Key Reasons Why Gojek Clone Kingx 2022 App Is So Popular

The World’s Biggest Super App is here – Gojek Clone KINGX 2022! This Super App is loaded with all the Essential Post-Pandemic Features that ensures Overall Well-Being of both the Users and the Service Providers! Gojek Like App is Indeed a Masterpiece because it offers 70+ Value Driven Services through its Zestful Digital Platform!


Taxi Rides, Cabs and Moto Rides on Rent, Doorstep Delivery of Food, Groceries, Medicines, Stationeries, Flowers and Bottled Water. Transport and Logistics, Online Shopping with Immediate Delivery, Hire Professional Car Wash Experts and even Beauticians On Demand!

This Super App is a One-Stop Shop for all of your Customers (Users) because it can even get your Television Sets, Mobile Phones, Laptops, Sofas and even Carpets Repaired!



The User has to First Register with the App by either using One’s Social Media Handles like Facebook and Google or creating an Account by Punching in Details like:- Full Name, Mobile Number, Email Address and Referral Code! Now, the User has to activate the Smart Login Feature!

Hereafter, Android Users can Sign In using their Fingerprints while iPhone Users will need their Face IDs!


The Users have been Empowered to Book an Instant Online Video Consultation Session with Industry Experts such as:-

  • Doctors
  • Personal Academic Tutors
  • Lawyers
  • Yoga Instructors and Fitness Coaches
  • Psychiatrists, and even
  • Astrologers

Consultation Fee will get Automatically Deducted from the Users’ Pre-Saved Credit Card once the Session has Ended! There is no other Mode of Payment Entertained for this Exceptional Feature that is Saving Lives Amidst the Ongoing Pandemic!


The User can now Post Task Details of the Service Requested on

The User can now Post Task Details of the Service Requested on demand multi service app and get Bids in Real-Time from Handyman Such as the Following:-

and get Bids in Real-Time from Handyman Such as the Following:-

  • Carpenters
  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Painters
  • Home Cleaners
  • Sanitizing and Disinfecting Experts

Then the User Chooses the Best Bid based on One’s Budget and Online Ratings of the Handyman! But before that, User has to Fill Out a Form with Details Regarding the Task Requested such as:-

  • Category of Service Requested
  • Service Location/Residential Address
  • Budget 
  • Specific Details of the Task Requested, and
  • Preferred Date and Time

Now, the User has to Click on the “POST” Button! Immediately an Invitation will be sent to all the Concerned Handymen of the Users’ Locality who are Officially Registered Gojek Clone App!


The User has to wait for the Interested Service Providers to Place their Bids against the Service Requested. They’ll Bid an Offer that is Higher than the Users’ Budget because in the first place itself, they felt that the Money Offered was too low for their Skill-Set.

The User can see all the Bids under the Bidding Section of “My Bookings” Section! Now, the User will Glance through the Profiles of Each of the Interested Service Providers and then Start Negotiating! This is where Officially the Process of Service Bidding Starts!

The Handymen can also out rightly Accept or Reject the Task Request!


Is it your Childhood Dream of becoming a Successful Entrepreneur? Do you want to Feature on the Forbes World’ Billionaires List of 2022? Then immediately get in touch with a Well-Established White-Labeling Firm and Go Live with your very own Gojek Like App in Record 1-2 Weeks!