Improve Your On-demand Business Visibility Using Gojek Clone App 2022 New Features

gojek clone app

To grow their businesses, entrepreneurs are experimenting with novel approaches to client engagement. With cellphones becoming a requirement of life, technological advancements are offering new methods of customer engagement, such as the Gojek Clone App.

Application like Gojek allows users to get on-demand services. The majority of business owners are eager to invest in a developing multi-service platform that has realized its potential by developing a Gojek Clone app.

The Gojek Clone app’s functionality can be altered to suit your company’s needs. An extensive selection of on-demand services are available through this multi-service app, including on-the-go cab booking services, on-demand delivery, parcel services, handyman services, etc.

Why Is Gojek Clone App’s Popularity Growing?

 Gojek Clone developed by V3Cube offers 82+ on-demand services in a single application, was inspired by the Gojek Application.

Powerful By providing a variety of services like taxi booking, rides, cab rentals, plumbing services, handyman services, vehicle washing services, sanitization services, doctor’s appointments, on-demand beauticians, tutors, pet walkers, etc., Gojek, like the app, has made life easier for its users.

The business owner receives a sizable profit as commission on each verified order. In order to provide a more individualized experience, Readymade Multiservices Gojek App Solution helps businesses retain clients by collecting customer data.

Why Startups Are Favoring This Super App?

  • There are all services (82+) on one platform; therefore you won’t need to spend money on other app development.
  • The Gojek Clone App enables numerous payments.
  • The multi-service app platform delivers consistent revenue from a variety of sources.
  • The dashboard makes it simple to manage and keep an eye on these services.
  • Offers local communities’ employment possibilities
  • Maintain service updates in accordance with industry standards
  • The software increases brand awareness.

Increase On-demand Business With New Gojek Clone Features

Online video consultation

This alternative is available to those who are too busy to see the service providers in person. The adoption of this component benefits service providers as well as users. The user can ask questions while watching a video and obtain prompt responses with the use of online video consultation.

Service Bid

This element is the newest addition for Gojek Clone 2022. You can look through the service providers in your user’s neighbourhood. The user can post a “Service” request along with information about the task, price range, destination, and due date. A service provider who is interested will place a bid and choose from the users.

Taxi Booking using iWatch App

Now, your clients may book cabs using their Apple watches. This unique function can be found in the cab booking area of our Gojek clone app. Ensure that your customers’ smartwatches and iPhones are in sync. Customers can use the iWatch to pay you online as well.

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Video Calling

The video call feature allows for communication between users and drivers, service providers, delivery managers, and service providers.

The fact that KingX 2022 will also provide more Advanced-level Features makes this merely the “icing on the cake.” Therefore, this is the ideal opportunity to take advantage of the situation and start Gojek Clone 2022 right away. It includes all of the components you’ll need to make an effective on-demand multi-services app.

Included are more than 82 additional services, brand-new features, improved navigation, and a more appealing, modern design. It’s simple to begin the ideal project for your app. Request a demo from an expert in app creation right away.

Gojek Clone Quickly Provides Best Return On Investment

You will receive a commission for each service through the application. The business’s single decision-maker, who also determines commission rates, is the entrepreneur. Every service, including a cab ride, a massage, vehicle washing, or a haircut, will earn the predetermined percentage of money.

Apart from this other ways include, Delivery Charges, Subscription fees, 3rd Party Ad Banners, Promo-codes, Loyalty programs and more.

Wrapping Up

You must now be aware of the benefits of creating a Gojek clone app and the additional features that will advance your company. This multi-service app’s development will always be a good move.

Get the most recent, scalable, and cost-effective Gojek Clone App Solution by working with an experienced on-demand app development firm in India. It is a ready-made solution with entirely white-label open-source code that is accessible on both Android and iOS. The app development team gives you your brand name, logo, and theme as soon as you confirm the order. As a result, you are prepared to introduce your multi-delivery services in just five days.