Gojek Clone – Build A Smart Empire

The Gojek Clone App is more intricate than a typical app. It is known as a Super App for some reasons, one of which is the diversity of services it offers.

The capabilities of this Super App may go unnoticed by many business owners. We’ve got your back, so don’t worry. If you are looking to develop this Mega App, this blog is for you.

Launching An App Like Gojek – What You Need To Know?

A dream come true for any company or entrepreneur is being able to offer a variety of services. Earlier, it was both costly and time-consuming to offer multiple on-demand multi-services. However, software like Gojek has significantly altered the situation in recent years.

Gojek is a multi-service platform that enables companies to offer ride-hailing, delivery, and other on-demand services throughout Southeast Asian nations such as Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Entrepreneurs and start-ups can provide a variety of on-demand services through a single application by using this Gojek Clone Script solution.

Build Your Smart Empire By Launching Gojek Clone Script

The KingX Pro 2023 App Like Gojek is now available to assist you in building your company from a simple concept into a prosperous empire.

To ensure that your consumers can experience the simplicity of access for over 101 different Services in this Single App. Additionally, you can incorporate Languages and Currencies of your choice into the App along with your selected Payment Gateway.

In 2023, release a Gojek-like app with the Money-spinners elements to help you climb the vertical scale to the top. These tried-and-true market-ready Super App components should help you succeed quickly. These advanced-technology build components will rake in Profits for your company by providing immediate satisfaction to your customers.

Gojek App Clone  – One-Stop Solution For All Your Needs

KingX Pro includes Uber-like rental, Uber-like pool, and Uber-like 2-wheeler services that let your customers hire your taxis on-demand. Additionally, it contains Order Food, Grocery, and More, which offers store-based delivery services for things like food, wine, stationery, flowers, and bottled water.

Customers can now order in this way and have the product delivered to their homes. They can also use delivery drivers to send parcels from X to Y within their city. Assign a personal shopper to do the shopping in nearby shops and deliver to the desired location.

With just one click, your customers may schedule online video consultations with doctors, teachers, fitness instructors, lawyers, astrologers, and other specialists thanks to Gojek Clone Script Solution’s expanded post-pandemic functionality. Additionally, a recently included function called “Service Bidding” enables your customers to publish task details for the services they require and get immediate quotations from service providers nearby.

There is more! Surprised! Our Gojek-like app is called a Super App for a reason, after all. The recently added elements were thought of while observing the current on-demand trends, consumer preferences, and needs, and of course to scale your business to the next level. Quickly double your profits by ten with our feature-rich software.

So, let’s explore the remaining components

The New Addition in KingX Pro Components

Buying and Selling Real Estate

Users can post details of their commercial, residential, land, and other properties for sale. A listing can be accessed by sellers who can get in touch with them about purchasing the property. A free and paid plan can be published by the App Admin for users who wish to improve their “Advertisement Posting” visibility and get more inquiries.

The categories of this component include Residential apartments, houses/villas, Shops/showrooms, Industrial shed, Service apartments, farmhouses, and Industrial buildings. The Categories can be changed over time.  The Admin Panel in this Section allows you, the app owner, to add up to 10 Real Estate Categories.

Buy, Sell, and Rent Car

Your users will be able to post information about their cars that are up for sale or to be rented. By filtering the options, Users can browse their precise requirements for cars they want to buy or rent. App administrators can publish both free and paid plans. By purchasing the premium plan, customers can increase the visibility of their “Ad Posts” and produce greater leads.

As the owner of the app, you will profit when a user pays for the plan to post his/her car details. Users save time and money both by eliminating the  Brokerage while their Car Ads are seen by thousands of interested users who are prepared to Buy/Rent out their Cars. Sedans, hatchbacks, SUVs, luxury vehicles, compact SUVs, sports cars, convertibles, MUVs, and cargo trucks are among the categories of this component. The Admin can replace the categories with others, hence getting the flexibility to add up to 10 Car Categories using the Admin Panel in this section.

Buy, Sell, and Rent General Items

Users can view the listings and get in touch with the sellers or landlords for buying or renting purposes.

Users can access paid and free plans that have been published by the app’s administrator. The advantage of listing your things in a “featured” category is available to users who purchase the subscription plan. The Post Ads will benefit from this and get more inquiries.

Users save money by using this service since they avoid paying Brokerage fees while their ads are seen by thousands of users who are prepared to buy or rent out their products. Home furnishings, office supplies, sporting goods, lawn & garden equipment, electronics, sporting goods, and heavy machinery are some of the categories included in this component. The Admin Panel allows for the replacement of the Categories. Up to 10 General Item Categories may be added by the Admin.

Home furnishings, office supplies, sporting goods, lawn & garden equipment, electronics, sporting goods, and heavy machinery are some of the categories included in this component. The Admin Panel allows for the replacement of the Categories. Up to 10 General Item Categories may be added by the Admin.

Car Pool

Your customers can split the expense of their transportation if you offer a ride-sharing or carpooling option. The component will take care of all of your users’ travel requirements by connecting them with other drivers who are using the same routes.

You will receive a sizable fee for each travel because more people are using ride-sharing services, which enhances revenue creation.

Medical Services

With “On-Demand Medical Services”, your users can search for pharmacies, ambulance services, and doctors in their area with just a few taps. At the touch of a button, your users can schedule appointments, engage in online video consultations, and receive home pharmacy deliveries.

Track your Family & Employees

Your users will be able to view the locations of their family members and coworkers in Real Time LIVE on a Google Map.

Installing the app on your family member’s phone and viewing their LIVE Locations in Real Time offers peace of mind knowing that they are traveling safely. Also, it provides family members the option to turn tracking on or off as needed to protect their privacy.

The employee’s smartphone must have the app installed to track them. While they are operating in the field during business hours, it offers a way to check their LIVE Locations in Real Time. To ensure they are on time, in the proper spot on the field, and for their safety, track their LIVE Location. When necessary, according to their shift or office hours, employees can turn on or off their tracking.

Explore your Nearby Businesses

Your users will have access to information about businesses close to their current locations. Similar to the Real Time Yellow Pages. For instance, your user can browse through all the establishments mentioned together with their basic information while traveling in a particular area. The component includes categories like Cafes, Nightlife, Gyms, Shopping, Spa, Malls, Bars, and Salons.

The app administrator can publish either free or paid plan packages for companies that want to list their businesses. In this component, the Categories are Flexible. You may therefore add up to 10 businesses and services from the Admin Panel in this section as the app owner.

Final Thoughts

You can start earning money the moment this multi-service app becomes live. This Gojek Clone Script includes all of the most popular and up-to-date services that a customer would anticipate from a business mobile app. This app includes the categories that customers cheerfully spend money on to obtain services that would improve their quality of life.