What are the benefits of purchasing an App Like Gojek?

Entrepreneurs, if you are reading this blog, you’ve landed on the right page. If you are on the hunt for a perfect business solution, you should read this. We are talking about the most ingenious app of the decade – the Gojek clone. It is the on-demand multi-service app that offers more than 82 services right through one platform. This intelligent digital business solution has made a global impression of being the most affordable and quick-to-launch, ready-made app amongst entrepreneurs. Besides being a big-time money and time saver, this app has showcased several benefits. Want to learn what they are? Keep reading this blog! 


Help you lead the market 

This app is loaded with a million good things like services and features. Thus, making you the only app owner with such a wide variety of convenient services to offer. No matter what, the customers will come straight to your platform, book the service, and most importantly, increase your sales and profit in Cambodia.  

Make you a billionaire 

As already mentioned that this on-demand multi-services app solution is affordable, which means, it is available at only a small investment. On top of that, it appends two profit-making business models to help you generate more money in Cambodia. The entrepreneur has to choose one of the two models to integrate into the app. 

  • Commission on every service generates a steady income. The provider has to pay this certain percentage for every service rendered on the app.  
  • Meanwhile, the subscription plans have to be purchased by the provider. This purchasing amount is directly credited to the entrepreneur’s account. After which, the provider can start receiving and accepting the service requests. 

Gojek clone is the modern-age mobile app

Integrated with everything modern, this app is a legit digital platform for millennials and even adults who have adopted a new lifestyle post-pandemic. Why is it called the ‘modern-age app’? The primary reason is its advanced technology-enabled features. Here’s the list of a few features that your customers will make use of. 

  • Internal app wallet integration 
  • In-app push notifications 
  • Real-time location tracking 
  • Book a taxi ride with handicap accessibility or a child seat
  • Contactless home delivery 
  • SOS button 
  • Manual service booking via call 

The Gojek Clone added Two service categories – means more profit-earning!

While we are at it, discussing the on-demand multi-service platform, how can we forget to talk about the Gojek clone KINGX 2022! It is the one super app with added features and services. Two of the famous service categories are:  

Online video consultation

In this service category, the user gets the option to video consult with professionals like doctors, advocates, tutors, fitness coaches, and even astrologers. This feature has completely discarded the traditional visit-the-professional for consultation method. Users can simply place a video call with the professional they want to and pay their consultation fee online via the linked credit card. The only condition to remember is that the payment can only be made via credit card! 

Service bidding with handyman

This feature facilitates service charge negotiation with the handyman in real-time. The entire process happens on the on-demand multi-service app only, making it easy for the users to select and book a local handyman who is ready to complete the job under the budget! 

The Gojek clone KINGX 2022 app has also integrated a number of features like multiple credit card management, login via Face ID and Fingerprint Scanning, and so on. 


Want to be the famous entrepreneur who owns an on-demand app with 82+ services on its platform? Well, now you can by launching Gojek clone app

From humongous profit-making to leading the Forbes 500 list, this all-in-one super app can make all your dreams come true!