Gojek Clone 2023 Offers You The Best On-demand Services

kingx pro new gojek clone components

What if we say that you can offer 101+ on-demand services with a single app launch? Gojek Clone 2023 is that miracle that is about to change the lives of millions. From taxi booking, ordering food & grocery, sending parcels, hiring plumbers, etc. to online video consultation and service bidding, this app has become the best all-in-one app. 

Moreover, the app now offers 7 new components on Gojek Clone 2023. Let’s see what these components are and how they will make your app the best! 

Latest Components of Gojek-like App 

Here are the latest components of the Gojek-like app that you will love! Have a look. 

Buy and sell real estate 

Buying and selling real estate online has become common these days. 

With apps and platforms that offer this service, house hunting has become easy! Moreover, sellers also get genuine leads easily by posting their properties on the app. 

And, to make this process even easier, Gojek Clone 2023 enables users wanting to sell their commercial or residential property to list it on the app. 

To complete the posting, the user can upload photos of the property on the listing, a small description, the selling price, etc. Interested buyers can then connect with the seller via in-app calling or messaging! 

Buy, sell, and rent general items 

The app also facilitates users to buy, sell, and rent general items. These items can range from furniture, home appliances, electronics, handicrafts, etc. 

The user can click on ‘New Listing’ on the app and fill in all the details including uploading photos of the item. Then, they can add the selling or renting price they want. 

Now, they can easily connect with genuine leads via in-app communication features like calling or texting. 

Buy, sell, and rent cars 

Anyone who wants to buy or rent pre-owned cars can go to Gojek Clone 2023 and search for a relevant vehicle. 

Using this service, sellers can post details of the car along with its price. 

Now, in case they want to sell the car as a priority, the user can purchase the plan. Through this plan, the user’s post will be displayed on top of the search results. 

In short, before any other post, anyone searching for a pre-owned car will see the featured post and may choose to buy or rent it!  


Often people travel alone in their vehicle from one city to another. These solo journeys can be expensive. 

Thus, via the carpooling or ride-share service component, the user can share the ride details on the Gojek Clone 2023. 

By posting the ride on the app, the user is offering a carpool service to other passengers who want to travel from the same departure city to the destination. The user can set the price per seat while posting on the application. 

Thus, offering ride-share services for a price can help the user minimize the journey cost! 

Nearby Businesses 

This excellently crafted application allows users to search nearby businesses like restaurants,  stores, or event places. 

The users can easily type in the name of the place and get the following details on its profile: 

  • A small description 
  • Option to call the business 
  • Book a taxi ride to its location 
  • Order food 
  • View offers and discounts 
  • See its location on the map

Track family members & employees

Your users can now track their family members and employees in real time. This will help users to ensure that they have safely reached their destination and are on time.

To start the tracking service, the user needs to link the KINGX PRO 2023 app and its tracking app. Once the apps are linked, the user can see the person’s location on the map and track it in real time.

On-demand medical services 

To give the convenience of booking on-demand medical services to your customers, this application now empowers them to do the following. 

  • Book an ambulance online 
  • Book appointments with the doctors 
  • Order medicines 
  • Book appointments with pet’s vet 
  • Order blood/plasma from nearby blood banks 

In Conclusion: 

So, isn’t the Gojek Clone 2023 app amazing? 

Well, if you launch this app, you will be able to double your revenues. YES! You will receive money as a commission from every single booking confirmed on this app. 

So, why waste the chance of becoming rich and famous with a single app launch? 

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