Gojek Clone App – There Is No Better Time Than Now To Launch Your Multi-service Business

We know the present economic situation. There are job losses, recession, poor performing businesses out of which some of them are permanently shut. It is quite obvious to have hesitation to start a new business amidst COVID19. However, you can create a successful brand regardless of the pandemic by launching Gojek Clone App.

What Is Gojek Clone App?

Developing a separate app for every service will be costly. How about getting all the on-demand services under one app? Gojek Clone App can do that and much more.

This super app is an on-demand multi-service app that covers various services like

Taxi booking services, on-demand delivery as well as on-demand services for the users to hassle-free book their requirements on the go. The services are affordable and offered on the same day. The app comes with a variety of features and advanced-level features that streamlines and automate your entire business operations. Thus, reducing your administrative and operational costs.

Gojek Clone App is a readily available, white-label solution thus, allows the entrepreneurs to customize it as per their business demands. Available on both OS platforms, Android and IOS, the Gojek Clone App is built on the latest technology offering 100% customization, scalability. Hence, you can launch your business in only 5 days.

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How Launching Gojek Clone App Can Be Beneficial?

Presently, there are two major limitations for the entrepreneurs to introduce Gojek Clone App during this outbreak – Establishing their business ensuring that everything is streamlined and safe.

Thus, to generate multiple sources of income from the Gojek Clone App integrate the following approaches:

Implement COVID19 Safety Features of Gojek clone

Yes, if you want to stand out from the rest of the Gojek like the app you need to think differently and offer different. Integrating COVID19 safety measure features can take your app to the next level.

The feature will comprise Face mask verification, safety checklist, safety reviews and ratings, contactless deliveries, pickup/take away, online payments, etc can provide you with an edge over competitors.

Not only it increases the app downloads but, builds you a loyal customer base. Thus, ensuring that your app services are safe to use.

On-boarding local suppliers/vendors and service providers

This pandemic season has affected local brands. These local vendors/suppliers and service providers need economical support. Thus, helping them to come on board and list it with your Gojek Clone App can improve their economic condition. Also, you are providing them with ample business opportunities, boosting the economy at large.

Calling on-demand services on the go

Whether it is booking a taxi, calling a beautician, need a babysitter, order groceries, or ordering pizza everything and more can be arranged in few swaps from the Gojek Clone App.

Like the app name suggests an on-demand multi-service app, allows the user to quickly register and fetch on-demand delivery services/taxi bookings, etc on the go. With few swaps on the smartphone, they can call for any service and get their work to accomplish.

New Version Features To Integrate into Gojek Clone App

A majority of the business owners are developing Gojek Clone, making the competition stiff. Consumers are spoilt for the choice, why not offer them more and unique that they have never experienced.

The new version 2021 features provide a fine balance to the entrepreneurs/service providers as well as users.

Restricted passenger limit

The driver restricts the passenger limit as per the latest COVID19 driving rules levied by the government.

Face mask verification

The driver/delivery driver has to upload the selfie in the app to verify that they are wearing the face mask while driving.

Safety checklist

It ensures that the driver is following the safety measures. The driver is regularly sanitizing the car, wears a face mask, carries sanitizers, etc. The rider has to wear a face mask and sanitize the hands.

Safety ratings and reviews

The user is asked for the safety ratings and reviews once the trip ends whether the driver was following the safety protocols or not.

Ride cancellation

The driver and the rider both have the flexibility to cancel the ride if either of them is not following safety rules.

Apply toll manually

The driver can apply the toll cost manually, adding it to the invoice that later on the user pays.

Calculate fare – 2 methods

The feature allows calculating the fare in two ways – Pay as per the estimated fare or pay as per the road traveled.

Store wise commission

The admin can set different commission rates for every store. This means they can set a high commission rate for those stores/restaurants generating more orders and a low for non-performing stores/restaurants.

Day wise separate time slots

The stores and restaurants can be flexible with their timings. The feature allows them to set days separate time slots for weekdays, weekends as well as public holidays working hours.

Item name searching

The user can quickly search the items from the menu/virtual store aisle to add them quickly to the cart.

18+ age confirmation

The feature allows the user to upload their 18+ age confirmation proof when they are buying/ordering that requires 18+ age proof.

Voice instruction for the delivery drivers

The user can put the voice note instructions specific about the deliveries for the delivery drivers.

Restaurants to upload pictures

The feature enables the restaurant owners to upload their pictures showcasing their kitchen activities as well as following the safety measures.

Order cancellation option for the delivery drivers

The order cancellation option for the delivery drivers allows them to cancel the delivery order if they are unable to provide deliveries due to unforeseen reasons.

OTP verification

The driver/independent service providers will ask for the OTP verification before resuming the task.

Graphical status rides

The feature offers the real-time status of the orders/rides in the graphical icon form through in-app notifications to the users.

In Conclusion

Now that you know that launching Gojek Clone is highly beneficial amidst pandemic times. This is the right time to take the plunge as people are turning towards on-demand apps for their day-to-day needs. Thus, offering multiple services under one app can allow them to place their orders using your services. Hence, making a win-win situation for all, the Gojek Clone Script generates high profits during recession time.

To develop an app like Gojek, you will need to hire a professional-level app development company. Make sure the company only deals in white-label solutions. Thus, offering 100% customization, scalability to your business. Take the live demo and then place the order. Once you confirm the order, the app development team provides you with the white-label solution. This means the Gojek Clone App will have your brand name, logo, theme, and identity that relates your business. You are all set to launch your multi-service business in a week.