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The most effective multi service App is knocking at your door!

It is now your turn to be proud Appreneurs with the GoJek clone. This app features Taxi / Moto Rides, Food Deliveries, Grocery Deliveries, Parcel Deliveries, Deliver Anything from Anywhere and a host of over 70 other services including on demand Sanitization, Massage, Car Wash, Home Cleaning, Beautician, Tow Truck, Dog walkers, etc. All combined in One App.

So take the plunge into this profitable multi-service industry with our Go-Jek App clone and see yourself earning enormous commissions for every Service that is booked via the Apps or website.

Want to know the icing on the cake? The solution is delivered to you in just seven working days, thereby ensuring you can capture customers faster.

It’s Time to

Beat Corona and Grow Your Multi service Business

Beat Corona and build multi service business

Even though the world is being shut down as a preventive measure against the corona virus pandemic, it doesn’t have to be the same for your business. With the help of this application you will be able to help your country receive all types of services delivered to their doorstep at a pre scheduled time!

No more worries about how to get groceries or how to get the help of an electrician during the corona virus lockdown. Your customers can easily access all the services and even order delivery when they need to, using the Gojek clone application.

This could be your golden ticket to making your business an absolute success while also ensuring that your country can be helped. You can be the hero with the help of this Gojek clone application and facilitate a sense of normalcy even during the stressful times.

Speak to us TODAY to explore all the options!

The Best Selling & most Advanced App of year 2021

What is need & advantage of launching such Gojek Clone Script App?

Gojek clone script

It is quite natural to be concerned as a user when you have to download multiple apps, remember their respective passwords, maintain your profile on all of them, and so on. As a result, there is a high demand for an app that allows users to book multiple services with a single login.

Go-Jek is already doing this and is very famous because of this “Multiple Services in 1 App” concept. Thus there is no need to re-invent the wheel. We simply planned development of Gojek clone source code that will let you offer Services similar to what Go-Jek does. We were successful in creating an advanced clone of Go-Jek called CubeJekX 2021 that will allow your Customers Multiple Services all through one Single Solution.

What makes this unique for you?

The Apps can be white-labelled by our Team in just 7 days with your Name and Logo on it as well as your preferred Language, Currency and Color options. This will give you a headstart to start your Gojek like business using our Apps within 1-2 weeks in your Country like Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia etc.

So get this multi-service solution today and start gaining profits with the magnanimous range of services delivered through the solution.

Multiple Services – One Solution

Major Services Included in App & Website

multi service business solution One app for all services
Grand Victory Yet Again

Our App Won :)

Our Apps Win First Prize as Best Startup App

We had our clients from Angola participating in the Biggest Startup Competition that was held in the same country. Thereafter they won the first prize in the same. Our client had the white label Gojek clone script purchased from us and currently doing great business in their country. So, coming back to the competition, they submitted the App in the Digital Startup Competition held In Angola and paying a lot of attention to its advanced features, as well as its potential to make a good revenue thereupon got awarded the First Prize. We have worked with a belief that a business is your child and needs strong nurturance as well as care so that it can help you considerably in the future in making profits and the prize proves true to what we believe in – We are the Masters at This Art.’
We would like to congratulate our Angolan partners on this victory!
* Above detail is posted with client's Approval.

our app win first prize
gojek clone vietnam

Prelaunch Event Hosted by CubeJekX 2020 Client in Vietnam


Our client from Vietnam hosted a pre-launch party in Vietnam to celebrate the delivery of the white-labelled CubeJekX 2020. We met this client of ours 1.5 weeks prior in Bangkok to discuss and finalize the deal and the delivery thereafter was made in 1.5 weeks.

He was extremely impressed with the work and thus had us specially invited over to be a part of the event. The event was followed by a cultural dance and music event and a sumptuous and hearty lunch thereafter.

prelaunch gojek clone event vietnam
What App Offers


This app like Gojek opens the window to instantly access service providers offering more than 70 different kinds of services. Take a look at everything that you can empower your customers with just with the help of this single unique Multi Service Provider app!

Ride booking Ride
Deliveries solution Deliveries
Other Services Other Services
  • Taxi Ride App Taxi Ride
  • Moto Ride App Moto Ride
  • Car Rental App Taxi Rental
  • Moto Rental App Moto Rental
  • Small packages delivery App Parcel Delivery
  • Delivery Genie Delivery Genie
  • Delivery Runner Delivery Runner
  • Food Delivery Food Delivery
  • Grocery Delivery Grocery Delivery
  • Stationery Delivery Stationery Delivery
  • Pharmacy Delivery Pharmacy Delivery
  • Wine Delivery Wine Delivery
  • Cargo Delivery App More Deliveries
  • Fly Fly
  • Babysitting App Baby Sitting
  • Beauty Service App Beauty Service
  • Car Wash App Car Wash
  • Carpenter App Carpenter
  • Cuddling App Cuddling
  • DJ App DJ
  • Doctor App Doctor
  • Sanitization Services Sanitization Services
  • Disinfecting Services Disinfecting Services
  • Dog Grooming App Dog Grooming
  • Dog Walking App Dog Walking
  • Electrician App Electrician
  • Fitness Coach App Fitness Coach
  • Home Cleaning App Home Cleaning
  • Home Painting Service App Home Painting Service
  • Insurance Agent App Insurance Agent
  • Lawn Moving App Lawn Moving
  • lawyer app Lawyer
  • Lock smith app Lock Smith
  • Maids App Maids
  • Massage App Massage
  • Pest Control App Pest Control
  • Physiotheraphy App Physiotheraphy
  • Plumber App Plumber
  • Real Estate Agent App Real Estate Agent
  • Security Guard App Security Guard
  • Snow Plows App Snow Plows
  • Tour Guide App Tour Guide
  • Tow Truck App Tow Truck
  • Travel Agent App Travel Agent
  • Tutor App Tutor
  • Vet App Vet
  • Worker App Worker
  • Barber App Barber
  • Car repair App Car repair
  • Carpet Repairer App Carpet Repair
  • Catering App Catering
  • Computer Repairer App Computer Repair
  • Fire Fighters App Fire Fighters
  • Helpers App Helpers
  • Mechanic App Mechanic
  • Mobile Technician App Mobile Technician
  • Office Cleaning App Office Cleaning
  • Party Cleaning App Party Cleaning
  • Lawn Care Lawn Care
  • Language Tutor Language Tutor
  • psychologist Psychologist
  • Sofa Repair Sofa Repair
  • Translator Translator
  • TV Repair TV Repair
  • Yoga Yoga
  • Spa Spa
  • Interior Design Interior Design
  • Road Assistance Road Assistance
Mini Gojek Clone

2021 Version New Features

  • Restricted Passengers Limit - Corona Related Feature Restricted passengers limit
  • Face Mask Verification - Corona Related Feature Face mask verification
  • Safety Checklist - Corona Related FeatureSafety checklist
  • Safety Ratings & Reviews - Corona Related Feature
  • Ride Cancellation - Corona Related Feature
  • Apply Toll Cost Manually - For Taxi Module
  • Taxi Fare Calculation 2 Models - Fixed model and Incremental Model - For Taxi Module
  • Store Wise Commission - For DeliverAll Module
  • Day Wise Separate Timeslots - For DeliverAll Module
  • Item Name Searching - For DeliverAll Module
  • 18+ Age Confirmation - For DeliverAll Module
  • Voice Instruction for Store Delivery Drivers
  • Delivery Driver can have a Helper to assist him
  • Restaurants to upload Pictures of their Kitchens
  • Order Cancellation option for Store Delivery Driver
  • OTP Verification to Start the Task
  • Graphical Status of Rides and Order in App notification
gojek pricing new features
How We Work

Our Process

Select the Product
Select the Product

Let us know which product you plan to purchase from us. And we’ll send you it’s Working Demo, Price, Features and other detail.

Place Order
Place Order

Once you have checked all demo & detail, we’ll get Scope Agreement & Invoice.
And request you all information related to your branding.

Launch / Go Live
Launch / Go Live

Once we have your approval, we will go ahead and launch the Apps on your Play Stores and Servers.

White Label gojek clone app
White Labelling in 4-5 days

Once we have received your detail, we’ll white label the Apps & Web Panels and make it ready for demo & reviewing.

After Sales Support
After Sales Support

Get covered under warranty and after sales support.

Gojek Clone App 2021 Getaway

What We Offer

This is a comprehensive solution that is meant to be an answer to all your problems! We don’t just offer you a single app, but bring to you:

  • User iOS App
  • User Android App
  • User Web Panel
  • User Huawei App
  • Driver/Service Provider iOS App
  • Driver/Service Provider Android App
  • Store iOS App
  • Store Android App
  • Store Web Panel
  • User Kiosk iOS App
  • User Kiosk Android App
  • Food Ordering Kiosk App
  • Hotel/Tourist Office Booking Panel
  • Main Website
  • Billing / Accounts Panel
  • Dispatcher Panel (Manual Booking)
  • Administrator Web Panel to manage all Apps & Web Systems, Payments, Rates, Users, Provider, Stores, Services, Reports, Settings, etc
  • User Web based Panel for Taxi Booking, Moto Booking, Fly Booking, Parcel Delivery Booking, Food/Grocery/Supermarket/etc Delivery Booking, Car Wash, etc other On-Demand Services Bookings from Website
  • Organization Web Panel (This is for Corporate Profile - Taxi Booking)
  • Driver/Service Provider Web Panel
Taxi, Delivery and Other 70+ Services

How App Works

The Gojek Clone App offers a range of over 70+ on-demand services like food on-demand, grocery on-demand, massage on-demand, etc., to its users. Just through a few taps on their smartphone or iPhone device, users can be assured that they shall get their food, grocery and even the services at their desired location in the shortest possible time.

  • Taxi & Rental Part
    Taxi & Rental Part

    This is Uber kind of Taxi Booking Section. You will see all available Car Types her as per your location. And then can Hire or Rent a Taxi in very similar way as in Uber Taxi.

  • Delivery Part
    Delivery Part

    User can choose the kind of Vehicle needed to get his items transferred from X to Y Location. Also, Users can see all Types of Stores here like Food, Grocery, Wine, Flower, etc. If they want to order Food, they’ll click on Food Delivery to see all Restaurants in their area.

  • Service Explained
    Single Service Explained

    This is an example of one On-Demand Service. Here, you will see Categories of the service you selected. For example, if you want a Car Wash Service, this screen will show you the Car Wash related Services you can book.

View Complete Workflow
Add-On Free Assets

Free Takeaways with Gojek Clone 2021

We know you want to take a plunge into a profitable on-demand service industry. Don’t worry we won’t keep you waiting. Here are some features we provide you when you purchase Gojek clone 2021 absolutely free.
  • Licensed source code
    Licensed source code

    We offer you the licensed source code of this robust app to ensure that you can continue to customize it as per your requirement by yourself as many times as you want.

  • One Year of Bug Support
    One Year of Bug Support

    We are confident of our Product’s quality. Therefore, we offer 365 days of FREE bug support on your Application.

  • White Labelling
    100% Free White Labelling

    We will white label the App with your logo and brand and launch it under your brand name on the Google Play store as well as iOS app store.

  • Non Disclosure Policy
    Strict Adherence to Non Disclosure Policy

    We follow the non disclosure policy very strictly and ensure that we never ever reveal your identity or your brand name. We don’t mention the name of the apps anywhere on our portfolio as well.

  • Free Annual Upgrades
    2 Free Annual Upgrades

    We understand up-gradation is integral for an App’s success. That is why we offer 2 Annual Upgrades.

  • Fully functional website
    Fully functional website

    We don’t just hand over an App to you, but offer you a fully functional website as well where in you can book all the Services.

  • Additional Languages and Currencies
    15 Additional Languages and Currencies

    We offer 15 additional Language & currency along with English & USD respectively.

  • Payment options
    Payment options

    The App enables customers to choose from three payment methods Cash, Card and In-App Wallet.

  • Geo fencing
    Geo fencing

    The app enables the Admin to set Geo fences to create restrictions on serviceable areas. These Geo fences are customizable and modifiable as per your convenience.

  • In app notifications
    In app notifications

    You can now send in app notifications to the customers about various offers and other events that might occur in the process of booking the service.

  • Promo codes and referral rewards
    Promo codes and referral rewards

    You can attract more users to the app by offering your clients referral rewards with the help of promo codes in the form of discounts.

Gojek Clone App

Live Demo Video

Why pay a penny without real trial? Take a FREE on road trial of this amazing app and decide for yourself! Just click here and be on your way in to the most robust all inclusive service provider application!
gojek clone demo
Multi-Language and Currency Support
Choose your Language and Currency
Launch your own GoJek like business anywhere in the world by adding the language and currency of your Choice!
Country Language Currency
IndonesiaIndonesia Indonesian Indonesian rupiah
MalaysiaMalaysia Malay, Malaysian Malaysian ringgit
vietnamVietnam Vietnamese Vietnamese dong
thailandThailand Thai Thai baht
phillippinesPhillippines English, Filipino Philippine peso
singaporeSingapore Malay, Mandarin Singapore Dollar
brazilBrazil Portuguese Brazilian real
nigeriaNigeria English, Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba etcc Nigerian naira
USAUnited States American English United States Dollar, Ithaca Hours
Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia Arabic Saudi riyal
Smiles Depict Genuine Services
Genuine Organisation Providing Committed Services

A smile is testimony to prove the genuineness of services provided by an organization. We work with the sole mantra to deliver genuine and quick delivery of our clones to our clients and every time they visit us and we deliver them, the smile on their face which gets captured in the form of a photograph is enough to prove the dedication we have to providing committed services.

our client from Philippines
our client from Thailand
client from hoang
our client from Malaysia
our client from Dubai
our client from Kazakhstan
our client from UK
Genuine Work Happy Clients
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