How to Choose the Best Gojek Clone from the right Mobile app development company?

The overwhelming popularity of single apps that offer multiple services has made it impossible to ignore them. With more and more people migrating towards a ‘one-click service’ model. It is only fair to assume that entrepreneurs at a global level are looking to start their own multi service app-base business with the help of an app similar to Gojek which is also popularly refer to as the Gojek Clone. But since it has turned into something so popular, it is important to understand that many mobile app developers have started building their own cloned versions of the Gojek Clone App. Instead of giving interested entrepreneurs great choices, this adds to their confusion.

Over the last few years we’ve been repeatedly bombard by the question: ‘How to look for the right Gojek Clone App built by a reliable company?’ Since we’ve been in the industry for just under a decade, we have amassed a lot of information on this topic. We put our research and business analysis team to put together a few pointers for interested entrepreneurs. Feel free to use this as a guideline in your journey to look for the best mobile On-demand App Development Company for your own Gojek Clone.

Gojek Clone

Understanding the Gojek Clone

Before you start your hunt, let us take a few moments to understand what the Gojek Clone is. Essentially, Gojek Clone is an app that is model after the primary or original Gojek app. The idea, the business model and the flow is similar for the most part. Except for a few enhancements made for the benefit of the people bearing in mind the region where the entrepreneurs wish to launch these apps.

But cloning an app is not just copy and paste. In order to clone an app, one has to first break down the code of the primary app and then restructures it by undertaking the process of coding all over again. This gives the developer ample room to make any kind of enhancement or custom change that they deem necessary.

Therefore, while you are looking at a cloned app, the process pretty much entails writing the entire code and structuring the app all over again from scratch. While many people with limited technical knowledge might assume that doing so is a simple and quick process, it couldn’t be far from reality. Building a practical, usable, functional and operational app clone can take up to 2 years for a team of 15 to 16 qualified developers, not to mention the costs involved which include rent for the development center, salaries for the resources, technology stack and so on and so forth.

Picking the right app

The right app can only be source from the right company. Now, when we say right company, we don’t want to imply that there are only one or two companies that are right or good at what they do and the rest are shammers and failures (while that may also be true to a large extent), what we mean is that each company has its own unique set of requirements. Therefore, instead of harping only upon the reputation of the company, you must focus on what are the exact requirements of your brand and whether or not the app in question justifies them.  Let us look for a quick few points, however, that may prove to be crucial in your search for the right company.

1. Mode of Communication

When doing their research, our team stumbled upon a number of companies that tried to assert their quality by showcasing how many technical collaborative tools they used, such as Trello and Slack. It is funny, really, to try to estimate whether a company’s app is good or bad by the quality of software they use to collaborate. It is almost like saying, ‘look whatever we say is true, because we use Whatsapp and it is so popular’. There is no credit to using a great piece of software unless you’ve built it yourself.

Look for a company that doesn’t stress too much with collaborative tools, but emphasizes on direct communication that is clear and concise. Emails work wonders on such projects, because they are easy to sift through, quick to be located and very good or documentation. If a company insists communication through emails, you are sort.

2. Project Management

For the most part, the companies that you will come across will be offshore companies. While their skill set will be top notch, their communication skills might not be up to scratch. Therefore, it is important to have a single point of contact through out the process of customization and white labeling.

This will ascertain that whatever you communicate is being followed in letter and spirit. It will also vastly reduce any miscommunication or ambiguity in understanding. The gap between expectation and reality will definitely reduce.

3. Free Demo Trial

In case the company doesn’t voluntarily offer it, you must insist on taking a demo trial of the app before you make the purchase. This will ensure that you know what you are paying for. Request your white label on demand mobile app Development Company to set you up with a trial account so that you can the app on as many devices as you like for an indefinite amount of time. Try it till you are satisfied and only then venture forth for the purchase.


Finding the right Gojek clone doesn’t have to be too difficult. However, unless you are sure of what you want, nothing will fit in properly in the end. It is not just the market that you must research, but also understand what the app is all about and how to find the right one so that you can truly be the master of your own on demand multi service mobile app known as the Gojek Clone.