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Contactless Deliveries

Contactless Deliveries

There is only one way to stop the corona virus pandemic: Social Distancing. This means that you must limit contact with people at all costs. But how can you help people get access to all their daily necessities without having any physical contact? Our app’s most prominent feature is the ‘contactless delivery’ option. This option allows your customers to place orders and get their home delivered without any contact with the store or the delivery driver. The drier will simply place the order on their doorstep and click a picture to notify the customers.

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Safety Badge for Stores

To ensure that your customers are absolutely certain of how seriously you take their safety, our app offers a feature that enables you to verify and add a ‘Store Safety Guard Badge’. This badge will state that the store observes all the standard safety measures.

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Take Away

It is possible that your customers may not want things delivered. After all, everyone is entitled to their own precautionary measures. For this, you may offer your customers a ‘Take Away’ option. Your customers can place orders and the store will keep their order ready for pick up at the designated time.

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