On demand parcel delivery app Hassle Free Deliveries

Almost everyone needs to get some item delivered at some point in time. Give your users the advantage of hassle free digital deliveries with the help of your Application. Regardless of whether the parcel is an envelope or a bag of cement, if your client wants it delivered, your App can do it for you.

Our On demand devlivery app development strategy has been to create a robust Applciation which is absolutely responsive. This has been done to ensure that the App can be used by just about anyone. Now you don't have to worry about whether your user is Android or iOS. This Gojek clone App for Delivery on demand business works flawlessly over any platform and any device!

  • Delivery Sender iOS App
  • Delivery Sender Android App
  • Delivery Sender Web Panel
  • Delivery Driver iOS App
  • Delivery Driver Android App
  • Delivery Driver Web Panel
  • Main Website
  • Admin Web Panel to manage all - Payments, Sender, Delivery Drivers, etc.
    (Also includes Billing Administrator Panel)
delivery app package

On-Demand Delivery App Development

We love our clients! We would never want you to spend your money on anything without knowing what you will get. This is why we urge you to download our Demo Application and take it for a live test! We know you will love it!

App Screens: What Goes On in the App?

Every function of the App presents a different screen for the User, the Delivery Driver. So that you can have a completely lucid idea of the core functionality and the experience of all the parties involved in your App’s business cycle, take a look at the various App screens and what goes on in it.

User App
Delivery Driver App
  • user app
  • user service
  • Select postmates-clone
  • Select Service Category
  • delivery driver total earnings
  • Accept the request
  • delivery driver Arrived
  • delivery driver has started the job
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Features of White Label On Demand Delivery App

That Other Charge for
  • Easy to Register Easy to Register

    The users can effortlessly register and signup via email, mobile number or using their social media credentials.

  • Type of Vehicle Type of Vehicle

    A user or business can book the Parcel Delivery Service and select the type of vehicle once they have determined the size and weight of the parcel.

  • Order Tracking Live Order Tracking

    Once the order is placed, the users can check track their “Parcel Status” by Live Tracking it.

  • Notifications Notifications

    Customers who have booked the services will receive updates and details of the Courier Delivery.

  • Multiple currencies & languages Multiple currencies & languages

    This helps users to book their packages and make the payment in their preferred languages and currencies in a hassle-free manner.

  • Payment gateway Payment Gateway

    It has integrated the various payment gateway methods like Debit/Credit, Cash, and Wallet enabling your customers to pay online easily.

  • Rating & Review Rating & Review

    The users can place their valuable comments, feedbacks, ratings and reviews for the Delivery Person and overall experience using the App.

Provide Niche Deliveries with the Gosend Clone

  • Traditional methods of sending parcels have become extinct today. Thanks to the digitization of its services and the presence of Applications, managing the delivery of parcels has become an easy process for the delivery business. To make it all the more easier for the business, The GoSend Clone is here.
  • The user needs to first enter the Application and add their location. Upon adding their location, they would get transported into the App.
  • The user now needs to choose between the two options for delivery - single or multiple. In case they choose single, they can choose between box and moto send, and in case they choose multiple, they can choose between either box and moto send.
  • The user on choosing the desired delivery type adds the pickup and send locations respectively.
  • The user now chooses the type of vehicle they wish to pick up the delivery, i.e., cargo car, mini truck, truck, etc., and chooses the quantity of the items that they wish to be picked up, and makes the payment choosing from cash, card or wallet and gets notified that their job request has been taken and as soon as the delivery driver accepts the request and is out to pick up the order they shall be notified too.
  • The delivery driver now receives the job request with the information of where they need to pick up the parcel from and accepts it and the user gets notified that the delivery driver has accepted their job request and shall be arriving shortly.
  • Now, both the delivery driver and the user can track each other and know each other’s whereabouts and as soon as the delivery driver arrives, they tap on ‘Arrived At Job Location’ to notify the user of their arrival. The user receives a notification on their App that the delivery driver has arrived to pick up the parcel.
  • The user provides the parcel to the delivery driver and then the delivery driver takes the item and an invoice summary gets generated on their screen which also gets shared with the user. Upon collecting the payment, the delivery driver and the user, both, give feedback to each other and rate each other.

A Modern Approach Of Giving Your Customers The Quickest Way Of Getting Their Parcels Delivered!

This is a power packed Application to ensure that you can make maximum returns by just one single investment. Our GoSend clone App is the foundation of a ground breaking modern approach towards changing shape of deliveries globally. You can choose to manage everything that happens on the App through the admin panel.

The App has been designed by our team of expert professionals keeping in mind all the necessary requirements so that you can excel in your business. We promise you the best product quality at the most cost effective prices in the market.

gosend clone

Our Support

on demand delivery app web panel

Just One Step To Succeed!

We have developed a complete holistic package to help our customers go full throttle with this business plan. This is not just an on demand delivery App development. It is a whole lot of things packed into one single power packet.

We offer you a User Application that will help the user place Delivery orders, a Delivery Driver Application, so the driver can accept or reject requests, see their history, check their own reports, an Admin panel which will have high end features like God's View of the app, all reports, revenue generation etc. Not just this, we are also giving you a website to represent this Application online.

When you have the drive to succeed and a powerful App to back it, there is nothing that can stop you. Be a force in the Delivery world to be reckoned with. Make the most of this opportunity. Invest NOW!

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Become a Business Mammoth with the Pro Package

Just getting by with the basics in a business might not be the best strategy if you are trying to become a business giant in the industry. Ensure that you have every possible feature, futuristic and unique to attract your users and grow your business. To this effect, we have custom created the Pro Package loaded with the best in class features and the most superior and advanced functionalities. Take a look at everything that you can achieve with our Pro Package.

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Client Reviews: Experiences, Stories and Friendships

Each client that associates with us becomes a member of our team and family. Here are some riveting stories shared by our clients about their experience in working with us, their visits to our development centre, our country and its culture, our team and App quality and much more. Take a look.