A Guide That Tells You How To Launch A Gojek Clone App In Your Country

“Launching a Gojek clone app will bring you prosperity.”  Well, yes! From a million dollars in profit to making your dream of owning a mansion in the heart of Los Angeles or New York, this app will make it all happen. However, to make that all come to reality, aspiring entrepreneurs like you need to first invest in purchasing the clone script, rebrand it, and finally launch it! The process is simple. The only challenging job here is to find that one perfect white-labeling firm that has a robust and slaying pre-built solution. 

In this blog, we are going to take up two particulars: 

  1. The Gojek clone app development process
  2. How to find the best white-labeling firm? (Find it in step 2)


Let’s begin! 

Study your audience 

What do your customers want? This is the most important question to ask even before you start making a business plan. Studying the demographics helps to build a solid ground on which to base your business. In this step, you need to figure out: 

  • Services customers want 
  • What does ‘customer satisfaction’ mean to them?
  • Will they use this multi-service app? 

After you’ve studied your audience and noticed their traits, move on to the next step. 

gojek clone

Find the white-labeling firm for Gojek Clone

Here, the entrepreneur needs to find a white-labeling firm with the most perfect Gojek clone script. Use this checklist to find a genuine, well-established, and totally professional firm. 

  • Industry experience: 10 years 
  • Rapport: licensed, well-established 
  • Testimonials: trust only video testimonials 
  • Clientele: global 
  • No. of apps launched: 1200+ 
  • NDA: follows strict privacy policy and NDA 
  • Ownership: transfers complete ownership by sending a lifetime licensed source code for one domain at no extra cost.  

Take the demo of the apps 

After you’ve found the white-labeling firm that is well-known on a global scale for its pre-built solutions, it is time to test drive the demo apps. Remember that, if a firm asks you to pay even a small amount to try their demo apps, they are ‘fraudsters’ who are hungry for money! 

Make sure that whatever Gojek clone demo app you’re trying, it should be FREE OF COST! 

Discuss with the Project Manager 

Once you take the demo of the application, it is time to move ahead with discussing your project needs with the Technical Project Manager of the firm. They will help you with your application, make suggestions, understand your needs, and provide a detailed list of deliverables, and cost estimation. The Manager will also mediate between you and the app development team. 

App development begins 

When you’re done with discussing and contemplating the purchase decision, then your app development process begins. The app development team will deliver the apps according to your needs, rebrand them, and upload them to the firm’s development server. From the server, you can test and review them. If the apps are exactly as you want them to be (and they will be), you can show it the GREEN SIGNAL! 

You are ready to launch a Super Gojek Clone! 

After your head up, the on demand mobile app will move to the Quality Assurance team, and then it will be submitted to Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and even Huawei App Store (if you want to). 


Are you up for a nice and healthy conversation with the white-labeling experts who’ve developed the pre-built app? If yes, today is the day you must complete that task because, to be honest, such golden opportunities don’t come again and again!  

Read this guide on developing Gojek clone app in your country and kick start your venture from this day itself!