All the services integrated into one app: Gojek app clone

Gojek was establish in the year 2010 in Indonesia as a motorcycle ride booking phone service app.  This Gojek has now turn into on-demand service provider app transport and many different lifestyle services. Gojek is load with a social mission to upgrade the well-being. And source of income of workers in different informal sectors, partners of Gojek say that after joining the platform of Gojek app clone. The normal workers have observed the changes in their income and they have grasped more and more customers through this app. They now have access to health care insurance, accidental covers etc.

People of Indonesia consider Gojek as a boon for them as by few simple taps on their phone they can fulfil all their requirements without any inconvenience. Gojek also helps the common people of Indonesia in making their life easier. And compatible as it also provides job to common people of Indonesia.

Gojek has maximise its value and now working over 50 cities across Southeast Asia. With the aim of covering more countries in coming years.

Three important pillars of Gojek-

Quick- Gojek provides quick service to their customers and continuously learn and grow from its experiences.

Revolution– Employees of Gojek work hard and best to improve their services so that it is easy for the customers to avail the services provide by Gojek.

Social Impact- Gojek tries its best to create a positive social impact on its users.

Gojek Clone

The aim of Gojek :

Gojek is an Indonesian startup company with a social aim to upgrade. And improve the well-being of the common people of Indonesia in terms of resources. And money and to provide more and more jobs to the people searching for work.

Gojek is known for its wide variety of service providing an app. It provides services in different forms like food delivery, on-demand handyman, on-demand house cleaning, on-demand beauty app, on-demand health care app, on-demand taxi booking app etc.

If you are feeling hungry you can order with goes, if you are stuck in traffic goes will help you. If you are feeling too lazy to drive then too gojek will help you out. Gojek is just like a friend who will be always there for you anytime and anywhere.

There is one more special program by Gojek name as GO-POINTS mainly for GO-PAY users. Users of Gojek app clone receives a token for every transaction of GO-PAY and can collect points and get amazing rewards.

Tips to use GO-POINTS-

  • Users receive a token from the go-pay transaction
  • Can use the token to play different games and earn more points.
  • Users can redeem the points and can get attractive vouchers.

If you are in the mood of starting a business which can provide almost all the services then you can go with Gojek app which will surely boom your business in a short period of time.