Launch On-demand Service with Gojek Clone App Development in Your Region 

Starting a business that offers multiple services to customers isn’t child’s play. But, that is only until you get the best ready-made solution. A pre-built solution will help you start a business in just one to two weeks, with no burden of meeting the deadline, rectifying errors, etc. You can become the most successful entrepreneur in your region by launching the Gojek Clone App

A Gojek-like App Is Pure Gold Dust 

This multi-service app gives you several reasons to invest in this application. However, the three primary reasons why this ready-made solution is called the Gold Dust are – 

  1. Costs less than building an app from scratch 

If you are purchasing a ready-made application from industry experts, the first benefit of this action will be – cost savings. 

Unlike building the app from scratch, it takes only a fraction of the amount to get the app up and running on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. 

Since everything is pre-built into the app, you don’t need to splurge money on renting the office, hiring professionals, buying software licenses, etc. 

Thus, the overall cost of Gojek Clone App development is low. 

  1. Revenue generation is extremely high

You can easily earn higher revenues with this app. How? Well, you can choose the commission-based business model and start earning money on every service booking on the app. 

For every service booking, you will earn a certain percentage of your income! Moreover, to ensure that the cash flow smoothly increases every day, the app offers – 

  • Commission earning from surged pricing 
  • Third-party Facebook/Google ads 
  • Commission earning from the cancellation fee

Thus, you will never have to face a cash crunch while operating the business! 

  1. Offers 101+ on-demand services 

The Gojek-like app offers its users to book more than 101 on-demand services. 

Each of these services can be booked via the application with only a few taps on the screen. Once the service request is sent, the service provider who’s near the location and can quickly get the task done can accept it. 

And just like that, your users will be able to get food & groceries online, book a taxi, hire a massage therapist, etc. on Gojek Clone App! 

Here is a short list of the most popular on-demand services that can be booked via this app. Have a look! 

On-demand taxi booking 

This category lets your customers book an Uber-like service. To be precise, via this category, you can book taxi rentals, ride-sharing, ride-hailing, etc. 

Moreover, if your script includes Taxi Booking iWatch, users with Apple Watch can also book the ride.

Food delivery 

No matter what time it is, your customers can order food from their favorite restaurants easily. Also, they can customize the meal if they want. 

And in a click, they can choose which delivery type they want – contactless or normal doorstep delivery! 

Parcel delivery 

With the Gojek Clone App, your users will be able to send documents, furniture, or cement bags instantly! 

Well, the parcels can be delivered to only nearby places within the city! Here, your customers can choose single or multiple delivery points. 

And once the delivery driver reaches the destination, they ask for a four-digit OTP sent to the receiver’s phone number. It is only after the OTP is verified, can the people send parcels. 

In Conclusion: 

Start your own on-demand business with a ready-made solution. 

The experts will only take a couple of days to develop the Gojek Clone App according to your requirements and submit it to app stores and services. 

After the approval, your app is ready to be downloaded and installed by users! 

So, launch the app in your region today.