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The home cleaning business is booming like none other in this world. People all over the world are turning towards "Uber for House Cleaning" services and your app is all set to make the most of it for you. By making a onetime investment in this app you will reap benefits forever.

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We have made this app to ensure that it can be accessed seamlessly through various platforms like the iOS as well as Android. Your customers will have the freedom to use this app from any of their digital assistants like their smart phones, laptops, PCs, tablets etc.

Our package includes:
  • Home Cleaners Website
  • Client iOS App
  • Client Android App
  • Client Web Panel
  • Home Cleaners iOS App
  • Home Cleaners Android App
  • Home Cleaners Web Panel
  • Home Cleaners Company Web Panel
  • Admin Web Panel to manage the overall working of the app i.e. Home Cleaning Services, Payments, Rates, Commission, Client, etc.

Explore The App Flow

User App
Cleaner App
  • user app
  • user profile setting
  • service category
  • edit cart and checkout
  • delivery driver app
  • select your vehicle
  • delivery driver profile
  • manage vehicles
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Have a Look at the Seamless Functioning of the Home Cleaning On Demand Service App

Walkthrough the seamless functioning of the home cleaning on demand service app and get ready to get amazed with its easy functioning on the app of the user and the app of the home cleaner respectively.

  • Today’s busy lifestyle leads to people not giving enough time to their homes and towards cleaning it. However it is a very important aspect of one’s life as without the home being kept clean one can expect to encounter pest problems. Thus to help these very people, the home cleaning on demand service app is to their rescue. With this app not only the user would get a home cleaner at their fingertip but would also enable the home cleaner to make money as per their availability.
  • The functioning of the app is simple and easy. User needs to login to this app with their social media handles like Facebook or Google+ or create an account by entering their basic details like name, mobile number and email address.
  • As soon as user completes this step, they are presented with a list of all the different types of home cleaning like Full Home Deep Cleaning, Post Party Cleaning, Office Cleaning and Water Storage Tank Cleaning.
  • User selects the home cleaning type they require and then gets presented with a list of all the nearby home cleaners and their respective ratings as well as map view.
  • User selects the home cleaner of their choice and gets presented with a list of all the services offered by them along with a gallery and past reviews received by them.
  • User selects the service/services that they require from the home cleaner and taps on the checkout tab to get redirected towards a new screen containing the booking details of the service/services selected by them.
  • User selects the payment mode - cash or card and adds their location and schedules the booking for the same day or a later date and books the service.
  • User gets notified with ‘Booking Request Sent to Home Cleaner’ and the request gets sent to the Home Cleaner as soon as they set their availability as online.
  • Home Cleaner accepts the request on tapping ‘Confirm Job Request’ and notifies the user on their app as ‘Home Cleaner Accepted Job Request’.
  • Home Cleaner and User can remain connected with each other until the arrival of the former via internet calls and the in-app chat feature.
  • Upon the arrival of the home cleaner, they tap on ‘Arrived at Job Location’ to confirm their arrival and the user gets notified with the message ‘Home Cleaner Has Arrived’.
  • Home Cleaner starts the job by tapping on ‘Begin Job’ and the user gets notified of the same with the notification ‘Home Cleaner Has Started Job’ and the both (home cleaner and user) can track the progress of the job.
  • On completion of service, home cleaner taps on ‘Job Completed’ and the user gets notified with ‘Home Cleaner Has Completed The Service’.
  • An invoice gets generated on the screen of the home cleaner containing the details of the job, the fare breakdown and the mode of payment selected by the user. In case of cash payment, home cleaner taps on ‘Collect Payment’ and collects the payment from the user. The details of the invoice summary also get shared with the user.
  • Upon the payment process getting completed, the user and the home cleaner both can provide a review to each other and rate each other based on the service experience.

A Digitally Powered On demand Cleaning App

If success is your destination, then take just one step to reach there with our new Uber for House Cleaning app. Invest in the app just once and you will continue to earn forever. Our team comes with an experience of over 10 years in the app development industry. We bring to you unique solutions that cater to every kind of requirement that your House Cleaning business will have.

We pride ourselves in being able to offer you some of the best features for FREE. It's not just the money we are after. Your satisfaction and success is what we value the most. Premium features like additional language, additional currency, in app notification etc. is offered by us for FREE!

on demand cleaning service app

4 Steps to Your Solution

We believe in delivering nothing but the best to you and thus we follow these four steps,

  • test app Receive the App and Test It

    It is your hard-earned money and thus we wouldn’t want you to spend it on the solution without testing it in real-time. Thus, as soon as you receive the app, you can test it in real-time and see how it works in real-time before you spend your money on it.

  • language and currency of your choice Get the Language and Currency of Your Choice Integrated on the App

    The standard language and currency that we provide are English and USD. However, if you want to launch the solution in a country where English is not spoken, we will be more than happy to incorporate the language and currency of your choice on the app.

  • Playstore Details and Server Provide Us with Your Logo, Playstore Details and Server

    Once you have tested the solution and gotten the language and currency of your choice integrated, provide us with your server details, brand name, logo, and the Playstore details so that we can launch the white-labeled app under your brand name and logo visible everywhere.

  • App Launched Have the App Launched on the App Store

    Once all these three steps are completed, we will launch the app on the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store based on your requirements and we shall make sure that the app gets approved by the respective store and you are able to start your business smoothly as well as seamlessly.

Out-of-the-Box Features of the Go-Clean App

  • Manage Services Manage Services

    With the assistance of this unique feature, your house cleaners can update the services and its related details.

  • Manage Gallery Manage Gallery

    With this feature, your house cleaners can update the photographs added by them and add new photos so as to let the users know about their previous tasks.

  • Book Now or Schedule for Later Book Now or Schedule for Later

    With the assistance of this feature, your users can book the house-cleaning services either for the same day or have it scheduled for a later date.

  • Multiple Payment Multiple Payment

    With the assistance of this feature, your users can choose from modes like cash, card or wallet, in order to make the payment for the house cleaning services.

  • Track Job Progress Track Job Progress

    With the assistance of this feature, your users and house cleaners can track the job progress as soon as the house cleaner arrives at the job location to provide their services.

  • My Wallet My Wallet

    Through the aid of this feature, the user and the house cleaner can keep a check on their wallet and recharge it if necessary.

web panel

Maid Service App Success

We've been in the business of building apps for over a decade. We have helped businesses of varied industries establish their digital identities. Our uber for house cleaning app clone is another unique solution meant to ensure that you succeed in your business. Our model focuses on less investment to get you higher returns.

In Gojek clone, we bring to you a User app, a House Cleaner app, an Admin panel and a Website for the app. And all of this at no extra price. We believe in end to end solution. Our team has worked really hard to ensure that this app means nothing but success for you.

Our ultimate objective is to ensure that we hand over a complete business solution to you and not just a single app. We also take complete responsibility of white labeling the app for you with your logo, brand name, choice of language and currency into the app and launching it for you! A complete end to end solution for complete business success.

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