This app like Gojek opens the window to instantly access service providers offering more than 52 different kinds of services. Take a look at everything that you can empower your customers with just with the help of this single unique multi service provider app!

  • Taxi Ride Apptaxi ride booking
  • Moto Ride Appmoto ride booking
  • Car Rental Apptaxi rental
  • Moto Rental Apptwo wheeler rental
  • Small packages delivery Appdelivery services
  • Cargo Delivery Appparcel delivery
  • Food Deliveryfood delivery service
  • Grocery Deliverygrocery delivery service
  • Babysitting Appnanny on demand
  • Beauty Service Appbeauty salon on demand
  • Car Wash Appcar wash on demand
  • Carpenter Appcarpenter on demand
  • Cuddling Appcuddler on demand
  • DJ AppDJ on demand
  • Doctor Appdoctor on demand
  • Dog Grooming Appgroomer on demand
  • Dog Walking Appdog walker on demand
  • Electrician Appelectrician on demand
  • Fitness Coach Apppersonal trainer
  • Handyman Apphandy services
  • Home Cleaning Appcleaning on demand
  • Home Painting Service Apphome painting on demand
  • Insurance Agent Appinsurance service on demand
  • Lawn Mowing Applawn mowers
  • lawyer applawyer on demand
  • Lock smith applock smith on demand
  • Maids Appmaids on demand
  • Massage Appmassage services
  • Pest Control Apppest control services
  • Physiotheraphy Appphysio on demand
  • Plumber Appplumbing on demand
  • Real Estate Agent Appreal estate on demand
  • Security Guard Appbouncer on demand
  • Snow Plows Appsnow cleaning
  • Tour Guide Apptourist guide on demand
  • Tow Truck Approad assistance on demand
  • Travel Agent Apptravel agent on demand
  • Tutor Apptutor on demand
  • Vet Appvet on demand
  • Worker Appon demand workers services
  • Barber Appbarber on demand
  • Car repair Appcarpet cleaner on demand
  • Carpet Repairer Appcarpet repair service app
  • Catering Appcaters on demand
  • Computer Repairer Appcomputer mechanic on demand
  • Fire Fighters Appfire fighter on demand
  • Helpers Apphelper on demand
  • Mechanic Appmechanic on demand
  • Mobile Technician Appmobile technician on demand
  • Office Cleaning Appoffice cleaner on demand
  • Party Cleaning Appparty cleaning service on demand
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gojek clone shark package


gojek clone shark package
what we offer


This is a comprehensive solution that is meant to be an answer to all your problems! We don’t just offer you a single app, but bring to you: gojek clone script


free features
  • Licensed source code Licensed source code

    We offer you the licensed source code of this robust app to ensure that you can continue to customize it as per your requirement by yourself as many times as you want.

  • One full year of bug support One full year of bug support

    We are confident of our product’s quality. Therefore we offer 365 days of FREE bug support on your app.

  • 100% Free White Labeling 100% Free White Labeling

    We will white label the app with your logo and brand and launch it under your brand name on the Google Play store as well as iOS app store.

  • Strict adherence to non disclosure policy Strict adherence to non disclosure policy

    We follow the non disclosure policy very strictly and ensure that we never ever reveal your identity or your brand name. We don’t mention the name of the apps anywhere on our portfolio as well.

  • 1 free upgrade 1 free upgrade

    We understand upgradation is integral for an app’s success. This is why whenever you request it within the first year; we will send you a zip the latest code and shoot it across to you.

  • Fully functional website Fully functional website

    We don’t just hand over an app to you, but offer you a fully functional website as well.

  • Responsive design Responsive design

    Our apps are seamlessly designed to be responsive across every medium accessed be it smart phone, tablet, PC or laptop.

  • Payment options Payment options

    The app enables customers to choose from three payment methods, cash, card and in app wallet.

  • Geo fencing Geo fencing

    The app enables the admin to set geo fences to create restrictions on servable areas. These geo fences are customizable and modifiable as per your convenience.

  • Navigation Navigation

    The app is integrated with Google maps for flawless and accurate navigation to track service providers approach.

  • In app notifications In app notifications

    You can now send in app notifications to the customers about various offers and other events that might occur in the process of booking the service.

  • Promo codes and Referral rewards Promo codes and Referral rewards

    You can attract more users to the app by offering your clients referral rewards with the help of promo codes in the form of discounts.

Attractive New Addons

(The addons mentioned below shall be available for purchase and integration respectively in all our application clones after 1 st January, 2019)
gojek clone demo


Why pay a penny without real trial? Take a FREE on road trial of this amazing app and decide for yourself! Just click here and be on your way in to the most robust all inclusive service provider application!


One bullet for all problems! This unique and independent solution will declutter your customer’s smart phone by giving every service through one app!

You really don’t have to do anything at all to earn money! With so many services being offered through our GoJek clone, all you need to do is invest once. As more and more clients start using your app you will continue to make money on it.


A single investment gets you the ability to launch so many businesses. You can own just about every kind of service that needs to be addressed. With a little investment in getting this app, you pave way for making very high returns. Whether your customers book the services of an electrician, or a tutor, you will always get paid.

Take this opportunity before it is too late! Beat your competition with the help of this vast and all inclusive app NOW!

gojek app clone
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on demand service providers



Go-jek clone

Why does our app look expensive?

  • We have built the whole app with 16 developers over 4 years
  • Our app is completely ready
  • We sell you a fully working, tested and finished product not a basic prototype
  • We have more than 600 apps all over the world
  • Our app is ready so our price is a onetime investment
  • We deliver ready to launch apps to you in just 5 working days


Why does our app look cheaper?

  • They are selling you a prototype because the app isn’t ready yet
  • Because the app is not ready, the prices are tentative. You will end up paying a lot more as add ons as the app is developed
  • Your money will be used to research and develop the app
  • They may take a few weeks or a few months to deliver the app to you
  • They will rely on other pre orders to solve your bugs
  • They are selling you a prototype app and not a tested and analyzed product.


Get all the information about how to start your own on demand app for all services right here in this video. Understand how GoJek clone works and how to pick the perfect GoJek clone app to set up a successful business.
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Taxi, Delivery and Other 52+ Services

The Gojek Clone App offers a range of over 52+ on-demand services like food on-demand, grocery on-demand, massage on-demand, etc., to its users. Just through a few taps on their smartphone or iPhone device, users can be assured that they shall get their food, grocery and even the services at their desired location in the shortest possible time.

Payment Gateways that We Offer You

The Gojek Clone App offers seamless payment options for its users. They can choose from cash, card or the pre-integrated wallet and be assured of getting meals, grocery delivered at their doorstep and even get services at their desired location.
  • Stripe Payment Gateway
  • Paymaya Payment Gateway
  • Zoop Payment Gateway
  • Xendit Payment Gateway
  • Paybox Payment Gateway
  • Iyzico Payment Gateway
  • Iugu Payment Gateway
  • Braintree (Paypal) Payment Gateway
  • Flutterwave Payment Gateway
  • Payfort Payment Gateway
  • Payu Payment Gateway
  • Paymentez Payment Gateway
  • Senangpay Payment Gateway
  • Payment Gateway
  • Couldn't Find Your Payment Gateway? contact us now!
Choose your Language and Currency
Launch your own GoJek like business anywhere in the world by adding the language and currency of your Choice!
Country Language Currency
IndonesiaIndonesia Indonesian Indonesian rupiah
MalaysiaMalaysia Malay, Malaysian Malaysian ringgit
Vietnamvietnam Vietnamese Vietnamese dong
Thailandthailand Thai Thai baht
Phillippinesphillippines English, Filipino Philippine peso
Singaporesingapore Malay, Mandarin Singapore Dollar
Brazilbrazil Portuguese Brazilian real
Nigerianigeria English, Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba etcc Nigerian naira
United StatesUSA American English United States Dollar, Ithaca Hours
Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia Arabic Saudi riyal

Genuine Organisation Providing Committed Services

A smile is testimony to prove the genuineness of services provided by an organisation. We at V3Cube work with the sole mantra to deliver genuine and quick delivery of our clones to our clients and every time they visit us and we deliver them, the smile on their face which gets captured in the form of a photograph is enough to prove the dedication we have to providing committed services.

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