Expand your grocery delivery business with the Instacart clone app

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is the fact that people rely heavily on their smart phones for their needs. Whether it is buying food online or groceries. We need on demand grocery delivery services based on apps like the Instacart more than we realize. The pandemic taught us that we can experience a sense of normalcy even during such difficult times. If we have the right kind of app in our smart phones to help us get through. This is why; more and more interested and intelligent entrepreneurs all over the world have started scouting the internet to actively look for on demand grocery delivery apps such as the Instacart Clone to launch as their own business. 

In today’s world, owing to the tremendous popularity of such apps many mobile app development companies have cropped up. And started building their own versions of the on demand grocery delivery apps. However, not all of them will be very suitable for business. 

grocery delivery clone

Please understand that popularity of any kind of a business is an epidemic in itself. The word ‘trending’ has started distorting the way people look at the world. This is why, half baked developers who have just learnt coding (and whose primary occupation and interests seem to be something completely different too) have started building on demand mobile apps (as complicated as the grocery delivery ones) to make sure that they can earn a quick buck while the ‘trending’ river is flowing. 

This, however unfortunately, means there is no certainty of quality and reliability for the people who are actually interested in basing their entire business on the application. Therefore, one has to be very careful while looking for the right team to put together an app that can actually be of practical business use. 

What is suggestion in that respect?

Well, for starters, don’t rely on freelancers. We have nothing against talented freelancing developers but the issue with an on demand mobile application for grocery delivery is that it is huge. There are too many components involved within it and that makes is virtually impossible for a single developer to build, code, manage, handle and launch. 

See, you must understand that an on demand grocery delivery app is not just a single application. There is a bunch of apps involved within this that make the system workable. 

  1. User app for Android devices
  2. User app for iOS devices
  3. Service provider (delivery driver) app for Android devices
  4. Service Provider (delivery driver) app for iOS devices
  5. Grocery Store web app
  6. Website for the app brand (for information regarding the company and for online booking)
  7. Admin panel of the app (for the app owner)

Now when there are so many parts involved, there has to be a team employed that has its expertise in all these fields and can therefore build the final system. In our experience, building a seamless on demand service app for grocery delivery will require the following resources:

  1. Android developer
  2. iOS developer
  3. PHP developer
  4. Content writer
  5. App Designer
  6. Web Designer
  7. Systems Analyst
  8. Data Base Analyst
  9. Quality assessment team
  10. Project Manager

Make sure that whoever you hire to build your app has these resources. Another popular alternative is to simply opt for an on demand grocery delivery app built by a reliable and reputed white label on demand mobile app Development Company with at least 8 years of experience in building and launching on demand apps. 

Expanding your business to multiple locations

If you aspire to grow your business and not let national borders restrict the spread of your brand’s popularity, make sure that the app you buy has the local languages and the local currencies of all the places that you wish to launch the app in included within the app. 

Please note that English may not be the first language of all the places where you may want to launch your app, not will dollars be the standard currency. This is why, you must make sure that you get your white label on demand mobile app development company to integrate the local languages and local currencies of your choice integrated within the app right from the beginning. 

When your user opens the app, he or she will be able to select their language and currency preference and start using the app. This will ensure that even if a tourist from another place is using your app to order groceries locally, they can use the English option, while the locals can use their own language. 

While this may seem like a very small detail for an app, rest assured that integration of local languages and local currencies will impact the popularity of your brand which will ultimately result in increased sales. 


Growing any kind of business is not easy. So, if you thought that making one tiny amendment is going to change that all, well, think again. While this change might not skyrocket your business to the next level, it will certainly be of great assistance on its journey upwards. Make sure that look this option while creating your own on demand grocery delivery business with the Instacart clone app.