The Functionality of the Gojek Clone App? Step By Step Work Flow Explained

The Gojek clone apps is one of the best on demand multi service apps in the market. If you have been looking for a solution that can truly escalate your own existing on demand multi service business then the Gojek clone app is the perfect direction for you. 

With this app the entire industry has been revolutionised. The app owners can indulge in the profitability of over 70 different services through a single app. Wondering how this works? Let us get right down to it.


The Gojek clone app is a wonderful on demand multi service app that has access to over 70 different services. It works on the revenue sharing model. The Gojek clone app allows all service providers to work as independent on demand entrepreneurs. 

This means that they can use the potential of the digital platform to reach out to large target audiences. It is a faster, swifter and much smoother tool to grow your revenue and become profitable. Since this is a large opportunity for service providers more and more of them register into the Gojek clone app. As the number of service providers grow in the app, the number of users that download the app and start using the app continues to grow. Obviously, as the number of users grow and the more they start using the app for hiring service providers, you will only grow your revenue. 

Each time someone uses the app to hire a taxi, or take food from a restaurant, purchase groceries, or hire a plumber, electrician, doctor or beautician, you automatically end up making money. This app is so popular because the app owner actually doesn’t have to do anything at all and yet continues to earn money. 


The Gojek clone app has a very simple flow to ensure that the maximum number of users can find it absolutely easy to use the app. Let us check out the app to understand its flow better. 

  1. The users and service providers first downloads the app and register into it. They can download it easily from the Google Play Store and the iOS app store. The process of registration too is very simple. People can register into the app by simply using their own Gmail ID or social media handles. Alternatively, people can also fill out a short form in order to register into the app. 
  2. Once the user enters the app, they can get on the primary landing page. On this page, the users can see all the different services which they can select.
  3. selecting the service, you will then be able to go to another landing page. On this service particular landing page, you can select the particular categories within the service itself. 
  4. Then, the next step is for the users to see a list of all the service providers and then hire the one that they feel is best for the service that they need. 
  5. The next step is for the users to generate a request for the service provider. Once this happens. The service provider will be sent a notification for the service. Then, the service provider can accept or reject the request. 
  6. In case the service provider rejects the request, the user is notified of the same so that they can send another request to another service provider. 
  7. If accepted, the service provider gets notified of the location where the service needs to be delivered and other details pertaining to it. The service provider can then reach the location and deliver the services. 
  8. After this, the app automatically facilitates payments using it’s in app wallets. The app also allows users to choose to pay using cash. 
  9. The user and the service providers can rate each other based on their experience. 


The Gojek Clone app is one of the best on demand multi service platforms available in the market. It has gained so much popularity because of multiple reasons. This is an app that has answered multiple problems that the industry has been facing over ages. 

If you have always wanted to look for a simple solution that can facilitate the growth of your on demand business then this is the right path for you. However, before you purchase the Gojek clone app you must ensure that you test the app thoroughly before you actually invest in it. 

Ensure that you download the app on the Android as well as iOS devices. This will allow you to experience the Gojek clone app in its magnanimity. This could be your chance to make sure that you reach the top of the industry. So don’t waste your time and just go for it!