Invest in Gojek Clone Script And Manage Your 60+ On Demand Services Flawlessly.

People are increasingly asking for in one app. Having ten different apps for different chores is cluttering the smartphone, a time-consuming process to log in, order, make payment, etc. Provide your customers Gojek Clone App that suffices your consumer requirements, giving your business the desired boost.

Firstly, Building an app like Gojek offers you the added advantage of earning a reputation resulting in significant growth in your customer base.

Why Entrepreneurs Should Buy Gojek Clone Script? 

Gojek Clone Script Solution allowing you to integrate 60+ on-demand services under one app. This multi-service clone script is developed on scalable technology that allows business owners 100% customization. This means you can add/remove/modify the services, features, etc. how your business demands.

A multi-service app like Gojek allows you to manage your on-demand services, deliveries, taxi services from the dashboard. Thus, reducing the expenditure of hiring new resources. Therefore, the Super App can be used for offering multiple services such as: 

On-demand Taxi Booking Services

This feature acts like an on-demand taxi booking app. It allows the user to quickly register and log in to book the ab. Under this feature, you can include cab rental services, shuttle services, Moto rides, on-the-go cabs, and more for your customers.

The customer can easily book the ride from the options and get the cab at the doorstep. It include features like:

  • Push-notifications
  • Live to track
  • Online payments
  • Gender-based preferences
  • Corporate ride options
  • Safety ratings and reviews
  • Ride cancellation
  • Book ride for someone else
  • Shop/stop/eat while riding
  • In-app chat support
  • Carpooling option

Along with this, you can integrate COVID19 safety measure features that provide you with the Face Mask verification, Safety Checklists, Restricting passengers, etc. to book ride bookings.

On-demand Delivery Services 

It is another primary section of the Gojek Clone App that allows the customers to use on-demand delivery services. This includes food delivery, pharmacy, groceries, water bottle, tow truck/road assistance, flowers & gifts, wine delivery, sanitization services, etc. 

The feature will include:

  • Browsing nearby stores of that particular niche
  • Quick item name searching to add to the cart
  • Promo deals and discounts
  • Multiple online payments
  • Voice instruction for the delivery drivers
  • Live-tracking
  • Restaurants to upload pictures of the kitchen
  • Order cancellation option for store delivery
  • Schedule now take get delivery later.

Most Importantly, Also, you can integrate new advanced level features that allow store owners to earn more like Store wise commission, Day wise separate time slots, Push-notifications, Multiple currency/languages, Place multiple orders, and Advanced search filters.

On Demand Delivery Services

This part of the feature includes online service offering including babysitting, beautician services, healthcare/doctors, tutors, handyman services, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, dog walkers, lawyers, etc.

The features will include:

  • Push notifications
  • Live-tracking
  • Online payments
  • Feedback and ratings
  • Multiple language/currency 
  • In-app chat support
  • OTP verification 
  • Graphical icon status of the orders

Why Buy Gojek Clone App?

Developing an app like Gojek right from scratch will take time. Especially if you are building a multi-service app like Gojek will be time-consuming and will need huge capital. Thus, does not make a feasible option for the entrepreneurs to invest. Particularly in the times like COVID19. 

Therefore, many app development companies in India are now offering a feature-rich Gojek Clone App at an affordable price.

Thus, buying Gojek clone app source code from a white-label app development company can be extremely beneficial in helping you launch your business in just 5 days.  

Therefore, Gojek clone app caters variety of functions, with features exactly like an original app. Since it is white-labeled, it provides scalability enabling the entrepreneurs to grow and expand accordingly.

In Conclusion

In Conclusion, Gojek Clone App can cater to the growing needs of the customers without having them installed ten different app. However, this super app allows you to leverage multiple on-demand services as per your business requirements. Thus, providing you a steady flow of growing income.

Thus, at the end of the day, profit matters. Therefore, you must buy Gojek Clone Script from a reliable app development company. Therefore, interacting with the team to get you the rich-featured Gojek Clone App at an affordable price.