Checklist for Developing a Super App Like Gojek Clone in 2023

gojek clone app

Mobile applications are helping businesses to reach newer heights. They are empowering users to get everything they need to their doorsteps. Today, the entire world can fit into just one mobile app. Can’t believe it? Try using a Gojek Clone app. You will know how a single application can fit in 101+ services and fulfill the demands of millions of users at the same time. 

Well, let’s get to know the super app better. 

An Overview of a Gojek-like App 

This super app integrates the latest features and services that help owners book taxis, order food & groceries, hire various service providers, and much more. 

Additionally, the app is easy-to-use, simple, and has features including an in-app wallet, live location tracking, a biometric authenticated login system, etc. 

Therefore, to build such a comprehensive app for your business, you need to rely on app developers who have built these apps before. Or, you need to find and hire experts who can build these apps. 

Well, even if you wish to approach industry experts to build the app, you will still need this checklist. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the checklist. 

Checklist to Develop a Gojek Clone App That Succeeds 

These are some easy-to-do things. You must not overlook these while trying to build an app that succeeds in the market and yields millions of dollars as profits for your business. 

Study your target market 

The more you know about your target market, the better app you’ll be able to build. You need to ask some ground-breaking questions to your target audience and yourself before starting the search for a valuable solution. 

Listed are some questions you need to find answers to if you wish to build a customer-centric Gojek-like super app. 

  • Why do people need this app? 
  • What are competitors doing? 
  • What additional problems can be solved with the app? 

Choose the best technology stack 

Building a flawless Gojek Clone super app is impossible without the right technologies and tools. 

Therefore, to build a high-quality app you must select robust technologies. 

For instance, when you get a ready-made app from white-labeling experts, you get a solution that’s built using Java, Objective-C, Flutter, MySQL, Amazon AWS, etc. 

Budget planning 

Setting a budget is surely not an easy task but with a little patience, one can easily get through. 

Building a budget may fail if you are not aware of the app development costs. There are several factors at play when it comes to defining the app development cost. 

If you are developing the super app from scratch, you need to have a bigger budget because it involves hiring professionals, building infrastructure, gathering tools, etc. 

Whereas, you can develop a robust, scalable, mature, and feature-rich Gojek Clone app on a small budget using a pre-built solution. 

Find a ready-made app package 

Finding a pre-built app package is one of the most important things because until you have the right solution you cannot build a flawless app. 

So, you must carefully look out for the following things when searching for the right solution for your app.

  • It has scripts for iOS and Android apps, iWatch apps, KIOSK apps, an admin panel, a website, and more. 
  • The pricing is transparent and affordable. 
  • The delivery time is about one to two weeks. 

Summing Up: 

If you want to build a flawless mobile app for your multi-service business, there cannot be a better option than opting for a ready-made Gojek Clone app. 

Get KINGX PRO 2023, the advanced apps like Gojek today and in less than a couple of weeks, you will be able to start your own business. 

So, why wait for more? Get the best ready-made solution right away.