Why Is Gojek Clone KINGX PRO 2023 the New Fuzzword in 2023?

On-demand multi-service apps like Gojek Clone KINGX PRO 2023 make it easy for people to get their chores done despite a busy schedule. The platform is designed and developed with the main purpose of providing a one-click service booking facility to the users.

Moreover, for entrepreneurs, this app is a treasure trove of money. By launching this multi-service app, entrepreneurs can earn money from every service booked on the app.

Let’s learn more about this application. Starting, you must look at what this app offers to every customer.

Book 101+ Services from One Super App Gojek Clone

The single app offers multiple services to customers. Thus, by downloading and installing a single application, your users can book 101+ services.

Your users can use this app to book taxi rides, order food, get professional services at home, send parcels, book online video consultations, bid for service, and more.

Well, your Gojek Clone KINGX PRO 2023 also offers the following services:

Buy, sell & rent properties through Gojek Clone App

Buying, selling, and renting properties have become easy with this app. Using the application, users can post details of their residential apartments, industrial sheds, showrooms, etc., that they want to sell or rent out.

Buy, sell & rent cars using app like gojek clone

Buying, selling, and renting cars is another important component of this app.

The application allows interested buyers and renters to contact the car seller and take the deal further.

Buy, sell, & rent general items through gojek clone script

Along with properties and cars, users can also buy, sell, or rent general items.

The list of items that can be posted on the app includes furniture, heavy machinery, electronics, lawn & garden tools, etc.

On-demand medical services

This on-demand service enables users to book an ambulance, video consult with the doctor, and order medicines online.

Additionally, users can book an appointment at their location or the doctor’s location as well. 


This Gojek Clone KINGX PRO 2023 service allows users to post details like the time and route of the trip along with the number of available seats in the car.

Other users who are interested in sharing the ride can use the app to find a ride and book seats online. The user (driver) charges the passengers some amount of money for booking a seat in their car.

Track family members and employees

Well, this is an extraordinary app in all terms. Here, users can register, link the tracking app with the user app, and start tracking the person in real time.

The user will be able to see the location of the person on the map. In short, users can use the service to make sure that their close ones are traveling safely.

Moreover, users can also track the live location of their employees working in the field.

Explore nearby businesses

Gojek Clone KINGX PRO 2023 allows users to find and explore businesses near them, such as cafes, gyms, bars, libraries, salons, etc.

Besides, they can also call the business, view ongoing discounts & offers, book a taxi to the location, see its location on the map, or order something online as well.

Another reason why this application is creating buzz around the world is because of its ultra-modern features. Each and every feature integrated into this app is meant to provide the utmost convenience to customers and an enhanced user experience.

Look at some of the most trending features that come pre-integrated into the system:

  • Live location tracking
  • In-app calling/messaging
  • Multiple credit card management
  • Login with Face ID and Fingerprint
  • Mark service provider/store as favorite
  • Post a listing of property, cars, and general items on
  • Send gift certificates

In Conclusion:

Gojek Clone Super App is an interactive and user-friendly app that lets your users book 101+ services in just one click.

This application is meant for entrepreneurs who want to provide ease of service booking to users in their region, and in return, make tremendous profits.

Also, did you know that you can launch this life-enhancing mobile app in just one to two weeks? Well, why waste time? Get in touch with a white-labeling firm and get your demo app for FREE!