Gojek Clone: Easy Way To Manage All Services One App

Thinking back, it is really strange to even reminisce of a time where smart phones weren’t there. Today, we live with our smart phones. They are an absolutely essential aspect of almost each and every one of our lives. This is why, many apps like the Gojek clone app have been able to make their name in the industry. 

The Gojek clone app is a one stop solution for all things services. This single app that relies only on one download and one log in, makes sure that people can avail over 70 different kinds of multi services. That is correct! Whether your customer wishes to buy groceries or to hire a beautician to come home to give them a spa, the Gojek clone app has it all. 

In the modern times, it is also referred to as the Swiss knife of apps. Just as a little compact Swiss knife has all sorts of tools neatly tucked away in it, the Gojek clone app too is a compact on demand mobile app based solution that is capable of catering to all kinds of major services. 


Firstly, Any forum or platform that discusses the Gojek clone app talks about how many services it is capable of handling. But honestly, if you really come to think of it, you will find that the Gojek clone app has so many different services within itself that it can become extremely confusing. It might leave users wondering what these 70 services are and whether these services include the one that they are looking for or not. 

Honestly, no one is going to sit and sift through a list of so many services only to find at the end that it doesn’t have what they need right? This is where the classification or diversification within the app comes. 

Basically, to make sure that the users are not confused and they can find whatever they need easily, all these services are divided in 4 major categories:


This section deals with ride hailing, taxi booking services. This part of the app works exactly like the uber clone app. the flow too is similar, so that once the user enters this section, they can intuitively navigate in order to book their taxis. 


This section has three further sub sections. They are:

  1. Parcel Delivery: This part allows users to send and receive parcels. The size and dimension of the parcel can be anything, because the user gets to choose what type of a vehicle they would like to make the delivery using. Hence, the user can also choose to select the single delivery option. This means that a parcel is picked up from one location and delivered to another. Or they can opt for the on demand multi service delivery app where in there are multiple parcels which are picked from one location but delivered to multiple destinations. 
  2. Store Type Delivery: This section allows users to buy items directly from the app and then get them delivered to their doorstep. The various services are:
  • food delivery on demand
  • grocery delivery on demand
  • pharmacy delivery on demand
  • bottled water delivery on demand
  • alcohol delivery on demand
  • bakery goods delivery on demand
  • flower delivery on demand
  • medicinal marijuana delivery on demand
  • And more
  1. Delivery Genie: This section allows users to make sure that they can hire a professional delivery runner to handle all their chores. This includes picking up the laundry, collecting their lunch and so on and so forth. 


This section basically allows service providers to offer their services using this digital platform at a price point of their convenience. This section will include a list of all the services for which on demand professionals can be hired. These services include:

  1. doctor on demand
  2. beautician on demand
  3. electrician on demand
  4. plumber on demand
  5. dog walker on demand
  6. baby sitter on demand
  7. tow trucks on demand
  8. car wash on demand
  9. nurse on demand
  10. maids on demand
  11. house keeper on demand
  12. nanny on demand
  13. window washers on demand
  14. tutor on demand
  15. And many more

The Gojek clone app allows entrepreneurs to be able to earn quickly and easily. They can set up the amount of commission they wish to earn from each of these services individually from the admin panel. 

In Conclusion

If you are an investor or an entrepreneur looking to create an on demand solution for your local people and help service providers earn more while making a lot of profits yourself, then this is the right investment for you. Don’t waste time and purchase your on demand Gojek clone multi service super app today!