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User Friendly Website of the On Demand Pharmacy Delivery App

To set a successful business set up, you will need more than just the app. This is why we provide you with a very easy to navigate and user friendly website front end. This is a fully functional website with sections and pages such as Home Page, About US, Contact Us and much more where you can house company information. Take a look at the front end of the website.

  • Home
    user dashboard
  • Pharmacy Stores
    manage Pharmacy Stores
  • medecines
    medecines details
  • Login
    user login
  • My Profile
    user profile
  • Orders
    orders list
  • Search Nearby Store
    search with store
  • My Wallet
    order items from stotes
  • Driver Profile
    Driver dashboard
  • Driver Vehicles
    Driver Vehicles List
  • Driver Earnings
    Driver Earnings List
  • Driver Order Detail
    Driver Order
  • Driver Wallet
    Driver Wallet Details
  • Store Profile
    Store Profile Detai
  • Store Drivers
    Store Drivers list
  • Item Categories
    Item Categories List
  • Edit Item Category
    Item Category
  • Store Items
    store items list
  • Processing Orders
    Processing Orders list
  • Store Earnings
    Store Earnings list
  • Store Create Order
    Create Orders
  • Store Settings
    store setting menu
  • About Us
    about store
  • Contact Us
    get in touch

Understanding the Admin Panel

  • admin dashboard
  • admin groups
  • admin store
    manage store
  • drivers
    manage drivers
  • admin users
    manage users
  • admin driver vehicles
    driver vehicles
  • admin vehicle type
    vehicle type
  • item categories
    manage item categories
  • items
    manage items
  • item type
    manage item type
  • all orders
    manage all orders
  • promo code
    manage promo code
  • god's view
    manage god's view
  • reviews
    manage reviews
  • admin reports
    manage admin reports
  • referral reports
    manage referral reports
  • geo fence location
    manage geo fence location
  • general setting
    manage general setting
  • country
    manage country
take away feature
user application
Application login and registration
user app menu
list of Stores
user order dashboard
user search food items
user confirm order to check out
order place notification
user track the order
assign driver
user see assigned driver for pickup of order
delivery driver pickup order
user see the status of the driver
order delivered successful
user rate & review to Stores & driver
Stores see earning history
Stores update document
Stores setting
Driver able to select vehicle to deliver food
driver select necessary documents
driver see details of address, earning , order
wallet balance
Restricting Delivery Driver’s Fraud
user, Pharmacy Stores, driver edit profile
user, Pharmacy Stores, driver edit profile
user, Pharmacy Stores, driver edit profile
user, Pharmacy Stores, driver edit profile
user, Pharmacy Stores, driver edit profile
user, Pharmacy Stores, driver edit profile
user help
privacy policy
user help
privacy policy