demand Services
  • Medical ServicesMedical Services
Taxi, Rental and Car Pool On-DemandView Video

This section of the application comprises of all the features that you would find within a taxi booking app, such as Taxi Rental Services, Uber Like Car Pool and more. The Users can choose their selection of rides from the multiple selection of the vehicles like SUVs, Hatchbacks, Sedans, etc.

  • Taxi Booking App Uber like Taxi
  • Uber for 2 Wheelers Uber for 2 Wheelers
  • Taxi Rental App Uber like Rental
  • Moto Rental App Uber like Pool
Deliver Anything, Anywhere
Deliver Anything, Anywhere - Advanced Uber Delivery View Video

This Component operates on a Delivery Mode which empowers users to send and receive parcels of any size and dimension from anywhere to anywhere. The Delivery Drivers can do delivery runs on a selection of vehicles such as bikes, cars, trucks and more. The users will also have the freedom to hire delivery professionals to collect, deliver, and purchase items on their behalf within the city.

  • Single Parcel Delivery Parcel Delivery
  • Multiple Parcel Delivery Multiple Parcel Delivery
  • Delivery Genie Delivery Genie
  • Delivery Runner Delivery Runner
Food and Store Deliveries
Order/Buy from Stores and Get Items Delivered Instantly View Video

This segment of the app will allow your users to view a list of all the Restaurants, Grocery Stores, Pharmacies, etc. Stores in their range that are registered within the app and place an Order with them. The Store will receive an order in the Store App and process it immediately. Now, a Delivery driver can collect this order and deliver it to the location of the user in real time.

  • Food Ordering & Delivery Food Ordering & Delivery
  • Grocery Delivery Grocery Delivery
  • Pharmacy Delivery Medicine Delivery
  • Wine Delivery Wine Delivery
  • Bottled Water On Demand Bottled Water Delivery
  • Flower Delivery On Demand Flower Delivery
  • Stationery Delivery Stationery Delivery
  • Your Custom Delivery Here Your Custom Delivery Here
Online Video Consultation
Online Video Consulting - Latest Trend in Market View Video

This component will empower your Users to Book appointments and Consult with experts such as Doctors, Tutors, Lawyer, and Astrologers, learn Yoga, etc. Booking, Consulting and Payment through the app instantly. Post the pandemic, most people are relying on remote consultation to avoid physical contact and this section helps with just that.

  • Doctors On Demand Consult Doctor on Video Call
  • Doctor App Consult Nurse on Video Call
  • Tutor On Demand Hire and Learn from Tutor on Video Call
  • Lawyer On Demand Consult Lawyer on Video Call
  • Astrologer On Demand Consult Astrologer on Video Call
  • Personal Yoga Classes Yoga Training on Video Call
  • Personal Fitness Consulting Get Fitness Training on Video Call
  • As App Owner, you can add more Video Consulting Services from Back End in this section.
Bid for Services
Get Bids for Your Task and Select The Best One View Video

This section will allow your Users to post details of their Task on the Apps. The service providers will be notified of the same so that they can bid for the job in real time. The users are now free to select the best bid based on the pricing quoted, the rating and reviews of the service provider and their expertise. The users can book services for instant gratification or schedule it for later.

  • Carpenter App Carpenter
  • Electrician App Electrician
  • Plumber App Plumber
  • Painters Painters
  • Handyman Handyman
  • Home Cleaning App Home Cleaning
  • Use some generic As App Owner, you can add more Services from Back End in this section where User can post Tasks and Service Providers places Bids.
On-Demand Services
Book and Get Service Instantly View Video

This component will allow your users to Book Services by experts and get it immediately. They can book a Beautician, Massage Therapist, Dog Walker, Baby Sitter, Car Washer, etc. for next hour or for a later time. Users can see the service provider’s expertise and experience before finalising who to hire.

  • Beauty Service App Beautician On Demand
  • Massage App Massage On Demand
  • Car Wash App Car Wash On Demand
  • Dog Walking App Dog Walking On Demand
  • Photographer Photographer On Demand
  • Tow Truck App Tow Truck On Demand
  • Babysitting App Baby Sitting On Demand
  • Maids App Maids On Demand
  • Pest Control App Pest Control On Demand
  • Physiotheraphy App Physiotheraphy On Demand
  • Dog Grooming App Dog Grooming On Demand
  • Snow Plows App Snow Plows On Demand
  • Barber App Workers On Demand
  • DJ App DJ On Demand
  • Lock smith app Lock Smith On Demand
  • Travel Agent App Travel Agent On Demand
  • Tour Guide App Tour Guide On Demand
  • Insuarance On Demand App Insuarance On Demand
  • Security Guard App Security Guard On Demand
  • Lawn Moving App Lawn Mowing On Demand
  • Barber App Barber On Demand
  • Beachbody On Demand Beachbody On Demand
  • Car repair App Car repair On Demand
  • Carpet Repairer App Carpet Repair On Demand
  • Computer Repairer App Computer Repair On Demand
  • Cuddling App Cuddling On Demand
  • Fire Fighters App Fire Fighters On Demand
  • Helpers App Helpers On Demand
  • Interior Design Interior Design On Demand
  • Lawn Care Lawn Care On Demand
  • Mobile Technician App Mobile Technician On Demand
  • psychologist Psychologist On Demand
  • Road Assistance Road Assistance On Demand
  • Sofa Repair Sofa Repair On Demand
  • Spa Spa On Demand
  • Translator Translator On Demand
  • TV Repair Tv Repairer On Demand
  • Real Estate Agent App Real Estate Agent On Demand
  • Mechanic App Mechanic On Demand
  • AC Repair AC Repair On Demand
  • Gardener on Demand Gardener on Demand
  • Doctor App Doctor On Demand
  • Nurse App Nurse On Demand
  • Sanitization Services Sanitization On Demand
  • Disinfecting Services Disinfecting On Demand
  • Vet App Vet On Demand
  • Catering App Catering On Demand
  • Office Cleaning App Office Cleaning
  • Party Cleaning App Party Cleaning
  • Language Tutor Language Tutor On Demand
  • Language Tutor You can add more Services from Back End in this section where User is charged based on Hourly Rates or Fixed Costs.
Medical Services
On-Demand Medical Services - Get Medical Help In Few Taps View Video(Available as Paid Add-On from 1st Sept 2022)

Gojek Clone App debuted with “On-demand Medical Services” that offer competitive advantages. Infused with our expert knowledge, this Profit-making component has been backed with Innovative Features and Services that align with your business requirements. Allowing your customers to look for Specialist Doctors in their locality, Book Medical appointments for walk-ins and persons, Schedule Online Video Consultations, and Connect with On-demand Ambulance Services, Blood Banks, and Pharmacy Stores for ordering doorstep delivery. Schedule your Demo Today!!

Book an Appointment / Service
  • General Physician Service App General Physician
  • Physiotherapist Service App Physiotherapist
  • Nurse Service App Nurse
  • Physiologist Service App Physiologist
Video Consultation
  • General Physician Service App General Physician
  • Physiotherapist Service App Physiotherapist
  • Neurologists Service App Neurologists
  • Cardiologists Service App Cardiologists
  • Orthopedic Service App Orthopedic
  • Paediatrician Service App Paediatrician
  • Dietician Service App Dietician
  • Physiologist Service App Physiologist
More Services
  • Pharmacy Service App Pharmacy
  • Ambulance Service App Ambulance
  • Vet Service App Vet
  • Blood Bank Service App Blood Bank
Gojek Clone like Never before! An advanced, feature rich recalibrated GoJek Clone KingX Pro 2023 is brewing just for you! We’re almost done dotting the I’s and crossing the t’s. Find out about everything that this new app brings for you including latest features, more components and an overall power packed app just for you very soon! Stay tuned. Contact Us Now
Modern Features

Gojek Clone 2023 Latest Features

The Software Industry has laid out a List of Features that are highly desired by the App Users in 2023. It is foreseen that the Absence of such features in one’ App' would result in their Failure by 99%. Being one of the Top-Most Leaders in Mobile App Development, our Panel of Technical Experts Coded such Beloved Features in our New Apps. These Features are necessary to provide Remarkable Experience to App Users. With these Features, the Users will not only Love this App, but also Prefer it Everytime. Start a Fail-Proof Business with Gojek Clone App that has all the Features recommended by the Software Industry!

The best On Demand Super App Of 2023

Why Choose Our Gojek Clone Script?

Every New Year brings in a host of innovations pertaining to the trends and tides of the market. This year too is very unique in terms of the economic state of the world and the general state of business at a global level.

Keeping all of that in mind, our team of app development experts collaborated with market researchers and business analysts to create a bundle of new features that supported business growth for our Gojek Clone clients. We are super proud of our super app because it is loaded with innovative, practical and market relevant features such as single download and single log in, CoVid 19 special features and much more.

We have faith in offering certifiable answers for our clients and work tirelessly towards guaranteeing that our applications become the focal power towards the outcome of our clients. We don't simply outfit them with an application, instead assist them with developing their image with the Gojek Clone app as we offer white label services utilizing which we supplant the client's logo and brand name all around the app. We likewise add custom elements per the clients' solicitations, like addition of local language and local currency among others.

A Gojek Clone App has already proven its success in the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and other Asian countries thanks to entrepreneurs, startups, and small-businesses that can foresee the future of the Super Apps. The multiservice industry will surely be yours when you have our Gojek Clone Script at your side. This global app can be launched anywhere in the world like Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Cambodia, Spain, etc.

Gojek clone script
Multiple Services - One Solution

Major Services Included in Our Gojek Clone App

multi service business solution One app for all services
Live Demo of

Our Gojek Clone App

Why pay a penny without real trial? Take a FREE on road trial of this amazing gojek clone app and decide for yourself! Just click here and be on your way in to the most robust all inclusive service provider application!
Know Each Aspect

KingX 2023 Video

Check these Couple of Videos and Understand The New Features of the KINGX 2023. The Center Video is the Gojek Clone Script Outline, while other Videos showcase the Detailed Flow of 7 Major Components of the Multi Service App like Gojek. Enjoy these Videos with Subtitles for Easy Understanding!

Taxi - Uber like Taxi, Rental & Car Pool
Online Video Consultation for 10+ Services
Bid for 10+ Services in Real Time
On-Demand 50+ Services
Parcel Delivery - Deliver Anything, Anywhere
Store Deliveries - Food, Grocery, Pharmacy Delivery, etc
Delivery Genie & Runner - Personal Shopper
Medical Services
Grand Victory Yet Again

Our Gojek Clone App Win First Prize as Best Startup App

We had our clients from Angola participating in the Biggest Startup Competition that was held in the same country. Thereafter they won the first prize in the same. We sold the white label Gojek clone script to our client, who is now successfully operating in their nation. Our Client Won a First Prize, in the Digital Startup Competition hosted in Angola because our On-demand App was honed with cutting-edge features and showed potential opportunities for the scaling profitable revenues. We have worked with a belief that a business is your child and needs strong nurturance as well as care so that it can help you considerably in the future in making profits and the prize proves true to what we believe in – We are the Masters at This Art.'
We would like to congratulate our Angolan partners on this victory!
* Above detail is posted with client's Approval.

our app win first prize
Still thinking about a skype call?

Get us for an in person visit to your Country!

Team GoJek Clone attends launch and significant meetings right at your office in your country. In addition, our team comes equipped with experiences related to planning and ideas to run the business, specific to your market, to share with you.

Hello there dear Entrepreneur! Following the on demand industry for a very long time and being one of the fore runners in this business, we have an incredibly clear understanding of tangible strategies and ones that simply fizzle out. We have associated with our clients at an overall level and have a fine hold of information in regards to subtleties that make the market tick. 10 years in the ON DEMAND INDUSTRY and twenty years in the software development world has further developed our working methodologies and experience.

Along these lines, if you are needing to launch any of OUR APPS in your City, reach out to us and we would be truly delighted to have YOU as our Host! We will take part in your event and help you with all that you truly need in regards to showcase data regional section components concerning client direct from that point, anything is possible. Our team will go the extra mile to offer you assistance with respect to: Business Planning, Publicizing your brand and the app, Thinking over Ideas related with Technical Maintenance of the System.

To consider our previous relationship with some of our global clients, check out how some of our clients invited us to oblige them for the Lavish Pre-Launch Party of their Gojek Clone App.

Since the pandemic, the market has been destroyed. Understanding the urgency of our clients and the assistance that they required we fabricated and launched a Fully-Functional Feature Rich and Powerful Gojek Like App for his Company in a Record 10 Days! They offered their thanks on various events and praised us for our staggering expertise and responsibility towards our client's turn of events and accomplishment.

They moreover sent in a particular invitation as an outpouring of their appreciation and supported the trip for the GoJek Clone gathering to explore through their workmanship and become one with their celebration. Our entire development team responsible for their app was grateful for the experience. We spoke with their in field team there, shared our pieces of information about their market and had a perfect celebration signifying the turn of events and progress of their application built and sent off by us.

If you likewise wish to have an in person meeting with us or inspect your own excellent techniques or improvement plans in regards to our applications, you ought to just contact us right away! While you make our movement plans, we will be busy arranging means to assist you with developing your business productively with our feature rich market ready applications. Our professional experts will draw up the ideal field-tried system to achieve more vital market invasion and altogether accomplishment!

Best Opportunity

Less investment More Profits

When the whole world is going gaga over the Gojek clone app, then why are you depriving yourself of its charm? It's a genie in the form of a mobile application. Using its single login and user-friendly interface, customers can request, order 101 plus services online. With this single app, customers no longer need 10 different apps to cater to their needs anymore because every on-demand service is taken care of by this one app. And it is our app that the customers worldwide are giving so much love to, don't deny your customers this lifestyle. Our Gojek clone app is branded as KingX 2023.

Since you receive a commission for each service provided, it is an investment that creates assets for all the astute businesspeople out there. You only need to pay a one-time fee to purchase this item from us in order to start earning money for yourself. Every time a doctor's appointment is taken using your Gojek clone app, you earn commission. This commission is a certain percentage of the order value and it differs with different type of product category. Through this app, you are providing multiple on-demand service deliveries such as food delivery, parcel delivery, taxi, medicine delivery, appointment at a spa and even plumbing. The commission charged from plumber will be different from the commission charged from the restaurant. More the service providers you add to your single-platform genie, more commission you earn. Say it's a pretty relaxed day for a taxi driver in your city suburb area with a single ride request so far, he can deliver parcels and packages in his car during that idle period. So not only service providers are earning more, the app owner earned commission for this service rendered as well.

Don't think too much, just invest in our Gojek clone script!

multi service app like gojek
Offer 101+ On Demand Multi Services

How Gojek Clone App Works?

The Gojek Clone App offers a range of over 101+ on-demand services like food on-demand, grocery on-demand, massage on-demand, etc., to its users. Just through a few taps on their smartphone or iPhone device, users can be assured that they shall get their food, grocery and even the services at their desired location in the shortest possible time.

User App
Driver/Provider App
Store App
  • user app
  • user profile setting
  • service category
  • edit cart and checkout
  • delivery driver app
  • select your vehicle
  • delivery driver profile
  • manage vehicles
  • restaurant app
  • restaurant menu items
  • set timings
  • store details
Gojek Clone App 2023 Getaway

What We Offer Ready-made Gojek Clone Script

This is a comprehensive solution that is meant to be an answer to all your problems! We don't just offer you a single gojek clone app, but bring to you:

Add-On Free Assets

Free Takeaways with Gojek Clone 2023

We know you want to take a plunge into a profitable on-demand service industry. Don't worry we won't keep you waiting. Here are some features we provide you when you purchase Gojek clone 2023 absolutely free.
  • Licensed source code
    Licensed source code

    We offer you the licensed source code of gojek clone app to ensure that you can continue to customize it as per your business requirement by yourself as many times as you want.

  • One Year of Bug Support
    One Year of Bug Support

    We are confident of our Product's quality. Therefore, we offer 365 days of FREE bug support on your Application.

  • White Labelling
    100% Free White Labelling

    We will white label the App with your logo and brand and launch it under your brand name on the Google Play store as well as iOS app store.

  • Free Annual Upgrades
    2 Free Annual Upgrades

    We understand up-gradation is integral for an App's success. That is why we offer 2 Annual Upgrades.

  • Fully functional website
    Fully functional website

    We don't just hand over an App to you, but offer you a fully functional website.

  • Additional Languages and Currencies
    25 Additional Languages and Currencies

    We offer 25 additional Language & currency along with English & USD respectively.

  • Payment options
    Payment options

    Gojek Clone App endows clients with the luxury of choice. Your users can now choose to pay using 3 payment techniques; Cash, credit/debit Cards, and In-App Wallet.

  • Geo fencing
    Geo fencing

    The app authorises the Admin to set Geo fencing. This means that the app owner can now create boundaries and draw limitations to particular regions. These geo fences act like virtual walls beyond which bookings cannot occur and can be adjusted and modified as per your convenience.

  • In app notifications
    In app notifications

    You can now send in gojek clone app notifications to the customers about various offers and other events that might occur in the process of booking the service.

  • Promo codes and referral rewards
    Promo codes and referral rewards

    You can attract more users to the app by offering your clients referral rewards with the help of promo codes in the form of discounts.

  • Non Disclosure Policy
    Strict Adherence to Non Disclosure Policy

    We follow the non disclosure policy very strictly and ensure that we never ever reveal your identity or your brand name. We don't mention the name of the apps anywhere on our portfolio as well.

Our Word
Our Commitment

Watch this Video to know how we Deliver What we Promise. We ensure that you receive what is Committed! We have firm Belief and Confidence in our Value-Added Services that make us Unmatched in this Highly-Competitive Market.

Genuine Work Happy Clients
What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

Gojek Clone Script: Best Solution for On Demand Business

Get In Touch With Us For Your Own Gojek Clone Script!

It is no longer necessary to worry about merging all of your service-based enterprises under a single app. With the aid of our new On Demand Multi Service App like Gojek, you can completely control the service industry and reap all of the benefits!

Our team of dedicated and experienced developers has translated years of their research into a single download and single log in app that can be the only solution that your customers will ever need. This app includes every feature that can catapult you to the top of the heap the moment it launches

How we Develope your Gojek Clone App?

Our main goal is to make the process of owning The Gojek Clone as simple as possible. We recognise that our clients come from a business background rather than a technical one, therefore we devote our efforts to ensuring that they never have to worry about any technical issues with the app. We handle anything that has to do with technology.

We have a state of the art development center where our team works its magic. Wondering what makes our team so solid? Well, take a look at everyone that our team has.

  • Android Developers
  • iOS Developers
  • Web Developers
  • Content Writers
  • Web Designers
  • App Designers
  • Market Researchers
  • Business Analysis wing
  • Quality Analysts
  • Project Managers

When all these heads come together, success is sure to follow.

To expound a little more on our process, here is a step by step ritual that we follow:

  • The client is invited to contact us via Skype / Calls / Email with any queries / questions or any issues. Discuss your company goals with us so that we may create a Customized App Solution that will help you expand your business in every way.
  • On the basis of this conversation, we develop the app's scope. This scope covers everything customers can anticipate from us, such as estimated adjustments based on their needs, any new features required or omitted, etc.
  • Following that, we invite our clients to take a full-scale app demo. This demo is available for download. This means our clients can download this demo on multiple devices, both Android and iOS to experience it in real time. We also help them understand the admin panel better.
  • While you're at it, we also provide tutorials and other videos to give you a more complete understanding of the app and how to quickly and efficiently monetize it.
  • Following the client's satisfaction and purchase, we ask for the branding information so we can customize the app in accordance with the client's needs.
  • We proceed further implementing Client’s chosen Languages and Currencies within the app.
  • After this, we send this white labeled app copy on our server to the client. On their approval we transfer it to their server and go ahead and launch it on the Google Play Store and the iOS app store.
  • Post successful launch of the app, we then hand over the licensed source code of the White Labeled Gojek Clone application to transfer complete ownership of the app to the client.
  • This process allows us to create a strong relationship with our clients.
Why Our Gojek Clone App Is The Most Sought After One?

There is no doubt about the fact that there are hundreds if not thousands of Multi Service app variants available in the market. However, over the last 4 years, it has become evident that our name is the top one all over the world.

If you have been wondering what makes our app so popular at a global scale, well, here are some of the top reasons:

  • Our App requires a single download. There is no need for any in app download.
  • Since it is a single download based app, the user and the service providers are required to log in to it only once!
  • We offer the licensed source code of the Gojek Clone application to our clients absolutely free!
  • The app is completely scalable. This means at any given point in time, there can be unlimited number of users, unlimited number of service providers and unlimited number of stores active on the application.
  • Our App has a special in app wallet facility which ensures that users can enjoy cashless and instant transactions over it.
  • We integrate a local language and a local currency of your choice within the app absolutely free. This gives you the power to launch your On-Demand business with this multi service app anywhere in the world! Need more languages or currencies? Have plans to go worldwide? Well, don't worry! We can add as many languages and currencies to the app. All you need to do is let know and we'll do it for you!
  • We are confident of the application that we have built. It took us a whole lot of infrastructure, time, and resources to build this multi services app like gojek from the Ground Up. We have also sold this app to many clients from across the globe. Therefore, we know how it works and how successful people have been with it. This is why; to put your mind at ease, we offer a whole year of post purchase bug support. We know you will not need it, but we are here with it for you just the same!
Take The Demo Now!

As mentioned above, it is no secret that there are many Gojek Clone variants around the world. Each developer creates something that he or she thinks will be successful. However, only you can know what our business needs in order to thrive.

This is why; we always encourage our clients to take a full fledged demo of the application for AS LONG AS THEY LIKE. This is important. Trying the app a hundred times if need be to be absolutely sure that you know what you are investing in.

Our solution for multi services app is absolutely ready and therefore, you can rest assured that you will get what you see. Make sure to keep the following points in mind when you take your demo of the app:

  • Approach with an open mind. This app has been created after a good deal of market research and consumer behavior patterns. You may want a different flow but this is what works in the market.
  • Try it out on multiple Android devices and multiple iOS devices. This is crucial because your customers will be using all kinds of handsets and smart phones. It is important for you to know the look and feel of the app across different operating systems.
  • To begin with, test it from the user's point of view. Try hiring different services using the app, setting appointments, scheduling services and hiring instant ones. Pay attention to the registration process as well because that is where the user will interact with the app for the first time.
  • Next, try it from the service provider's perspective. Make sure that you see all the fields that are there during the registration to know what your service provider's credentials must be. Then try accepting jobs real time and seeing how that works.
  • After this, dive into how the store owners will see the app. Take a look at how they can manage their inventory, accept orders, assign deliveries and so on and so forth.
  • Finally, it is time to take a very close look at the admin panel of the application. The admin panel is where the entire app can be managed. Any kind of modifications, with respect to commission percentage, service radius, geo fencing and so on and so forth can be managed through here.

Make sure that you keep noting anything that you don't understand during the demo so that you can discuss it with our team later and we can help you with it.

This is the time for you to take the big leap and join the big names of the multi service industry. With our white labeled multi services app solution, you are sure to become the ruler of the modern day service-based marketplace. Grab the reins of your own future and march on to success with your very own On Demand multi service app based solution known as the Gojek Clone App Script, 2021 version today! Call US!

Gojek Clone App for on-demand business in Malaysia, Philippines, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, USA, Brazil, Nigeria and many more countries ...

A new Multi service app like GoJek for on-demand business in your country can offer more than a 101 services including food delivery, grocery delivery, taxi booking etc.

What is a gojek clone app?

One of the most common and innovative businesses in Indonesia and Southeast Asia is gojek. It is a service that allows customers to order food, pay for pick-up or delivery, and book taxi. Gojek's business model has created a brand new industry where competition is hot and it's becoming harder to find new business ideas.

How the app like gojek works?

The multi service app looks to be a simpler user interface, without comparison with the original gojek app. This is because it doesn't integrate the business management function into its core services.

How to use an on demand multi service app?

There are many benefits of using a gojek clone script for your multi services on-demand business. One of the biggest advantages is how easy it is to manage inventory because there is no need for cashiers. Using something like this allows employees to spend more time with customers, which saves money and provides better service.

When to buy a Multi service app like GoJek?

If you already have a business and you would like to expand your business, then this app might be the answer for you. It has features that enable on-demand businesses such as online ordering, payment processing, customer support and many more. Even if you do not have any business and want to start a new business then you can start using our gojek clone script.