The perfect app of the century: Gojek clone

Gojek app clone is basically an app which provides different amazing services to its customers. Some services of Gojek app clone include food delivery, taxi booking, alcohol delivery, weed delivery, logistics etc.

This app is also launch with an aim to upgrade the welfare and the livelihoods of the community. With the increase in the competition and the upgrade in the level of the competition. There are different mobile app development companies launch in the market. Which takes guarantee to develop the best mobile app which will be smooth and completely flawless.

These mobile companies aim to provide the maximum satisfaction level to their customers. So that they can hold them with the company for a long period of time and also attain more and more customers.

Gojek Clone

Here are some unique paid add-ons offer by the reputed mobile app development companies-

  • Corporate Rides: This feature allows users to book a classy ride for their professional use or personal use. When this type of service is book for professional use then. The cost for the same is borne by the company for which the person is working.
  • Rideshare: The users of the app can use the ride-sharing feature by using the carpool option. One single trip can help more people to reach their destination. One single route can make more money with this option.
  • Call masking: The users of the app can protect their identity by using the option of call masking through the internet. Drivers and users can call each other without exchanging their private phone numbers.

KIOSK booking app

  • KIOSK booking app: The reputable companies provide their clients with separate KIOSK app. Which they can increase their profit by keeping it on the Hotel receptions. Which allows the person to book their comfortable rides.
  • Company Dispatch panel: Users of the app can simply enjoy a classy ride without using their smartphone. They can call on the number of the company and book a ride for them.
  • Tracking the rides: This attribute permits our customers to send their live location to anyone they want. This amazing feature act as a security tool to track their existing ride.
  • Scan debit card and credit card for the payment: The reputed and well-established companies integrate the feature of payment of the bill by scanning the credit or debit card. The user can pay their bill by scanning the credit card without any hassle. They don’t have to enter the whole information about the credit card. This removes the hassle of filling the information again and again and also saves the time of the customers.
  • Real-time chat feature with the technical support team: If the customer faces any kind of problem during their trip then they can simply use this feature. This fantastic feature allows the user to share their problem in real time with the support time and the team resolve their problem.

If you are willing to start your own unbeatable business that can hammer the tough competition of the market then you should go with Gojek clone which is a high-principled and realistic app.