Gojek Clone: A Best Startup App In The Market In 2021

Gojek Clone App is the current buzz word among the millennials who are desperate to launch their On-Demand Multi-Services App online. With kingx 2022 they can go live in just under 7 days and start raking in profits from the launch date itself to soon join the Forbes’ World’s Billionaires List of 2021. It is through this App, Service Providers offer 70 plus services online to their customers through one single platform.

Raking in Profits from Day one? How?

The sweet share of the credit solely goes to the business models of Gojek clone. There are primarily two active business models for this App – Commission-based and Subscription Plans-based.

Let’s Dig in Deeper!

a. What is a Commission-based Gojek Clone Business Model

App Owners are entitled to a certain percentage of the revenue generated by the Service Providers in the form of Commissions. Service Providers pay Commission to the App Owner for every single service offered or order delivered through the App. And these Commission Rates vary based on the type of the Service Provided. 

Who decides these Rates anyway?

The App Owner. The Entrepreneur enjoys the exclusive authority to set realistic and practical Commission Rates for 70 Plus Services offered through the App.

Gojek Clone

For Example, Commission Rate for Hand Car Wash is 10% of the Total Bill  

Naomi Hill was born and brought up in the countryside of Luckenbach, Texas. Because of her sheer hard work and dedication, she got into Stanford University to study Mechanical Engineering. When she is back home for the Summer Break, she wants to drive her granddad’s old rusted 1962–67 Chevrolet Chevy II Nova.

But it doesn’t start! And looks like someone needs a bubbly bath!

Naomi first calls in a Car Mechanic using her Gojek Clone App. Car Mechanic Blake arrives in just under 10 minutes. Blake is concerned about the Frame Rust because if that’s not fixed, her car will literally dismantle on its own. Blake recommends that she changes the entire frame of the car at the cost of US $9,000. And assures her that he’ll try his best to kick-start the engine. 

Naomi uses her Scholarship Money and invests that into retaining her Granddad’s only memory left. 

Blake informs Naomi that it will take him 1-2 business days to procure the parts to be replaced and then two more days for reassembly.

After the 4th day,

She is happy that the engine is starting and the car has been restored to its somewhat original shape.

Naomi Pays US $12,051.6 to the Car Mechanic Blake.

Are you wondering about the Price Break-Up just like me?

– Car Frame Replacement:               US $9,000

– Hourly Rate of the Car Mechanic: US $20

– Number of hours worked:                12 Hours x 4 Days = 48 Hours

– Car Mechanic’s Total Wage/Hour: US $20 x 48 Hours = US $960

– 10 % Tax on the Total Bill

 Total Bill = Car Frame Replacement + Car Mechanic’s Hourly Wages

                = US $9,000 + US $960

                = US $10,956

10 % Tax on Total Bill = 10 % x US $10956

                                    = US $ 1095.6

Total Bill paid by Naomi = Total Bill + Tax

                                          = US $10,956 + US $1095.6

                                          = US $12,051.6

Blake owes 15 % of US $12,051.6 to the App Owner as Commission. Blake pays US $1,807.74 to the App Owner via the In-App Wallet.

Naomi now books a Car Wash Appointment with the All In One Services App. Early Sunday morning, Miss Sasha White is available at Naomi’s doorstep for Hand Car Wash.

Sasha takes three whole-hours to clean and wax the Car.

Naomi then gets the bill of US $165 on her App. 

Naomi is now happily cruising through the streets of her hometown in Texas while playing the mix-tape that her Grandfather had made for her when she was just 8 years old. 

b. Subscription Plans in Gojek Clone App

It entirely eliminates the need for paying Commission for every single order delivered or service rendered. The Service Provider has to just a Subscription Plan with a certain date and make a one-time payment. That’s it, the Service Provider can offer unlimited services without bearing the burden of giving a part of the hard earned money to the App Owner per order.

The App Owner designs monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly Subscription Plans for the Service Providers to choose from. 

Masseuse Yolanda has bought a quarterly Subscription Plan for US $299 

This implies that she can offer countless services until the expiry of the Subscription Plan. Once the Plan has expired, the Service Provider can no longer accept Service Requests.


Gojek Clone is in rage now because of highly advanced and futuristic features. After the App introduced Covid-Safety Guidelines and have implemented them in stringent ways, they have been able to gain the lost trust of the customers back. Face Mask Verification for Taxi Drivers before starting the ride, Instant Ride Cancellations with no penalty charges when the Rider or the Taxi Driver is found violating the Covid-Safety Checklist are among the long list of measures taken by the App to curb the further spread of novel-coronavirus.

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