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That will fill up your bank accounts faster than you could have ever thought!

Our advanced on demand food delivery app will allow you to feed people the meal of their choice. UberEats clone is amazing and most wanted App in the current market.

go-food clone
online grocery business during corona crisis


Today, we are facing a big crisis in the world. Every country is hit by the corona virus pandemic in a severe way. To help with the situation, most countries are choosing to put into effect the lockdown. But regardless of the lockdown, people will always need food. Not everyone has their kitchen set up. Nor does everyone realize that an impending lockdown demands stocking up food supplies. This is where your app comes into picture.

Your food delivery app is the best way to ensure that your country can continue to order delicious meals every day without having to step out from the safety of their homes. Many entrepreneurs are looking at this lockdown situation as an opportunity to ensure that they can continue to make money and also help the people of their country.

Step up today and take the wheel of your business in your own hands!


The pandemic has been a very difficult situation for all the countries. During these stressful times, our app stepped up to help the business owner, our client from Istanbul, Mr. Hanes. Here, Mr. Hanes talks about how our app could ensure safe delivery for all the people who were stuck in their homes.

He also goes on to say that his experience in working with GoJek Clone was very seamless. HE shares more in detail about the way people from our development team took charge of every request and every enhancement that needed to be made so that the app could work flawlessly.

online grocery business during corona crisis
food delivery app client
developers for life
food app client
2021 Version shape

Express Flowchart with Details on the Apps Functionality

Here’s a structural diagram to showcase how the app works seamlessly. This will help you understand every functionality of the app.
Food delivery app flow

Features that Make this the Best

Food Delivery App
  • Apps Installation / Submission on iOS App Store and Android Play Store

    We wait for you to give us a brief about the requirements of the application. Based on that, we prepare your app with your logo and brand name. On you’re the app gets ready to be launched on the iOS as well as the Android Play store.

  • Apps Approval on Play Store and App Store

    Launching these apps might not be easy for non technical people. This is why we make sure that we take complete responsibility for launching the app. We assure you that the app will not be rejected by the Android or the iOS store due to any technical reason.

  • White Labelling

    White labeled app is the only way you can establish your brand. This is why we completely white label the app with your logo and brand name everywhere on it.

  • Lifetime License Lifetime License

    Apart from the application, we also provide you with a lifetime license of this application. This means that you have the legal authority to use the app for the business.

  • Source Code Open for Customization Source Code Open for Customization

    We understand what it means to own an application. It is not enough to just have a version of the app. You must have the opened source code to make sure that you own the app completely. Having the source code will enable you to make any kind of changes that may be needed in the future.

  • Advanced Analytics Advanced Analytics

    Our app features advanced analytics to make sure that you can keep a track of everything and ensure that you can move your business in the right direction.

  • Advanced Reports Advanced Reports

    We also offer advanced reports along with the application. You will be able to download daily, weekly or even monthly reports of your sales, business trends, deliveries etc. This will help you identify the track on which your business is heading and therefore make the changes accordingly.

  • 365 Days Free Bug Support 365 Days Free Bug Support

    Get a whole year’s worth of bug support from our expert developers absolutely free of cost. Our app is built in a way that it never poses any trouble for you, but just in case you ever get stuck, we’ll be there to help you absolutely free for a whole year.

Who Should Get Our

Food Delivery App Clone
  • app registration

    Restaurant Aggregators: With this app, your customers can place orders with different restaurants registered in your app. Your customers will be able to see and place orders on the restaurants closest to their location.

  • grocery store

    Individual Restaurant Owners: If you are the owner of an individual restaurant, this can be your personal app. Your customers will be able to log in and place orders for their favorite items. You will also be able to assign a driver for the delivery of the order.

  • chain of grocery store

    Restaurant Chains: If you own a chain of restaurants, this app can work exclusively for your brand. When a customer logs in, they can see the restaurant from your chain that is closest to them. They can then place orders on it and the order can be assigned to the delivery driver who is closest.

The Total Bundle

An App Full of Functionality

We are experts in building apps. We understand that no app is complete by itself. There are many components associated with an app to make it completely functional and a practical business option for you. Therefore, we have developed a whole bouquet of apps to support your business. Take a peek at everything you receive when you get the app from us.

food delivery app package
go-food app clone

Make Every Platform Accessible For Receiving Orders & Making Money

  • from application From Application

    Your customers can effortlessly download the app and start placing orders by logging in.

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  • website From the Website

    This is our latest addition. Now, your users can start placing orders for their favorite meals without having to download the apps. They can simply go to the website and order through it.

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  • Accept Orders Via Calls to Restaurant Accept Orders Via Calls to Restaurant

    Your users can also place an order by calling the restaurant. The restaurant can then manually place an order through their app.

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  • Call the Company and Place Order Call the Company and Place Order

    Another way to place orders on your app is by calling the admin (YOU). When the user calls you, you can manually enter the order in your app.

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Food Delivery App with the TOP Features

An Elevated Food Delivery Experience Always
Customer App
Delivery Driver Apps
Restaurant App
  • user app
  • user profile setting
  • service category
  • service category
  • delivery driver app
  • select your vehicle
  • delivery driver profile
  • manage vehicles
  • restaurant app
  • restaurant menu items
  • set timings
  • store details

Industry leading features

  • Web and Mobiles Apps
  • Pickup or Take Away
  • contactless delivery
  • Doorstep Delivery
  • Sigle store delivery
  • Multiple store delivery
  • Live Tracking

Food Kiosk Application

Increase takeouts & delivery revenue without sacrificing profits

Want to increase sales, have more restaurants to onboard with your app? drive repeat business? Is saving time and money your priority? Then our restaurant operations products are for you. Newly launched, our add-on product Android-based Food Kiosks Application is designed specifically for growing your business. And serves as an opportunity to present a wider variety of promotions to the customers.

Our industry-leading Android Food KIOSK application is designed to help entrepreneurs and startups streamline and enhance their food delivery operations.

Add new functionality to your food ordering app. 100% owing to your business brand, with a scalable technology stack, you won’t have to worry about not fitting tomorrow’s business needs. Increases the restaurant’s capacity to receive orders, the admin panel to manages Food Menu, Orders, Customer data, etc. seamlessly. What’s more, it has the option to print receipts in Kiosk, Cash Counter, etc.

Our highly user-friendly self-ordering food kiosk solution is to optimize your ordering process & customer experience.

kiosk App

Who is The Food Delivery App a Best Business Option For?

Anyone who wants to succeed with their business regardless of the condition of the world must invest in this application. The online food delivery market is growing like never before. With more and more people finding it as an easier option to manage their meals, food delivery apps are gaining a lot of popularity.

If you want to make the most of the times, then this is the key. Get your own Food Delivery App developed by our team and launch your business in just 4 to 5 Working days. Not only is our app absolutely unique, it is also designed in a way to function as seamless and user friendly.

The app is efficient and can make calculations, reports and much more for you. The best thing about the app is that it has been specifically made in a way that means it requires little or no intervention from you. So, even if you are a non technical person, you will never have to worry about working with our On Demand Food Delivery app like the UberEats Clone.

buy apps like uberEATS

White Labeled On Demand Food Delivery App

The only way you can establish your brand with the application is if your app is white labeled. The process of white labeling means that the on the application every sign of the developing company (that is us) will be removed and replaced with the logo and the brand name of your company.

White labeling ensures that your app is always recognized as your own brand. This is why we have made sure that the app is in ready condition and just takes about 4 to 5 working days to be white labeled with your brand name and logo.

The Best UberEats App Clone in the Market

Loaded With Features
Our app is multifaceted and carefully designed to ensure that each and every aspect is planned and designed. Our technical experts used every resource from our state of the art development centre to build a unique app with multiple features and characteristics. Take a look for yourself to find out more about the application.
Customer App
Delivery Driver App
Restaurant App
Admin Panel
Customer App
Customer App Features
driver app
Delivery Driver App Features
restaurant app
Restaurant App Features
Website Features
admin panel
Admin Panel Features
Website Pages
  • home
  • food delivery on demand app
    Restaurants List
  • food delivery on demand app
    Food Items
  • Login
  • registeration
  • user profile
    User Profile
  • orders
  • order detail
    Order Detail
  • search restaurant
    Search Restaurant
  • user wallet
    User Wallet
  • driver profile
    Driver Profile
  • driver vehicles
    Driver Vehicles
  • edit vehicle
    Edit Vehicle
  • driver orders
    Driver Orders
  • driver wallet
    Driver Wallet
  • restaurant profile
    Restaurant Profile
  • restaurant driver
    Restaurant Driver
  • food categories
    Food Categories
  • add food categories
    Add Food Categories
  • Items
  • processing orders
    Processing Orders
  • restaurant order detail
    Restaurant Order Detail
  • restaurant orders
    Restaurant Orders
  • restaurant create order
    Restaurant Create Order
  • restaurant settings
    Restaurant Settings
Admin Panel Pages
  • admin dashboard
  • admin groups
    Admin Groups
  • manage stores
    Manage Store
  • manage providers
    Manage Providers
  • manage users
    Manage Users
  • prvider vehicles
    Provider Vehicles
  • vehicle types
    Vehicle Type
  • manage item categories
    Manage Item Categories
  • manage items
    Manage Items
  • manage item types
    Manage Item Type
  • all orders
    All Orders
  • managing promo codes
    Manage Promo Code
  • god's view
    God's View
  • reviews
  • admin earning report
    Admin Earning Report
  • Referral Report
    Referral Report
  • Geo Fence Locations
    Geo Fence Locations
  • General Settings
    General Settings
  • manage country
    Manage Country

What is the price of building an app like this?

the Food Delivery App

A food delivery app is a complicated one. There are too many components and systems involved in it. As one component comes together, you can only then estimate the time it takes to build it. To build a fully functional app with all the parts necessary to make it a viable business option, it may take a couple of years.

As time continues to roll, so does your money. You will have to accept the fact that you will never really have a conclusive idea of how much your app will cost till you have finally made and launched the app. The best way to work with an app is to purchase a pre built app like ours.

Our app is in completely ready condition. The app is made in a way that it can be launched in just 4 to 5 working days. But, to make it easy for you, we have built different packages for you. Each package comes with its own bundles of features. You can select the package that suits you best, so you don’t have to pay for anything that you don’t want to.

View Features & Pricing

Video Tutorials for the Apps Functionality

Sometimes, it gets hard to understand all the literature around a fully functional app. This is why; we have created a series of video tutorials to help you understand how the application works. Take a look and find for yourself.

  • Mr. Gideon V.
    Mr. Gideon V.


Why wonder about the reliability of a company, when you can actually hear it from the horse’s mouth. Here are some testimonials from our clients, where they share details about their experience in working with us, the quality of our apps and much more. Take a look for yourself!

  • Mr. Richard S.
    Mr. Richard S.
  • Mr. Mahmut F.
    Mr. Mahmut F.
  • Mr. Aiman H.
    Mr. Aiman H.
  • Mr. Amjad J.
    Mr. Amjad J.
  • Mr. Ricardo M.
    Mr. Ricardo M.
  • On behalf of Ms. Jovy
    On behalf of Ms. Jovy
  • Mr. Iman
    Mr. Iman
  • Mr. Lukas H
    Mr. Lukas H
  • Mr. Joseph
    Mr. Joseph
  • Mr. Benny C.
    Mr. Benny C.
  • Mr. Mohammad S.
    Mr. Mohammad S.
  • Mr. Jeevan, Nepal
    Mr. Jeevan, Nepal
  • Ms. Subashini, Sri Lanka
    Ms. Subashini, Sri Lanka
  • Mr. Pastor C.
    Mr. Pastor C.
  • Ms. Mariana.
    Ms. Mariana.
  • Mr. Fahed.
    Mr. Fahed.
  • Mr. Daniel.
    Mr. Daniel.
  • Mr. Feixun.
    Mr. Feixun.

Other Delivery Apps

We love our clients and want to spoil you with multiple options. This is why, Food Delivery app is not just the only app in our kitty. We have a host of other on demand delivery apps that you can choose from. These apps can be your best opportunity to make sure that you make more money with every single order!

Integrate Your Own Local Language and Currency in the App

To make sure that the app works in the best possible way, you have to ensure that the app functions on your local language and uses local currency. That is the only way it will gain popularity amongst the people.

To have your app in your own local language and currency, you just have to speak to us. We will be able to integrate any number of currencies and languages for you in your application. So, go ahead and give us a tinkle!

Country Currency Language
USAUS Dollar Spanish, French, Hawaiian
brazilBrazil Brazilian real Portuguese
Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia Riyal Arabic
MalaysiaMalaysia Ringgit Malay
IndonesiaIndonesia Indonesian rupiah Indonesian
nigeriaNigeria Nigerian naira Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo
nigeriaMexico Mexican peso Spanish
nigeriaUK Pound sterling English
vietnamVietnam Vietnamese dong Vietnamese
vietnamFrance Euro, CFP franc French
vietnamSouth Africa Rand Afrikaans, Sotho, English, Xhosa, Zulu
vietnamGermany Euro German
vietnamUAE United Arab Emirates dirham Arabic
vietnamCanada Canadian dollar French, English
vietnamAustralia Australian dollar English

Technology Stack

Our only aim throughout our developmental career has been to make sure that more and more people who purchase our apps find success. This is why; we only use the best technology stack. Using a state of the art development centre and an expert team of developers, we’ve built the best app for you. Take a look at the technology that we use for your application.

  • ios
  • java
  • php
  • bootstrap
  • swift
  • android
  • jquery
  • mysql
  • linux
  • Node js
  • Socket Cluster