5 Best Gojek Clone App Features For Your On-Demand Business

Today’s world seems to be powered by applications. There probably is an app accessible for it if it is something that people can interact with. Poorly designed apps are just annoying and don’t perform what we want them to, whereas gojek clone app well-designed ones are attractive and encourage use. 

While some fundamentals like usability, functionality, and layout improve user experience, one of the most frequently voiced complaints about apps is to features, whether they are missing or being misused.

Once you’ve got the layout, color scheme, and fundamental concept down, you should start considering what the consumer actually wants. If you don’t satisfy their expectations, a rival might, and as a result, you risk losing a lot of business. While certain features in Gojek clone app are desirable to have and others are essential, many will help your app stand out from the competition.

Top 5 Gojek Clone App Features

Following are top 5 Features that are beneficial to have for your business:

User-friendly interface – The simplicity

Many people have short attention spans, so if your app is challenging to use, users will quickly lose interest. If a consumer can’t quickly and easily access their information, they’ll get angry and find another way to accomplish it, perhaps by utilizing an app from a rival company. Customers will have a better user experience and be more likely to keep using the app if it has clear, clean displays with easy leads to the next step in the process and no ambiguity.

For instance offering quick login using Face Id/Finger prints or through their social media credentials can take your app a long way.

Taxi Booking using iWatch App

This feature enables Apple users to book their taxis using their smart watches. The app will be installed within their watch that allows them to book taxis just like Uber. Moreover, get to choose the taxi mode, ETA, make the payment and get the live –tracking along with. This is quite an app feature to must-have with your Gojek Clone. Since, no similar app has it, this feature will immediately puts you ahead in the business race.

Online Video Consultation

The online video consultation features is for service providers offering services like Astrology, Fitness, Dieticians, Tutoring, Doctors, Psychiatrist and more. It allows your user to get bookings or schedule at the later date sitting anywhere. The online session can be help at their convenience, without any hassles. The app handles everything seamlessly from booking the appointment to taking the payment. 

Now your users can save their time by not traveling and getting their concerns addressed through this feature. Since, the feature is only available in few niche apps and not Super Apps, this serves a perfect opportunity to reap the benefits.

Service Bid

The user who has specific budget to accomplish a certain task within the said deadlines can use this feature. Service Bid allows the user to post their task with their requirements, along with the budget quotes, location, deadline to serve, etc. The nearby service provider will bid for the services and close the deal by the user.  This way the user gets to accomplish his/her task without stretching the budget. Any feature that is useful and beneficial for the users will immediately become hit. Hence, getting his one is the most preferred one.

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Multi-languages and currencies

The app has 25 currencies and languages, including USD and English. This implies that you can easily launch this All in One Super App all over the world. You can expect that your customer base will increase significantly if consumers can place orders and conduct transactions in their own native tongue and currency.

Final Thoughts

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