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Best User Interface!

Go-ride clone

An app is only as good as the User likes it. This fantastic app was built to ensure that you can offer cheap rides to your customers while giving anyone with a bike an opportunity to make money by helping people get places.

The app has been designed bearing in mind that it is for the masses. So, whether your Rider has an Android or an iOS he or she will be able to book rides easily. Even Drivers with both Android and iOS can offer and accept rides easily. Your app has to be accessible by EVERYONE! Its 100% responsive design and beautiful interface ensures that it works flawlessly over handsets, tablets PCs, laptops or any other digital assistant!

goride clone

Explore The Work Flow Of
On-Demand Uber Moto Clone

User App
Driver App
  • user app
  • user profile setting
  • service category
  • edit cart and checkout
  • delivery driver app
  • select your vehicle
  • delivery driver profile
  • manage vehicles
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On Demand Bike Taxi App Live Demo Video

Don't spend a dime where it doesn't belong! Take an on road trial of the whole application so that you can experience the magic first hand. Buy only if you like! Now, where else do you get that offer?

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Ride Your Way through the Smooth Functioning
Of the Goride Clone

  • Moto rides are probably one of the most convenient ways to travel for riders. It is cost-effective, helps reduce pollution and the rate of traffic exponentially and thanks to the presence of the on-demand apps, riders now can avail of moto rides simply through a few taps on their smartphone or respective gadgets and help the driver to earn a good income along the way.
  • So, if you are someone who wishes to build a successful ride-hailing and ride-sharing industry, The GoRide Clone will help you do that in a more effective manner.
  • This is how the solution works. The rider needs to enter the application and add their pickup and drop location and choose the moto ride as the preferred mode of travel and make the payment for the ride choosing from modes like cash, card or wallet present in the app and book the ride. Upon booking the ride, they would get connected to the driver nearest to them.
  • The driver receives the ride request and accepts or declines it as per their convenience. In case, the driver rejects the ride request, the ride request goes to the next and as soon as the request is accepted by the driver, the driver receives the details of the location from where they need to pick the rider from and the rider gets notified that the driver has accepted the ride request and shall be arriving shortly. Now, both the driver and the rider can remain connected to each other through real-time tracking methods, calls over the internet and in-app chats.
  • The driver now arrives at the job location and taps on ‘Arrived at Job Location’ in order to notify the rider and the app of their arrival and the user thereby receives the notification that the driver has arrived.
  • The rider now avails of the ride through the moto and reaches their destination. Upon reaching the destination, the driver taps on ‘Arrived at Destination’ to notify the app and the user that they have arrived and automatically an invoice summary containing the details of the ride, mode of payment, etc., gets generated on their screen which also gets shared with the rider.
  • In case the rider chose cash, the cash is collected from them, in case of card, the amount gets automatically deducted from the card and in case of wallet, the amount gets deducted from the wallet.
  • After the payment is done, the rider and the driver, both give feedback and rate each other.
Become The Talk Of The Town With

Your Classy Yet AFFORDABLE & Ultra Modern Way

Of Taking Rides, Now!

This is a revolutionary approach to making the most of the Ride booking scenario in the world. By empowering everyone to offer rides and make money, this application is sure to be the next big thing in the world of transportation. We believe in making the process of making money as easy as possible for you. This is why we bring to you a fully functional app that works completely by itself without any active interference in management from you!

Whether you're going to the airport or across town, there's an On-Demand Moto for wherever your users wish to travel. In a few taps, your users can request a ride, and it's easy to pay with credit or cash.

This is a pre-built customized cost-effective mobility solution fitting different businesses and types. Offers a better user experience, it turns out to be beneficial for revenue generation too.

If you are an entrepreneur trying to find a Uber for bike startup, then you can approach us to build an On-Demand Bike Taxi App.

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core features

  • Multicurrency / Multilanguage
  • God Eye View
  • Payment Options
  • Real Time Tracking
  • Booking
  • Promo Code

This Is The Future. This App Is All Set To Establish Your Name In The Market.
We have loaded this app with the most amazing features and that too at the most competitive price in the market! Go for it NOW!

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All The Wheels Rolling

web panel

It's a business after all and we don't want to give you something incomplete. An app based business has many faces. We therefore offer you a holistic solution that will take care of all your worries in a jiffy!

Just like a bike, our Moto app has 2 wheels: the Rider application and the Driver application. The Driver application is used by the Driver to offer and Accept rides, whereas the Rider application is used by the Rider to book his or her rides.

But apart from the two wheels a bike needs a handle. That handle is the Admin panel. The admin panel of our application helps you to control and literally "handle" the app from everywhere. The admin panel will allow you to monitor the number of vehicles you have in the field, how much money you are making, where are the maximum rides being booked from, etc.

When you have the drive to achieve something and a market dominant app similar to Go-Jek to back it, you will surely be a force in the transportation world to be reckoned with. Make the most of this opportunity. Invest NOW!

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