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What could be better than giving your customers the power to hire a massage therapist on demand just with the click of a button with your Go-Massage Clone app? Allow your clients to get instant bookings with professional Massage Therapists on Demand as you make money with every booking!

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Free Features Of Our CubeMassage

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See this Video to Trust in the Commitment We Make

Say Hi to Adam in this video who wants to build a successful massage on demand service business for himself. Watch this video to see his journey towards finding us, the reason for wanting to work with us and take our support for making his dream of a successful massage on demand service industry into a full-fledged reality.

On Demand Massage Through A Smart Phone

Connect with Professional Massage Therapists instantly through your Smartphones

Our Massage On Demand app is a one click solution to your customer's massage requirements. We've developed the app to be robust and Customer friendly so that more and more people can avail services from your app and make you a lot of money.

This app is absolutely responsive and therefore works seamlessly over Android and iOS devices. One can use it on their smart phones, tablets, PCs, Laptops or any other digital assistant. We have put together some of the best features just for you!

  • Massage Therapist Website
  • User/Client iOS App
  • User/Client Android App
  • User/Client Web Panel
  • Massage Therapist iOS App
  • Massage Therapist Android App
  • Massage Therapist Web Panel
  • Massage Therapist Company Web Panel
  • Admin Web Panel to manage the overall working of the app i.e. Payments, Commission, Rates, Massage Therapists, Users/Clients, etc.
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Take a Walk through the Functioning of the Massage On Demand App

Get a bird’s eye view into how the massage on demand app works on the app of the user and the app of the massage therapist.

User App
  • Signup or Login to the massage on demand app using Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+ or by entering basic details like name, mobile number, email address, etc
  • Choose the massage service of your choice or multiple massages based on your desire and get presented with a list of all the nearest massage therapists along with their profile, their review and rating as well as the rates per hour
  • Book the Massage Therapist and add the preferred location, i.e., user location or massage therapist location and preferred mode of payment – cash, card or wallet
  • Get Notified upon acceptance and arrival
  • Get Massage On Demand Service
  • Get Invoice Summary
  • Make Payment
  • Provide Review
Massage Therapist App
  • Get Details of the massage service along with the details of the user and the details of the massage service and the location where service needs to be provided
  • Accept the Massage On Demand Service
  • Reach the Location of User and tap on ‘Reached Location’
  • Offer Massage On Demand Service and on completion tap on ‘Job Completed’
  • Get Invoice Summary
  • Receive Payment
  • Provide Review


The wellness industry is thriving like never before. Everything today is about self improvement, Zen and personal well being for the holistic growth of an individual. People all over the world are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars for their own wellbeing.

This is the perfect opportunity for you to make a small one time investment and reap the benefits of this every earning massage on demand app. Every time someone uses your app for a massage session booking, you get a commission. Not only that, you are the only person as admin to decide how much commission you will make on every booking.

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4 Steps to your product

We believe in doing all the hard work and making yours easier and that is why we follow the four-step forumla below.
  • Step 1

    get app & test it

  • Step 2

    ingrated your local lanugague & currency

  • Step 3

    give us logo, play store & sever details

  • Step 4

    app launch on the app store

core features

    God eye view
    booking scheduling and promo code features
Making wellness accessible to everyone with the help of your unique app is the sure way to your success.

Our Gojek clone app is structured such that it brings you the maximum returns at the least possible investment. We offer a lot of FREEBIES! Call us NOW to get a FREE quote.​

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One Package, Complete business solution

A stand alone app can't survive the wellness industry.This is why we have dedicated ourselves in bringing the best possible solution for you in one power packed package.

We don't just bring a single app for you but empower you with a User app, a Massage Therapist app, a Unique Admin Panel and a beautiful Website to represent your application..

A single investment is sure to put you on your way to success. We know how much your business idea means to you and so we leave no stone unturned to ensure that you are completely satisfied. We have tried to incorporate everything in the app to meet the industry standards, but if you have more ideas that you want for your zeel clone application, we would be happy to help you with it. Just let us know what you are looking for and we'd be overjoyed to assist you with it.

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