Become A Fastest Growing On-Demand Business with Gojek Clone App

Let’s stick to the basics first – What is an On-Demand All-in-One Service Gojek Clone App? These Apps act as a mediator between the Customers and the Service Providers they want to get Services from. This App is made for both platforms, iOS and Android. You can easily perceive the App’s convenience, mobility, and functionality because it can deliver your favorite food to your doorstep at 12 AM. Through the App, you can book a Beautician who will come to your home and do whatever you want – Manicure, Pedicure, Facial, or Waxing. So, from Grocery On Demand Business to Taxi Booking, and even Car Washing, it is an absolute solution to all our needs. 

Key Services that are In-Demand

  • Taxi/Moto Ride
  • Car/Moto Rentals 
  • Parcel Delivery 
  • Food Delivery 
  • Grocery Delivery 
  • Pharmacy Delivery 
  • Car Wash 
  • Beauty Services 
  • Sanitizing/Disinfecting Services

What features can you offer through the Gojek Clone? 

Offer mostly preferred Contactless Deliveries 

People are terrified because of the Coronavirus. They want to shop things online but fear that the Delivery Person might be infected. An app like Gojek lets you record and upload Voice Instructions for the Delivery Person to avoid direct contact. You can instruct the Delivery Person where to drop the parcel/package. This feature is a boon to make contactless deliveries happen.  

Advocates Social Distancing 

The Service Providers registered with the Gojek Clone App need to adhere to the Covid-19 Safety Protocols issued by the World Health Organization raising the importance of wearing a Face Mask and Maintaining Social Distancing. The Protocols include instructions to allow only two Passengers in a Mini-Car. 

The App has already incorporated the feature of Restricted Passenger Limit in the Taxi Booking App, which promotes Social Distancing. Also, the Rider has to agree to all the pointers of the Covid-19 Safety Checklist before requesting a Ride. 

Convenient Interface that can be used by all Age-Groups 

Whether your Audience includes young people, adults, or elders, the App is loaded with features that can be conveniently operated by all. Like a simple Search Function in the App can reduce the time Users used to waste scrolling through the Services/Service Providers. Entering a relevant keyword and hitting the Search button is enough to get to your desired Service. 

The Elders can simply search for a medicine name in the Search Bar, and they will come across many stores that can deliver it to their homes. For example, if someone Searches for Dextromethorphan, they’ll get a list of all the over-the-counter Stores that sell it. All they have to do is tap the ‘Place Order.’

Let’s you instantly shop anything you want

On-Demand Multi-Service App like Gojek has earned their popularity because of the quick Shopping Experience that it provides.

With a simple feature like Delivery Genie, the Customers can even get an Aesthetic and Pleasant Bouquet of Gerbera Daisies delivered to their parents, sick family members, their partner, or friends within minutes. 

The Customer has to upload a list of instructions like the name of the flower, how the Bouquet should be wrapped, specific Gerbera Daisy colors that they want, or the Flower Shop where they want to get the bouquet from directly on the App. A Delivery Genie will be assigned to them who will hop to the Store to purchase the products. After Genie reaches the store, they upload the picture of the product and wait for the customer’s approval. Only after they approve it, the Genie furthers to purchase it. Now, it will take them only a few minutes to reach the location and deliver the Order. 

Real-time Delivery tracking through the App Like Gojek midnight

A Customer needs to know where their Parcel/Package/Order is. Thus, with Real-Time Tracking Feature, you get In-App Push Notifications indicating the current status of your Order through Interactive Graphical Icons. Through these Notifications, you can get to know that your trip has started, your Parcel has been Delivered, or the Taxi Driver is X minutes away from your Pick-up Location.

Even Taxi Rides can be tracked with this feature. The Rider can share the details of the Taxi Driver, Taxi Number, and their Live Location with their family members or friends. If they are traveling on Christmas Eve, the live-tracking feature will keep the closed ones sane while the Rider is traveling in the Taxi booked through the On-Demand Multi-Service App. 

Lucrative Business Models

The two On Demand Business Models followed by App Owners are: 

Commission-Based Model 

The commission-Based Model runs on the concept of earning a small percentage of every single service rendered through the App. The Commission percentage differs with the genre of the Service offered. The App Owner gets the Exclusive Authority to decide the Commission Rate. Therefore, the App Owner can earn per Service – 12% on 24k Gold Whitening Facial Treatment, 15% on Burmese massage, or 10% on Taxi Rides.

It is just like any normal Subscription Plan. The Service Providers get the luxury to choose the Plan that fits into their pocket and satisfies their On Demand Business Demands. These plans can be Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual, and the Service Provider only has to make a One-Time-Payment. This implies that they now no longer have to pay Commission on each and every Service rendered via the On Demand App. Well, the prices vary because of the perks offered in each of them. 

The Service Provider can anytime upgrade the Plan. Since they come with an Expiry Date, the App Owner can send continuous reminders about the Plan Renewal. Upon failure to make Renewal on time, the Service Provider can no longer Accept Service Requests. 


Well, the handbook to take your On Demand Business to new heights is out. It is time you start doing some homework and find out the Best Licensed White-Labeling Firm. These Firms can help you create a Gojek Clone App

So, contact a Firm right now and give wings to your Entrepreneurial Dreams and get into the A-List of Entrepreneurs.