Key Features of Developing Successful On Demand Application 2020

Even though there is tremendous popularity of on demand apps in 2020, there seems to be a lot of confusion with respect to what is the right set of absolutely essential features that an on demand app must have in the year 2020. There is no doubt about the fact this year has crippled the global economy owing to the novel corona virus CoVid-19 pandemic lockdown. Everyone has been so scared of their own safety that perhaps, going to the work place has not been their primary concern. 

It can be said that the by product of such a pandemic is a heavy reliance on technology. While we are already majorly dependent on our smart phones and the ‘Internet of things’ phenomenon, this time has reinforced our need of it. 

This is probably why more and more on demand apps are surfacing every day. Before we get into the features that are absolutely non negotiable while setting up a good business in the on demand sector, let us attempt to understand the depth of the words ‘on demand’ and their role in the businesses today. 


What are ‘on demand app’ services?

‘On Demand’ is essentially a phenomenon of acquiring services when they are needed rather than making provisions for them before hand. For example, if you need an electrician because you burned the transponder at home. Then instead of having one on a retainer and paying him or her a monthly fee regardless of whether you need their service or not. You simply call them when needed. 

Now, not everyone knows an electrician. There may be neighborhoods where it is very difficult to find one as well. This is where the app based on demand services come into picture. The on demand apps allow the users to simply log in to the app and select the type of service needed. The app does all the looking around. And presents the user with a list of all the reliable electricians that offer services where you live. 

Apart from the list of the service providers (electricians in this case, but it extends to any kind of service). The app will also show the charges that they wish to levy for that particular service and the kind of star rating that these service providers have earned from their previous customers. 

Now the user may select a service provider of their choice and hire him or her. The electrician (service provider) gets the job, reaches the required location and renders his or her services. The app automatically makes the payment from the user’s end. Now, the user as well as the service provider can both award each other a star rating based on their experience. 

Why are on demand services needed?

Now, if you read the previous section of the blog, you probably already know what I’m about to say. It is damn convenient. Having an app that not only helps you locate a service provider. But gives you full disclosure on the charges that you can expect. The experience of other customers with that particular service provider. And the kind of time it would take for them to reach your place is everything that a modern human can hope for. 

We all live scary busy lives. We don’t have the time to stare into oblivion, hoping to find the right guy for the job one day. We need what we need when we need it. There can not be a solution better than having an on demand application to get us the kind of service provider. That we need when we need him or her. 

The most important features

Now that we’ve gotten all the explanation bit out of the way. Let us delve into the most important features that are a must have for on demand apps in 2020. 

Easy to find

The level of competition in today’s market is insane. If you want your app based business to be successful, you have to ensure that your app is easily discoverable. You don’t want to give it a complicated logo or name which confuses to user or the service provider. Keep it clear and simple and more and more people will find it and download it. 

Don’t make it too heavy

We all love a little bling and if this is your first business mobile app. Chances are that you will want to go all out on it on the design front. Please exercise restraint. You don’t want a very flashy app that takes too much space on the user’s phone just because it is too heavy. Make a seamless, lightweight app that is fast to download and doesn’t trouble the user’s phone memory.

Easy Log in

Don’t you hate it when you have to fill in endless forms with very suspicious questions just to register into an app? Well, that happens to your users as well. So, please, for the love of god, allow your users to log in using Facebook or Gmail. Only if your user chooses to, should he or she have to fill out registration forms. Which also, by the way, should be compact and concise. I sound rude right now, but trust me, you’ll thank me later. 

GPS Live Tracking

This is one of the most important features when it comes to on demand apps. People want to know where their service provider is. Enabling a live GPS tracking makes it very easy for the user to get and estimated time of arrival and thereby stay relieved. 


This is the time for On Demand apps. The year 2020 has been a lot of things and very heavily dependent on technology is one of those things. The market is ripe for the taking if you can manage to find a great app loaded with the right kind of features. Hope this information helps you and gets you on your way to success. All the best!