Primary Difference between Doordash and Seamless

The food delivery market has been abuzz since the last few years. Well, it would be a lie if we were to say that only with the advent of apps was food delivery possible, because people have had favorite restaurants, on call services and others since a long time. The primary difference that food delivery based mobile apps have brought about in the market is the instant availability which is also called the ‘on demand’ phenomenon. Since Doordash and Seamless are two of the most popular on demand food delivery mobile apps. Let us try to explore them in a comparative analysis and find out which are the most useful pointers from them both to be able to establish our own business with the best points. 

So, without much ado, let us just dive into them both. Ideally, I would’ve loved to prepare a flowchart and take you through the flow of each of these apps to discuss each and every step. But let us just say that is something for another day. Today, we’ll quickly take a look at their top features and then get onto the most useful bits. 

on demand food delivery apps


Let us begin with Doordash, not for any special reason, but for the fact that we love its name. The app is so appropriately named as it definitely showcases a sense of urgency with the use of the word ‘DASH’ and a nagging idea. That they have something to do with door to door service. So, most certainly it is a very well put together and appropriate name for a service like this. If you are planning to start off your own on demand food delivery business based on an mobile app, you too must ensure that the name makes sense with the business. It has to be relevant. 

Another thing that we love about Doordash is that it is absolutely free. People can simply look it up on the app stores and download it for free. There are no subscription charges that a customer may have to bear in order to start placing order. 

What’s more, this app makes its service available all over the United States of America. Once a user has the app, regardless of where they are in the USA, they will be able to use the app to place orders easily and effectively.  

On the flipside, we’d say that the process of refund from Doordash is known to be very slow. People aren’t a big fan of slow and painstaking service. IT has also been known that Doordash has poor customer support, so that is another thing that you must be careful and weary of. 

So, highlights from Doordash would be:

  1. Make the app free of cost
  2. Name the app appropriately
  3. Launch the app in multiple locations across the region to ensure higher profitability
  4. Ensure that you have a fast track policy for refunds 
  5. Make sure that you have a good customer service to keep your customers hooked on to you. 


Coming to seamless, we have to mention that the name is absolutely off. We don’t like anything about the name of the app. It sounds more technical than a service based application that helps people with food delivery. Seamless could be anything, a seamless app, a seamless dress, but what suggest delivery? 

The next thing that we don’t prefer about the app is that it can be really buggy at times. We aren’t sure if it has something to do with the server space or the bandwidth, but it isn’t all that seamless as the name would have us believe. To make matters slightly worse, there are many incidents and reports of missing orders and cancel orders. Whatever you do with your business, make sure that you never have such complaints. 

Don’t give up so easily, there are a few good things about the app as well. The first thing is that it is available in over 600 cities across the United States of America. So, once again, if people have the app and travel to another city within USA, they don’t have to worry about food ordering. They can use the same app. The next thing is that just like Doordash, this app is also available for free for use. 

Key things of value to learn from Seamless:

  1. Don’t use a name like that
  2. Make sure that your app is good enough
  3. Ensure that your app is absolutely technically sound
  4. The app should be free
  5. The app should cover a wide geographical range to increase your customer base and overall profitability.


There are hundreds of on demand food delivery apps available in the market however, not each one is the same. There are some that have thrived and others that are doing very poorly. To ensure that you can kick start your own business like the Food delivery apps that are successful you must make sure that you launch your business with the help of a powerful and seamless (not the brand seamless) app. To do this, you may have to rely on a white label on demand mobile apps Development Company with at least 6 to 8 years of experience in building and launching apps. This will ensure that the final app that you are left with is of good quality and doesn’t have any complaints from the users. Make sure that you also go through the bulleted key learnings sections to imbibe in your business that will help in skyrocketing it.