Why Gojek Clone App is ruling the On-Demand Industry

The Revolutionizing Commercial Traits and Behavior of people have made traditional service systems turn the most ‘Next-Gen’ in just a couple of years. On Demand Industry are now been utilized by every customer, whether Tech-Savvy or just the mere Elderly Adopters. This is the reason why many Business Owners and Entrepreneurs are turning to Gojek Clone App to offer their Products or Services to an enormous audience. These are day-to-day services or a few occasional ones like: 

  • Taxi ride
  • Car wash 
  • Moto ride
  • Car rental 
  • Pharmacy delivery 
  • Delivery runner 
  • Massage
  • Doctor 

These are among the 70+ On-Demand Services that this spectacular Gojek App Clone offers. 

Consumer behavior is changing and so is their need to purchase to experience things at their fingertips. They get intrigued by fast, simple, and efficient services right from their Smartphones. 

What’s more that grabs their attention and interest to use On Demand Multi Service App? The Extraordinary Features that not all Apps offer on a single platform. Talking about the features, let’s lean through some that have made Gojek Clone Apps the ruler of the On-Demand Industry. 

Latest Features to Underpin App like Gojek On-Demand Services

Quick Service Search 

Say no more to scrolling through the App to look for the Service/Service Provider you need. This Quick Service Search Feature allows you to quickly find what you need just by entering relevant keywords or terms. Not only it saves you time, but also enables you to reduce the waiting period to get things done. 

gojek clone app

For example, you need a Plumber to fix your leaking taps, well, simply type Plumber in your Gojek like App search icon and that exact same Service Provider pops up. Then, book them for same-day service. 

OTP service to begin the service 

OTP (One Time Password) adds in the extra layer of Security for users before the service begins. It keeps the services transparent while alerting the consumers about the commencement. This feature is implemented in numerous On-Demand Industry Services like Food delivery, Taxi ride, Handyman services like Carpenters, Plumbers, Electricians, Beautician On-Demand, Masseuse, Parcel delivery, and many more. 

Live Tracking Status Of Services 

The In-Application Push Notification Feature allows the users to see a graphical view of the Driver, when the Trip started, Delivery on the way, completion of Delivery, and so on. The live Trip Tracking Feature is useful for several services like Taxi, Parcel delivery, Food delivery, Store Orders, Delivery Genie, Delivery Runner, and so on. 

Advanced Rating/Feedback Follow Up 

Customer safety is important for any On-Demand Multi Services App Owner. Thus, to ensure that everything works as per the rules, regulations, and guidelines of the World Health Organization, the Admin will take a look at all the Safety Measure feedback that the User gives after successful Delivery. This advanced feature not only came in handy while the world was still suffering from the virus but even after it. 

If you are looking for a Customized White-Labeled Gojek Clone App development company, then ensure that their Service Provider App has options you require like: 

  • Taxi Booking App development
  • Deliver All services to purchase from the store and deliver it to the customer’s doorstep 
  • Parcel or Courier delivery to send anything from one location to another. 
  • One that offers On-Demand services like Car Wash, Tow Truck, Plumber, Electrician, etc. 
  • Delivery Genie or Delivery Runner who make your life easier. 

The White-Labeling Company that you choose must have Industry experience of 5-8 years of launching such Apps on a regular, daily basis and offers Demo-Apps for free.

After all, demands keep changing, and should your Service-Providing Platform. Besides adding tons of services with useless features, it is best to add a few services loaded with Premium And Advanced Features that are hard to find under one roof. 


The On-Demand industry will undergo significant changes because of flourishing On-Demand Business, more advanced “Customer Demand”, etc. 

So, do you wish to be an above-standing ruler of the On-Demand industry? With us, you can launch your very own App like Gojek well within a week’s time. Well, there is no one better than us to provide you with a Mature, Market-Tested, and Fully Optimized Gojek Clone App.

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