Gojek Clone App – What is the Cost or Investment to open a Franchise?

Customer’ Behavior led many Services like Healthcare to expand its Franchise with Gojek Clone On Demand. This means that even an entire Multispecialty Hospital’s Doctors can register themselves individually on the App, and render their Services to people Booking an On-Demand Doctor Online.

Well, that is exactly what happened at The Specialty Hospital of Mississippi. Most of the Doctors from the Hospital registered themselves on the Gojek Clone On Demand App.

Doctors from the following Specialty Backgrounds Registered themselves:

  • Otolaryngology (ENT)
  • Dermatology
  • Family Medicine
  • Midwifery Services
  • Obstetrics/Gynecology
  • Pain Treatment
  • Pediatrics
  • Senior Care

All these Registrations happened when the Pandemic was wreaking havoc on mankind. These Specialists offered their Services to Non-Covid Patients, While the majority of the Medical force was busy treating Covid-19 Patients. Also, today when the dangers of viruses are gradually toning down in Intensity, these Professionals are enjoying generating income from both the source – while on duty at the hospital and by treating patients who avail these Services Online through this All-In-One App.

Now, you might be wondering if all these Medical Services are offered to Patients at their homes or not? Well, when Doctor Hannah Gray got a Request for Back Pain Treatment, three options popped up on the App.

  1. want to pay a visit to the Patient’s Home?
  2. Do you want them to come to the hospital for treatment?
  3. want to carry out a Video Consultation Session with the Patient?

The Doctor needs to choose one of these Options to proceed ahead with the On-Demand Doctor Request.

Since it was a Back Pain Treatment Service, she wanted to visit the Patient’s Home so that the Patient wouldn’t have to bother traveling to the Hospital.

gojek clone app

What about the Cost Service Providers have to pay or invest to avail these facilities?

There are basically two ways, the Registered Doctor’s would have to pay the App Owner to receive Service Requests:

  1. Commission-Based Model
  2. Subscription Plans

If the App follows a Commission-Based Model

An App Userbooked Cynthia Smith, the Senior Care Specialist to treat her grieving and depressed Grandmother who recently lost her Husband to Covid-19. Now, Cynthia went to opt for a Video Consultation Session with Grandmother. According to the App, her per hour fee was US$75.

However, this session stretched a bit and went on for 35 minutes more which cost US$43.75. Thus, the Total Bill that Cynthia gets paid is US$ 118.75

So, as per the Commission Based Model, Cynthia pays US $14.25 as Commission to the App Owner.

This Commission Rate is exclusively decided by the App Owner based on the different genres of the Service.

According to the Contractual Agreement between the App Owner and the Service Provider, Cynthia has to pay a 12% Commission Rate on every Pain Treatment Service she renders through the App. 

If the App Runs on Subscription Plans

Linda has advanced training essential for Midwifery Services or Routine Maternity Care.

Kinsley is 9 Months Pregnant, so hired Linda to provide care during her last month of pregnancy.

However, in this Case Linda, the Service Provider doesn’t have to pay the 12% Commission Rate. The On Demand Multi Service App Owner allows them to render Services by purchasing one of the many Subscription Plans curated by the App Owner themselves. These Plans can be Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Quarterly, Half-Yearly, or Annual.  Linda bought the Quarterly Plan for US$599.

She used the time to do her financial Analysis, Plan and Schedule her Hospital Timing, etc.  She Upgraded to a Half-Yearly Plan. 


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