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About the KingX Pro App

We introduce to you the World's Best App that we have termed KingX Pro! It very much matches the Original Indonesian Gojek App, but is Bigger and Advanced. Yes!! KingX Pro App is way more Futuristic and User-Centric when compared to the Gojek! Our Team led by 16 App Developers and 4 Project Managers have worked Tirelessly across Four Years to successfully Code this Ultra-Modern Gojek Clone App from Zero. They have displayed deep Dedication and Determination into developing this Perfect Masterpiece which is now World’s Most-Famous App KingX Pro!

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Gojek Clone App

KingX Pro WorkFlow

Have a look at overall working of our Exceptional Gojek Clone KingX Pro App Consoles and decide for yourself!
Just click on the images to understand The Workflow and The New Features of the KingX Pro App. Every illustration gives you a better clarity, revealing the work nature of each and every feature. Gojek Clone KingX Pro App offers a range of over 101+ on-demand services like food on-demand, grocery on-demand, massage on-demand, along with Two New Components and Improved UI/UX.
Just through a few taps on their smartphone or iPhone device, your users are surely going to have a pleasant experience using the app.

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Landing Screen
Taxi Booking
Parcel Delivery
Food Delivery
Grocery Delivery
Video Consultation
Service Bid
Medical services
Other Services
home taxi delivery food delivery app grocery video call services Medical services handy services
Offer 101+ On Demand Multi Services

How Gojek Clone App Works?

The Gojek Clone App offers a range of over 101+ on-demand services like food on-demand, grocery on-demand, massage on-demand, etc., to its users. Just through a few taps on their smartphone or iPhone device, users can be assured that they shall get their food, grocery and even the services at their desired location in the shortest possible time.

User App
Driver/Provider App
Store App
  • user app
  • user profile setting
  • service category
  • edit cart and checkout
  • delivery driver app
  • select your vehicle
  • delivery driver profile
  • manage vehicles
  • restaurant app
  • restaurant menu items
  • set timings
  • store details

Introducing Next-Gen Taxi Booking Choices with Gojek Clone

The buzz around On-demand Taxi Booking Apps is undeniable. Riding the wave of this booming trend, our Gojek Clone App presents two incredible Taxi Booking App Solutions - the Uber-like App and the InDrive-like Taxi Bidding Flow. App Owners can now have an option to choose between two taxi booking algorithms that has been briefly explained: Uber like Taxi Booking Work Flow - The Uber booking flow resembles the taxi booking flow in that users request a ride through the App, specify their destination, and the App determines what ride options are available. In this system, the User pays a "Fixed Fare" based on the Vehicle Type, thus ensuring transparency and fairness.

InDrive like Taxi Bidding Work Flow: Here, your users starts the ride by entering an appropriate "Bidding" price they consider fair. This proposed price is then presented to the taxi driver. If the driver accepts the offered price, the ride is confirmed. This distinctive system enables users to propose a price they are comfortable with and provides drivers with the choice to accept or engage in negotiations, resulting in a mutually agreed-upon fare for the ride.

Our Taxi Booking App options are Fully-functional, Market-ready loaded with the Latest Features. Featuring with User-friendly interfaces designed for both iOS and Android devices. Elevate the efficiency of your Taxi Business operations by selecting a Top-notch Taxi Booking Solution that aligns perfectly with your business needs.

taxi bidding feature
Medical Services

Presenting On-Demand Medical Services

With our new “Medical Service” Component provides healthcare at the fingertips.

One of the major services that will always be booming is healthcare, which continually MAKES MONEY. People are now more concerned about their health and making sure they have access to medical care. Give your users easy access to a variety of medical care with only a few taps. With the intention of obtaining medical aid without difficulty, our Medical Service component has been carefully thought out and designed by the Skilled IT Experts.
Through our new feature, your users may now make doctor appointments where they visit patients at home or at a doctor's office for treatment. As an added service, video consultations with medical professionals as well as requesting an ambulance, getting doorstep pharmacy delivery and connecting to the nearby blood banks is now easy.
You receive a larger commission when all medical services are ordered through your app, which significantly increases your income. With our innovative Medical Services Module, you'll be one step ahead of your rivals.

Modern Features

Gojek Clone Latest Features

The Software Industry has laid out a List of Features that are highly desired by the App Users. It is foreseen that the Absence of such features in one’ App' would result in their Failure by 99%. Being one of the Top-Most Leaders in Mobile App Development, our Panel of Technical Experts Coded such Beloved Features in our New Apps. These Features are necessary to provide Remarkable Experience to App Users. With these Features, the Users will not only Love this App, but also Prefer it Everytime. Start a Fail-Proof Business with Gojek Clone App that has all the Features recommended by the Software Industry!

Unique and Master Attributes and Assets of latest Gojek Clone App

We understand completely, running a business similar to the likes of Gojek isn’t a cakewalk and we are sure you may have to face several challenges. Thus to help you cope with these challenges with utmost confidence we have added some advanced features. Some of these are given below.
KingX Pro App Flow

Delivery Genie Making your Delivery Wishes Come True, Anytime, Anywhere

Don’t ruin your customer’s app experience by giving them limited options. Instead, with the help of the Delivery Genie, empower them to get anything delivered to them anywhere with just a click on the app. No matter what your customer wants to be picked up and delivered to their homes, from laundry to groceries, the app has it all covered. Take a look at how this feature works in detail NOW!

Alternative to Google Maps

Finding an Alternative to Google Maps

Google APIs are erroneously costly and some successful client of ours paid enormously just for the Google Map APIs.

The price increased 2 to 3 times more especially after Google API’s gained enormous popularity. Thus we decided to research so that we can find the best alternative to Google Maps/API’s and hurray, we were successful! We integrated many Maps APIs from other Map Companies into our apps and needless to say, these maps are as good as Google and not expensive, Yay!
*This is a Paid Add on. Please contact us for more details.

Booking Services

Booking Services Now Websites and a Phone Call Away

We understand completely not everyone these days is gadget savvy or proficient with the operations of a smartphone. Thus, to make it simpler for them we present the Booking of Services ‘through website by Users’. And by ‘Admin Backend Team’ from their Manual Booking Web Panel when they receive a service request via a call.
The customer simply needs to place a call and provide details related to the services they require and you thereupon book the service on their behalf from Back End.. This ensures you help those not too gadget savvy also receive the services in the same lightning speed as when done through the app.

101+ Services

101+ Services One Solution - Gojek Clone App

Users usually shy away from operating solutions that do not offer too many services at one place. Thus to make sure your user does not have to download innumerable apps for each and every service, we have created this multi-service app like Gojek that provides innumerable services ranging from a ride, to a delivery to different on-demand services all at one single place.

Safe and Secure

Let Your Users Enjoy a Safe and Secure Shopping Experience

With the world being torn apart by a deadly virus and numbers rising every day, the only way to prevent this contagion is to exercise utmost caution. To help your customers enjoy the safest and cleanest shopping experience, we have integrated some of the best features in the app. Our latest feature additions include advanced systems such as a Take Away option to limit involvement of any delivery driver towards delivery, or the Contactless Delivery Option where even though the delivery is made by a delivery driver, the user never has to come in contact with him or her and the Safety Bade option, which enables the admin of the application to award stores with this badge to showcase their commitment to sanitary and hygienic practices.

How We Work

Process of Our Multi Service App like Gojek

Select the Product
Select the Product

Let us know which product you plan to purchase from us. And we'll send you it's Working Demo, Price, Features and other detail.

Place Order
Place Order

Once you have checked all demo & detail, we'll get Scope Agreement & Invoice.
And request you all information related to your branding.

Launch / Go Live
Launch / Go Live

Once we have your approval, we will go ahead and launch the Apps on your Play Stores and Servers.

White Label gojek clone app
White Labelling in 10 to 14 days

Once we have received your detail, we'll white label the Apps & Web Panels and make it ready for demo.

After Sales Support
After Sales Support

Get covered under warranty and after sales support.

Our Word
Our Commitment

Watch this Video to know how we Deliver What we Promise. We ensure that you receive what is Committed! We have firm Belief and Confidence in our Value-Added Services that make us Unmatched in this Highly-Competitive Market.

Multi-Language and Currency Support
Choose your Language and Currency
Launch your own GoJek like business anywhere in the world by adding the language and currency of your Choice!
Country Language Currency
IndonesiaIndonesia Indonesian Indonesian rupiah
MalaysiaMalaysia Malay, Malaysian Malaysian ringgit
vietnamVietnam Vietnamese Vietnamese dong
thailandThailand Thai Thai baht
phillippinesPhillippines English, Filipino Philippine peso
singaporeSingapore Malay, Mandarin Singapore Dollar
brazilBrazil Portuguese Brazilian real
nigeriaNigeria English, Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba etcc Nigerian naira
USAUnited States American English United States Dollar, Ithaca Hours
Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia Arabic Saudi riyal
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