Do Not Miss these 3 things in your App like Uber for the Disabled

We have come a long way from the yesteryears when just about every kind of atrocity that humans were capable of, they were doing. Today, the world that we live in is all about equal rights and equal access. In tune with that, many people are beginning with their own start ups by building their own app like Uber for disabled. This app has custom features that enable disabled people to enjoy calling a cab and riding it with utmost ease and the least amount of effort. In today’s read, we will try to identify and establish the 3 factors that you must not miss when you create your own app like Uber for disabled to set up your business. We will further look into the benefits of having such an app and the cheapest and most effective way for one to own an Uber for Disabled kind of app. 

The 3 must have advanced features in your App like Uber for the disabled:

Select Vehicle type based on Modification

When we say disabled, we don’t only mean a particular kind of disability. There are many handicaps that any individual can be riddle with. The purpose of the app is to ensure that people with any kind of problem can hire a cab and travel with ease. With the whole idea of equal access in mind. Your app should be able to provide multiple options from which your customers can choose. For example it is possible that some customers are vision impair, some hearing impair. Some may have difficulty walking and so on and so forth. 

For the comfort and convenience of each of these kinds of customers. You have to make sure that the app showcases all the vehicles with the necessary kind of modifications within the area of the call. If a particular customer has trouble walking and relies on a wheelchair. He or she should be able to pick up the app and select one with a specific modification that has a ramp in the car so that the wheelchair can be lifted in without anyone else’s assistance. Similarly, for people who are hearing impair. They should be able to call a cab that has a taxi driver who is aware of the situation and can use the app for any kind of communication with the customer.

These may seem like very minute modifications within the app. But will make a world of difference when it comes to the lives of your customers. If you truly wish to find success in your Uber for disabled like app based business, do not miss this feature. 

Geo Fencing

This is another extremely important aspect of an on demand app specifically for the disabled because there are many dangers out there that no one can be prepared for. Every state, every city has areas that may be known for its nefarious elements or disturb environment. The app should have a geo fencing facility. Which will allow the app owner (you) to mark such areas as ‘out of bounds’ for your app’s service. This means that anyone from that area will not be able to request a ride on your app, nor will be able to put it as a drop destination. 

This is an important feature because in case people are pooling rides and there are people with disability on the rides. Nefarious elements or people with ill intentions can cause them harm and they would be rendered helpless. For example, if there is a visually impaired customer riding the cab and the taxi driver picks up another booking from a known criminal area. The other passenger who has malicious intents may rob the visually impaired customer without him or her even realizing that this has happened until it is too late. 


This feature is perhaps a requisite not only in an Uber for disabled app, but in any kind of on demand service application. This will essentially be a feature present in the form of a button on the app. In case the customer or even the service provider feels unsafe at any point and suspects any kind of foul play. They may click on this button and notify the emergency contacts of their exact location. The information may even be relay to the nearest police station apart from the app owner who can track the movement of the taxi though the admin panel.

This feature will definitely make your customers feel safe and secure and even your service providers (taxi drivers) in this case. There is no guarantee of people in these times. So it is best to stay alert and to stay safe always. 


The world of on demand taxi application has evolved into a whole organism today. What Uber started as an exclusive high end premium service has today become something that each and everyone can use to hire taxis whenever they want it. Disabled people have equal rights to have access to such services. And therefore it is important to start off a business by building an app like Uber for the disabled.

However, when you do so, make sure that you have all the above mentioned advanced features included in the app. If you choose to buy your app from a reliable white label on demand mobile app development company with expertise in Uber like apps and an experience of at least 6 to 8 years, you will most certainly succeed! Hope these pointers can help you with your entrepreneurial journey and you can start off your own successful on demand taxi hailing company with an app like Uber for the disabled.