Build Your Own Gojek-like Business with KINGX PRO 2023

kingx pro 2023

Building your own app means you need to spend all your time and money on designing and coding it. This happens when you think about building the app from scratch. With a pre-built app, you can easily start the business in one week, without splurging a fortune on it. KINGX PRO 2023 helps entrepreneurs to establish their businesses quickly. 

If you are planning to launch the app for your business, start by trying the demo app. Once you try the demo app, you will be able to figure out if the app is best for your business or not. 

When you get your hands on the right solution, go ahead and ask the Project Manager to integrate Gojek Clone’s key service components into your app. 

Make Millions with These 9 Components of KingX Pro 2023

You can start making money from day one of launching the app. How? Well, as the app owner, you will earn commissions from all the booked services. 

Here are some of the key services that your users can book through the advanced KINGX PRO 2023. 

Online taxi booking 

Booking a taxi online is no more hectic! No one needs a desktop to book a taxi now. 

Anyone can download the app and book Uber-like taxi services including rentals and taxi pool. Under this service, users can easily schedule their rides at a later date 7 times. 

Moreover, they can track their ride in real-time and share the details with their close ones. Also, the users can use the SOS button on the app if they feel stuck in a life-threatening situation. 

On-demand services 

Users can book on-demand services like car washing, haircuts, babysitting, etc. on this app. 

They can choose the service provider they prefer the most and hire them by clicking on the “BOOK NOW” button on the KINGX PRO 2023. 

The user can compare the profiles of multiple service providers near them and hire one that suits their requirements and budget. 

Service bidding 

Here, the user can post the details of handyman tasks that they want to get done. Now, every handyman from the selected category gets the service request immediately. Interested providers can start bidding for the service in real time. 

It is now up to the user to compare the profiles and negotiate with the handyman. 

Simply put, everything from bidding to negotiations, everything happens online and in real-time. 

Online video consultation 

Using the app, your users can also start online video consultations with tutors, yoga instructors, lawyers, astrologers, etc. 

One can book the consultation and after confirmation from the service provider, they can start in-app calling & messaging with the user. 

On-demand deliveries 

The KINGX PRO 2023 super app allows users to get on-demand deliveries from stores and restaurants. 

Your users can order food, groceries, water bottles, flowers, and much more with this single application. 

They can track the delivery via the app, pay for the items online, and also provide their ratings & reviews. 

Parcel delivery 

Your users can now send parcels like furniture, documents, cement bags, and many other items to local addresses. 

The user only needs to specify which type of parcel they want to send and select a cargo vehicle. A professional driver will arrive at the user’s doorstep in no time. 

Well, it is only after the OTP verification will they deliver the parcel to the recipient’s address. 

On-demand medical services 

This is one of the most important services of the KINGX PRO 2023 super app. Here, the user can ask for doorstep medical assistance. 

How? Well, under this service, customers can book an ambulance, order medicines online, and book an appointment with the doctor. Additionally, customers schedule online video consultations with doctors as well. 

Track family members & employees 

Users can track family members and employees in real-time. This is one of the most interesting services of this on-demand app. 

Here, the users only need to create their profile and link their user app with the tracking app (installed on other users’ phones whom they want to track). 

Once the profiles are set up, the users can start tracking them in real time. 

Moreover, employers can use this service to track their employees and ensure that they are working productively on the field. 


In 2023, your users need a one-stop shop for everything. And, the KINGX PRO 2023 app is perfectly what you are looking for. 

Apart from other on-demand services, the app also allows users to offer ridesharing services to other users. 

Any user who is traveling from one location to another can post the details of their route. They can then offer others who want to travel to the same location or route to book a seat in their vehicle. 

Thus, while posting the ride, the user must include pricing per seat, the number of available seats, and any extra instructions they want to give. 

Well, these aren’t the only services that you can find on the app. With a single app download and sign-up, users can hire a delivery genie or runner, and buy & sell real estate, cars, and general items. 

Additionally, a user can find nearby businesses like cafes, salons, gyms, etc., right from this app. 

In Conclusion: 

The KINGX PRO 2023 app is an ultra-modern business solution where entrepreneurs don’t have to build anything from scratch! 

Everything is ready-made and ready to launch. It takes only a couple of days for the experts to white-label the app. 

Thus, in just one to two weeks, you can easily launch the app in the stores and start earning money on every service booking!